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kav 2010-02-26 15:56:40


Hi All,

I'am new to Pune.I'am searching for admission for my son for I std. I'am really not able to find a good school for him. I went through all most all the discussions here. But still all these schools seems to be far from the area I'am looking for. When I went through the cbse schools in these area I caught hold of Akshara, Pratibha international, World Wisdom this is an icse. etc., Can anybody guide me about these schools? If you could recommend me someother schools in this area it will be great.

Thanks a lot in advance. Please help me.


sheens 2010-03-03 14:37:37


Hi Kav,


 I am sheena. I was coordinating with u in the end of Dec 2009, when u got admissions for ur daughter in GIIS. I was in dubai then, now I am back in Pune, and the whole of last week I was going around for admissions.

I had been to WISDOM WORLD.But since their building was not ready I was not sure if I should go for it. The people who will be running it are from St mary's which is one of the best schools in Pune.


 I finally took admission in Indira national scool at Wakad, though it is a little far from Khadki,  since the bus comes to my society i went for it though I am still not that happy with the infrastructure. But when I met other mohters they were all happy with Indira. Since I was comparing schools from Dubai I was just not happy with the schools here.

I was very much keen for GIIS, but when I came 10 days back, they said all their seats r full. so I did not have any choice.

I had been to Viday valley, it is icse board, but again it is just too far from my society. It is a good school.

Where are u located in Pune?

keep in touch,






kav 2010-03-03 17:09:43


Hi Sheena,

Nice to hear from you that you are back to Pune. I'am still in Bangalore. My kids academic year closes in March end here. Will plan my shifting in the month of April. Which class have you taken admission for your child in Indira? My son is short by 18 days for the admission for I grade. He is October born. They said they are very strict with the age. Still sticking on to GIIS for him but they had not given any positive reply.

Please send me your email id I would like to keep in touch with you. I might come to Pune next week. Send me your mobile no. also in the mail.

Keep in touch. Bye.



sheens 2010-03-03 20:34:34


Hi Kav,

I have taken admission for Grade 2 for my daughter. I am also hoping I might get a call from GIIS,since the principal told me that vacancies might arise in the month of April.

My email id is and mobile no.9867955689.

I am in Mumbai right now and should be in Pune by next weekend.

keep in touch.







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