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sidrashmi 2014-11-12 14:56:15


@ Prajapati.... Can you share your latest experience with the school. I'm planning to take admission for my son in Grade 5th next yr. so i guess my son will be in same class. Your information will be valuable for us to take dicision.
Aslo can you share your no??

Is there anybody in the group who too has their child in 4th grade this yr in Ryan??

kanvi 2014-11-20 14:00:33


@ kanvi...... Can anybody share the experience with RYAN.   I'm planning to take admission for my son in nursery. . Your information will be valuable for us to take decision.

Is there anybody who's  child in nursery this yr in Ryan.


salonii 2014-11-26 13:51:12


Hi All,
I wants to take admission for my son in Ryan for grade 1. plz reply me about  the fee structure and admission fee also.

suhelcoutinho 2014-11-26 17:26:26


Dear Parents, whose kids are currently studying in Ryan International,

How do you feel about this school? Does the school project itself as a serious educational institute or does it only try be fancy..?

It belongs to a big chain, and a reputed one.. so despite the distance of 14 kms from my place, I am considering this as an option for my son..

Please share your inputs...


sujata21 2014-12-02 13:18:35



I am planning to take admission for my daughter in grade 6th next year.
Is there anybody whose kids are there in 5th or 6th Std. in Ryan??
How is your experience so far with Ryan. I have visited school & quite impressed but as its a very new school in Pune, just would like to know whether its a really good school or just projecting like that.
It is quite far for me around 12kms.....So your  replies will help me to decide further.



sujata21 2014-12-18 16:04:41



Did you get any feedback regarding higher grades ( 5th on-wards) in Ryan.

Kindly update.


dnnssr 2014-12-18 19:46:24


please if some one can share there experience with Ryan specially on teachers qualifications . i have already enrolled my kid for nursery . so just want to make sure that they have qualified teaching staff for higher grades if not then have to think abt it


momandchild 2014-12-22 17:36:36


Hi saritag,
I am also looking for admission into 6th grade to my son.  we are getting transferred to Pune and therefore will be moving there very soon.  since your daughter is in Orbis, i would like to know more details about the school. could you please let me know the quality of teaching there? English language practice in the school? How was their Board result of 10th class last year?  And the fee structure?
Are you also from hyderabad?  By the way.. where did you admit your son?


leelakotta 2015-01-09 14:53:37


Hi ,

I am seeking admission in to 4 th standard for my son , since we are relocating from Chennai to Pune.

when we called up today, came to know that school is operational from academic year .2015-2016.

For further details they are asking us to visit the campus with the kid.

Since we are from Chennai, not able to visit the campus. Please share your views if anybody had visited the campus and staff.


alok04 2015-01-14 18:00:42


it's one year old school - 
Fees structure for 4th - 80000 per year - u can pay this 25000 in apr , 25000 in aug , remaining in dec
 + 25000 non refundable deposit(This is one time) - 
for bus service have charges according km - for 3-7 km they charge 1700 rs per month(around 40000 per year)
Books and other stuff is not included in fees.

School timings are - 8 to 2 (10.30 fruit break , 12,30 lunch break)
Every year 10% fees will increase (after first year they have increases fees.)


gee16ess 2015-02-21 16:40:08


Hi all. We admitted our son in grade one last yr. He skipped UKG as he was running a yr late. I must say,after a yr,the school itself seems good,even though teacher participation needs improvement. I had to work very hard. Another major problem is that the Principal is not very receptive to feedback,though she keeps asking for it. She tends to have a defensive attitude about everything u ask of her. Overall,however,my son has picked up a lot and I can say that I'm quite happy. Just that u do expect a little more for the kind of fee structurethe school has,but then it was just its first yr so I'm hoping for the best next yr.

gee16ess 2015-03-01 17:21:22


Hello old timers...did anyone know that the school is planning a fee hike from next session??

Pal78 2015-03-01 21:25:00


I absolutely didnt like the school.. This is my opinion based on the reasons excluding those based on the fact. that this is just a first year of school.. There are several other issues with this school.. as follows - 

1. As someone mentioned that principal is not cooperative with which I 100% agree. She do not like everybody come together to complain about something. She asks everyone to meet her individually so that she can properly defend the complaints without fear. So in all nobody's complaint about anything is getting addressed properly.
2. Only one teacher per 30 for Nursery which is very less. Kids many times are alone in the school and thus start fighting each other.
3. I also heard that teacher slapped few kids sometime back for drawing something on the walls. Come on.. these are just kids.. you should consider that they are going to mess up the class and should renew it every year.. otherwise anyways.. what are you going to do with 1 lac fee for Nursery kids.
4. Nothing is included in this hefty fee. Stationary, uniform, commuting.. even they asked for 600 rs per kid for rented dress for gathering.. its very sad that such a big shot school beg for 600 rs to parents.
5. We were asked to buy stationary worth 1.5k which was anyways too much for 3 and half yr old (the quality and quantity of that stationary can be used by any commercial artist student..) and on the 1st day of school, we were asked to submit all that stationary in school so as to be used by kids while in the school. But they were not given any material other that 2-3 oil pastels. I suppose they will keep it in their stationary shop to sell it to next year kids.
6. No proper management while buying stationary and uniform and other clothes. We have to spend min 1.5hrs in the row to buy these stuff when we were just 3rd in the row. Considering the fact that there are already 100s of school all over India and abroad, these things should have been standardised and go smoothly without issues.
7. Not enough space for playing. Just 4 acres of school cannot provide enough space for proper play ground. The games for small kids are not properly maintained. Swings are in broken condition since long.

I guess if you just want your kid to be with the school with famous brand, you should enroll your kid in this school.. other than that do not expect anything.


sraju 2015-03-03 15:10:14


I disagree with your comment. The Principal is very much approachable and she meets in person. One year has passed and the school has never asked for any stationary from home. My child was very introvert and i am telling it with my personal experience that the 100% participation of each and every child has boosted up the child's confidence. The competitions and activities are well planed and school keeps parents apprised about it. In my view this is the right place for my child.

anand0810 2015-03-16 15:28:04


Have recently admitted my daughter in class 1 of Ryan International School Pune. Could you please add me to the whatsapp group. My contact number is +91 9619741771 & 9619741770

sujata21 2015-03-16 16:57:06



I have enrolled my daughter in class VI th this year.

Pls. add me to Parent's whats app group. My Number is 9763345881.


priea 2015-03-16 18:29:14


Hi All My kid is completing class 1 and will be promoted to class 2 now... I started this thread when we joined the school and happy to have a myriad of responses here..both negative and positive. From my perspective , I am completely satisfied with the school and apart from a couple of negligible hickups..i find every aspect of the school meeting my standards for my daughter. I have seen a positive growth in her knowledge , her confidence and happiness ..yes..i consider her happiness to be in the school as a very important factor. Every school has pros and cons , and as a parent i have to judge whether the pros outweigh the cons. Thankfully in this case , it does. The uniform vendor is disorganised at times and hassled too but parents are to blame as much as the vendor at times. Stationery was absolutely adequate for the kids.They made use of each and everything we bought. Annual day costumes are always bought or rented by parents..its a rare school that pays for costumes..i have never come across one. It was clear in the first instance during enquiry that books and uniforms would have to be purchased seperately. All in all , we can find a 100 faults with the school if we put our mind to it.. I feel we should give the school a fighting chance. .and should remain positive in our approach as well. Lastly ,we have a watsapp group for only class 1 mothers. So any other standard parents , feel free to get on touch with your child's friends and their parents and form a new group. It works best that way. For any other queries , this thread is always open.

priea 2015-03-16 18:32:30


Dear sraju I completely agree with you. The principal is approachable and does pay attention to problems.however We cannot expect her to act on every parents wishes. I am quite impressed with the competitions and tests they habe every step of the way. My kid enjoys them immensly.

Pal78 2015-03-30 15:25:33


Hi Sraju.. This is not my personal opinion.. everybody from Mont I is crying for the same reason.. we used to approach the principal together because everybody was having the same complaint.. to which she denied to entertain saying that I do not want everybody to come at the same time.. even if the entire class have the same problem, everybody should visit separately.. which was shocking for all of us.. and whenever we used to go alone i.e. each parent separately.. she used to drive away everybody without solving the problem.. we even had a talk with one of the teachers from other standard about this as she was part of admin committee.. she was also unhappy with the way things were getting handled by management committee..  even Mont I was having really good teacher earlier.. who got fed up with all the issues and left the school crying on the last day (her earlier exp as a teacher was in US and we were very happy with her)
For 1st standard and above.. generally there are no problems.. small kids always suffer if there are any disturbances in the class.. especially mont 1 and mont 2.. there were several incidences when kids used to come home with wet pants.. just imagine the kind of ignorance they had to suffer..
About stationary.. my main concern is, it would have been enough for Mont 1 kids to have just a small oil pastles box with 6 chalks in it.. as throughout the year.. I could see that my kid only used 1 or 2 oil pastles.. that too almost all the practice books were getting solved by kids at home.. so the stationary should have been given at home. rather we had to buy these stuffs separately.. and what school did with the stationary kept in the school.. just imagine what a 3.5 yrs old kid will do with stationary worth Rs.2.5k.. its a waste of money.. :O
I can understand that this is their 1st year of the school.. but then management should take up the complaints to improve the school conditions rather than getting defensive.

SKG77 2015-04-13 10:18:53


Hello All,
I would be moving to pune and would be transfering my kid (Mont-3) from navi mumbai Ryan to Ryan Bavdhan.
Just wanted to know if any body has school bus routes for Ryan bavdhan. At school they just mentioned they give service till 20km but i would like to know the different routes so that I can think of suitable house so that she doesn't have a very long travel.
Bavdhan seems to be under Gram panchayat and I heard there are water problems in that area (No PMC/PCMC water).
What about baner / wakad , how much time does it take to travel by school bus from there to Ryan.
Any suggestion please ? It would great if people put the Ryan school bus routes and timings as reply.


Unmesha 2015-04-24 14:42:26



Wanted to share my experience about Ryan International bavdhan Pune

On the first day of school, I and my husband came to drop Aadish to school. We parked the car outside and went to classroom. By mistake my husband left his wallet in the car. While returning home we got to know that the wallet is stolen from car. We went back to school and request principle to see the footage of cctv camera so we can see who stolen the wallet. She answered that she doesn’t know the password and logging ID and she will put the request to Mumbai main office. We agreed and waited over there for 2 long hours. After 2 hours she responded that she still not got the ID and password so she will give us a phone call accordingly by next day. We waited for next 2 days but didn’t get any call from ryan. After continues follow-ups of 1 week, she responded that she got the logging ID and password, but could not operate it so she has given it to “back-end team†to sort out. Now even after 20 days they did not ready to show us footage of share anything.  I was wondering, if ryan is claiming that they are so transparent that they put cctv camera all over the school what is the use of it if they can’t operate? In future if something wrong happened to a child in classroom or school how will parent trace it?


simaya 2015-04-27 14:41:36


Hello Unmesha
Just wanted to share that once it had happened with me also,but the school helped me in finding my bag as my car was parked in the school premises and the bag was handed back to me .where did you park your vehicle inside or outside the school ? And i also know a parent whose wallet has fallen inside the car park and the peon had picked up and handed at the reception from where the parent had collected it.

Unmesha 2015-04-28 15:46:30


Thanks Simaya
are you talking about Ryan school Bavdhan? Was your bag got stolen by someone?  We have parked our car out side but it comes under CCTV camera coverage. They are not ready to show it. And now the principal is saying that it got deleted as every footage automatically got deleted after every 10 days. I don't understand that why didn't she told us when we continuously approaching? I find it something fishy which ryan does not want to disclose. They were seem very helpful initially like "we will request the ID and password" etc. but after that they are not ready to disclose any thing. Then we go to police and when police is ready to come and see footage, suddenly The principal said she saw the footage by herself and didn't find anything wrong and footage is got deleted automatically. If she didn't find any thing wrong then why didn't she communicate this thing to us when we continuously following up with her. 

Any ways they know that we can not make the issue of it any more as our kid will be there.......


Rhuay 2015-05-08 09:30:15


This looks like an issue then, school is not open for complaints and is ignoring it... 

jaya17 2015-06-17 11:38:15



I  enrolled my daughter in class 1st this year.

Plsease add me to Parent's whats app group. My Number is 9422276750.


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