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sarika69 2010-03-05 14:15:49


We will be relocating to Pune from Bangalore and my elder daughter is in std 5 and the younger one in montessori 1. We are looking for good ISCE and CBSE schools from them in Pashan area. Can anyone help.

kav 2010-03-07 14:55:00


Hi Sarika,

I'am also from Bangalore and relocating to Pune next month. I have two kids elder one goes to 4th grade and younger one will be in I grade coming academic year. I got admission in GIIS in Pimpri for my elder one and yet to get admission for my younger one. They have admissions open for 3rd and up you can try if you are interested it is a CBSE school. In pashan you have Vibhgyor this is an ICSE school. Even Vikhie Patel is also near Pashan. If you need anymore information please feel free to mail me. Bye. All the best.



sarika69 2010-03-07 17:50:50


Hi Kav,

          Thanks for the info ! It looks like Pimpri will be a little far from Pashan. DO you have any idea about Orchid in Baner or Vidya Valley ?  My elder daughter goes to Bishop Cottons so ICSE schools should also be okay.



kav 2010-03-07 22:21:05


Hi Sarika,

Both the schools are good. Getting into Orchid is little tough and they don't have cbse affiliation as of now (they would get it in this year). They will open the admissions only in the month of April depending upon the vancancies. Vidya valleys review is also good. I had not gone to this school. I had been to Orchids, the school looks good and compact only drawback i heard from others is that they don't have a play ground. When are you planning to shift? I'am leaving tommorrow to Pune for my younger ones admission. will be back after a week.I will let you know if i get any more information. You can also try Indira in Wakad. I'am not sure about the distance from pashan to wakad but this school also has a good review.




sarika69 2010-03-09 09:59:27


Hi Kav,

           My husband has visited both the schools. The problem with Vidya valley is they are very strict about the child being 4 years for Jr. Kg admission. Orchid expects the child to be 3 and half. My younger daughter is Oct (2006) born so she will loose one year if she goes to Vidya Valley . I am planning to shift in mid may so that we get about 15 days time before the schools start. Let me know any information you get about schools and all the best for your sons admission. Where are you going to live in Pune ?



Expertincn 2010-03-09 13:39:31


Sanskriti School is also a good option if planning to live near Pashan. I am also shifting to Pune this year and already taken admission in Sanskriti school.

DAV public school in Aundh is also a good one but it is very crowded.

If interested in IB curricullam them Indus international school is also one of the good option.



sarika69 2010-03-09 13:59:33


Thanks for the information. I did check Sanskriti school and from my net search it looked somewhat far from Pashan. What is the sdmission procedure there ? From the net it looked like parents have to go and meet the principal and depending on their discussion the admission is done. Is there any age limit for pre-primary ? The info is not there in their website.


Expertincn 2010-03-09 15:49:26


Hi Sarika69,

I am residing out of India and being transffered to Pune this July. I was seeking admission for my 9 yrs. daughter and it was really a hurriculan job to find a good school. My daughter being studying in International school now I did not wanted to crumble her amongst the crowd.

Criteria I choose Sanskriti school was that it is among best CBSE school, they do not take admission test and give admission after some formalities. They are readily giving the phone numbers of the parents of existing students so anyone can take feedback any time. I visited the school this Feb and was impressed by the School structure and principal. The only concern is that the approching road to school is still not made and also the playgorund which they say they will complete by 2010.

The name of Dr.A.P.J Kalam also increases the credibility to this school as he will not come to any school to inagurate.

Regarding the distance it is about 11kms from Chandni Chowk and is not far away from nearby communities like Bavdhan, Pashan as the school is on the exit road to Lavasa and is less crowded. It took near about 20 minutes reaching the school.

Hope above details are useful for you and help in taking decision. Being far away from India and Pune and think I have taken the best option.




Rujuta1978 2010-03-09 16:32:34


 Hi Sarika

My husband and I recently relocated to Pune and have picked Sanskriti for our child, We are staying at Aundh Annexe which is actually about 5-10 mins further from the school than Pashan.

If you dont want to take admission in a Maharashtra board school then the only 2 options even worth considering are Sanskriti and Vidya Valley. We also liked Orchid but were concerned about the fact that it has no affiliation yet.

Our experience with the admission process is that it has been very transparent and easy to handle, the key criterion is a sit down discussion with the principal where they talk to you about the philosophy of the school and also ask your expectations to ensure that there is a fit both ways.

All the best!


sarika69 2010-03-09 16:50:36


Hi Rujuta,

                 Thanks for the info. Does your child take the bus to school ? What are the timings  including the travel ? I will be joining NCL so looking for a place near Pashan to stay. People in NCL did mention about Sanskriti but my only concern is the distance. So it will be really helpful if I get the information about travel time.

Thanks !



Rujuta1978 2010-03-09 17:21:59


Hi Sarika

Yes, they have the bus facilty to Pashan, it takes approx. 35-40 mins for the bus to travel one way.It will probably be a little less for you.

If the travel time is your only concern then I suggest that you not worry at all as there are surely bus facilities available in that region and also there are a lot of people who travel from much further areas.

Best of luck with the move to Pune!

Warm regards



kav 2010-03-09 21:14:25


Hi Sarika,

I'am in Pune today. Yet to start for a search from 2mmorrow.  At present I'am staying in chinchwad yet to locate for my apt. This depends on my sons admission. I will decide on that once his school is finalised. I also have the same doubt about sanskriti. The distance is a concern and i don't want these small kids to travel more than 5kms. I will keep you informed about my plans once i decide on the school.




sarika69 2010-03-14 11:37:19


     Need some info about admission in Sanskriti school. Did you require in prior appointment to meet the principal for admission procedure ?



Rujuta1978 2010-03-14 19:37:29


Hi Sarika

My husband and I were advised to take a prior appointment (although the appointment was not a hassle at all, we managed to get it for the day we wanted it for)  To be honest we were a bit concerned prior to the appointment as many of the schools conduct an interview of the parents where all kinds of uncomfortable questions are raised, but the interaction with the principal was a pleasant surprise and comprised of an honest 2 way dialogue about the ethos of the school and our expectations to assess compatibility

I think we spoke with a lady called Reena or Reema (cant remember exact name) who was the executive assistant to the principal to get the time for the appointment. You can get the number from the school website



balaji1974 2010-03-14 21:51:16


hi all

 iam seeking admission for my daughter in std 1

we stay  in aundh

are DPS , st helena's best schools in pune




sarika69 2010-03-14 23:04:28


Thanks for the inofrmation. I have already sent a request online. Will also try to call up the school.


AT79 2010-03-29 15:23:49



Anyone on the forum whose kid will be going to Sanskriti school in April2010 for playgroup?




mataji 2010-04-05 11:55:47


hi ,

wht is the fee structure in sanskriti school? My nephew  is currently  studying in NCL and we are looking for a change.




ranju07 2010-04-17 04:34:52



does anyone know about jnanaprabodhini school, nigadi?






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