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kshetty 2014-02-05 16:27:30


Kindly suggest me a good Nursery school at PCMC area.I am really confused as some parents says Little champs is best and some says wONDER kIDZ, Euro kids and so on..My daughter is 2.2 year old now.(November 23-2011 born).Is this right time to take admission for her for Nursery?

kshetty 2014-02-07 16:06:52


Plz...plz..waiting for your replies ..members..


aks09 2014-02-07 16:42:31


Its better to wait till child turns 2.5 to start personal opinion s put ur child to playgroup nxt daughter too november born..if ur tryjng for cbse.,sme schools do not take november born children for lkg..i.e wen u try fr lkg  in cbse school..they take thise born between oct2010 to sep 2011..instead they take for nxt :Dps school..
Which area are u staying?
Frm ur name i guess u must be frm dakshina kannada/udupi..?

kshetty 2014-02-12 11:54:01


Thank you so much aks09 for reply. But I have lot of confusion that if I wait for next year to put her to play group, that time she will complete her  3 year.Since new session for nursery commences from June ,she has to join her  nursery in 3.7? Please clarify my doubts.

Yes You right dear. I am from Mangalore.


aks09 2014-02-12 13:26:43


Hey..i m also frm mangalore :)

Let me clear ur confusion...wht i meant was this june  u can put her in playgrp...she will b 2.5 yrs..nxt year in nursery....ideally ur child shld be 4 yrs to b in lkg..,bcoz the child will be well equipped to write..,n well devloped physically i suggested tht this june u can go fr sme schools they have writing too in nursery..,also different schools have different age criteria here.for lkg ,:(

Which area r u staying?..i stay at vimn ngr..

kshetty 2014-02-12 22:25:35


Tha'ts great to her that u r also from Mangalore n Thanks a lot . You are really helped me out.I was really hassled thinking that which is the right age to send her pre school.Nw i ve cleared my doubts.

I stay in Nigdi near to PCMC.


aks09 2014-02-13 15:09:46


I m glad was able to help,..:)

Better do sme ground wrk when u plan to send to nursery ...regarding age criteria...evry school has different age criteria here..most of schools open admissions fr nursery...if ur planng to go fr reputed established schools then try fr nursery.,as in pune its bit difficult to get in good reputed schools...ulimately parents decision is wht matters...others can only give advice :)
All d best !

Amruta24 2014-02-13 15:53:39


Same here. me also looking for good school for my kid .... there are many preschool to choose from ... me in a big confusion...

30monica 2014-02-21 17:49:03


HI Amruta

Can undersatnd your confusion, as i was in the same situation year back.
But I opted for Kidzee and it is a good school.
After all now all the schools have muchh more activities and almost same patterns are followed.
You can try Kidzee for sure.


nehapriy 2014-03-21 13:12:36


Hi kshetty. You can try Leapbrdige International in Pimple Nilakh. Though am not sure if nilakh is a convenient distance for u or not. but the school is exceptionally good. My son is in pre-nursery, there (DOB 19 nov 2011). I started him last year in september...i wasnt planning to but he didnt had any company of his age in our society...and it was making him really cranky and clingy. he will be now starting nursery this June. I dont have any complaints from the school. The entire staff is very patient with the kids. The toys are sterilized everyday. so he hasnt fallen sick till date due to some infection (they anyways check temperature before letting a kid enter the class).
My son absolutely adores his school and has learned a lot. He recognised a lot of day to day objects, alphabets number etc. But still is not at all pressured in anyway. They let him learn at his own pace.


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