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jnj129 2014-07-23 17:39:06


Like many of you who will be interested to read this topic, I too am looking for a good school for my kid in Wakad and areas within 5 km.

Please suggest.

vans1234 2014-08-14 11:02:51


Vibgyor high is little far....but you can consider euro school,wisdom world .
many kids go to blueridge  and akshara too.
all the best!

vinalchawla 2014-08-18 13:12:28


well i was sailing in the same boat in month of june when i got relocated from hyderabad for the admission of my son in second grade...
this was my expereince, hope it helps u...
I went to almost all schools around & almost all gave admission to my son...but my criteria was less fees ( cos we keep on moving at 1-2 years) & a good infrastructure & good co curricular activities within school hours...
schools visited were wisdom, global, poddar, euro,akshara,indira,blue ridge & pawar...
My feedback :
Wisdom - very arrogant staff, too much importance to parents degree certificate & aptitude test of the kid, not good reviews from parents either that too uch importance to studies only & fees is 1,05,000+ Transport + food heard principal also nvery bad & rude, though i diid not wait to meet her)
Akshra - no co curricular activities within school hours, pay extra after school hours for activities & transport too, staff very rude, Fees 1,25,000+ Transport)
Indira - infrastructure not so good & fees Rs.1,00,000)
Poddar - same like akshara, no co curricular activites in school hours & they gave admission in second batch of afternoon, tjough fees pretty less here)
Euro - arrogant principal, too high fees & donation
Global - Overall good school, good staff, good co curricular activities, but building under construction which i found hazardous for kids & also too much dust pollution. Fees Rs.1,25,000 + Transport + food
Pawar : Its in hinjewadi 3rd phase, very far from wakad around 20 kms , thts the only reason we did not go there, otherwise it fitted into all my needs Fees Rs.75,000 + Transport & food, all co curricular & sports activities, very good staff & principal...
Last but not the laest Blue ridge ( where i took my son's admission) - Overall a good school, o.k staff, good infra, & fees is Rs.70,000+ food & transport out of this 25K is refundable...i had to call a dozen times, go there about 4 times & tn got admission, but its o.k...e enjoys school, learns new tings & as skating in sports activity.
hope it has helped u...
any other queries do let me know :
best regards,
Vinal Chawla

divinepower 2014-08-18 16:41:55


U gt relocated frm hydbad..which school ws ur child in in hydbad.,we r relocating frm pune to hydbad...
Thnks in advance


vinalchawla 2014-08-19 21:00:35


hi divinepower,
my daughter went for playschool in little elly madhapur...excellent school
& my son went in 1st grade at CGR International school, Madhapur
A very good school, open environment, very good jovial approachable principal...
Some of very good team of teachers in primary & pre primary...
if u r near to hitech city, this is one of the best school & not so costly...
if u need feedback of other schools in tht area, do let me know, i did quite researchh there too...
which standard are u looking forward?
best regards,
Vinal Chawla


divinepower 2014-08-20 22:40:39


M lukng at senior k.g

 How s arbor..v r planng to stay at kondapur...
Thnks in advance


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