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priea 2013-11-26 23:23:51


My daughter is currently in Upper KG in Leapbridge International Pre School..We are really happy with the school and how the school has helped in shaping up my child's personality and confidence... But since it is a preschool , we are now looking for a high school as close to our home as possible. We are based in Model Colony , Shivaji Nagar .. so it pretty much rules out most schools for us..We are looking for an ICSE/CBSE School within 7-8 kms So far we have shortlisted Vikhe Patil & Ryan International School... Any more suggestions or advice??

 Former member 2013-11-28 22:36:31


Hi Priea...We stay in the same locality. Unfortunately in our area most schools are SSC. But ...try checking the schools in camp ...they should not be more than 6-7 kms.

 Former member 2013-11-28 22:37:35


I forgot one - Gurukul which is CBSE.

priea 2013-11-28 23:44:21


Thanks...I know that the camp schools will be suitable distance wise...but I am not too keen on Bishops or Mary's or Helena's etc...too many students in a class...too much pressure on academics only and a few other reasons...however .. I will be applying to Vikhe Patil and Ryan. Millenium is another option but too many management issues and fees related problems... Where are you located? Which school is your child in?

 Former member 2013-11-30 14:20:13


My kid goes to Leapbridge only ;) ... But is I still have a couple of years just incase .  I thought Millenium Karve nagar was SSC...but I maybe wrong.
This year I will be trying in Gurukul , Vikhe Patil..and the typical schools in camp.  Honestly, I am in two minds about SSC. Looking at the traffic conditions and safety...traditional schools near by such as Symbi, Vidya Bhavan, Loyolas/St Josephs seem to me a much better choice than subjecting kids to horrible traffic/drivers and travelling all the way to these new schools in Balewadi/Bhugaon etc...

priea 2013-11-30 15:51:09


I totally agree...millenium was supposed to convert to cbse but am not so sure...also..they have too many management and fees related issues yaar...we visited Ryan international..quite liked it..also..vikhe patil ...the only problem with vikhe patil as cited by my friends ( from Leapbridge ..whose kids now go there) is that the English is not too in kids don't get as fluent in the language as they should. Apart from that..the school seems great.. I don't want ssc at all..and am also keen on a co-ed school...I don't want to put my daughter in an all girls school... Given the conditions I am imposing on myself..I am left with very few choices...vikhe and Ryan..

iDAD 2013-12-03 13:50:47


Hi Priea,

My son too goes to Leapbridge but for pre-nursery.
I had started a discussion - Millennium vs Vikhe Patil vs Gurukul as I stay near MIT college & even I am not keen on SSC schools
By the responses I feel that Millennium & Vikhe Patil are great options.
The fee issues with Millennium is sorted long back thats what I have learnt from the existing parents & they seem to be very happy with the school. The school has been converted to a CBSE board since last one year.

How did u find Ryan International? Isnt it their first year in Pune? I found quite mixed reviews about Ryan Bangalore on this website. Do let us know if you find more information on Ryan


 Former member 2013-12-03 15:45:09


iDad, I am also curious about the same schools...I will try to search ur thread. What are the reviews about Gurukul?
Only thing with Vikhe Patil is...that they start with Jr. Kg, and do no have nursery. So, kids in PN in Leapbridge...will be eligible in Vikhe after another year.

iDAD 2013-12-03 18:30:13 son wont be eligible this year. But then, even am not in a hurry as Leapbridge is a good school so I dont mind continuing it for another year :-)

For Gurukul I havent found any overwhelming responses in these threads. Plus one of my relative whose son studies there also have given kinda underwhelming review. I mean nothing very bad....but also nothing great! Can be thought as an option after Millennium & Vikhe Patil I guess.

priea 2013-12-03 18:33:57


Hi...I am quite happy with Ryan so far...and as far as reviews go...I have come to realize that there are good and bad reviews for all at the end of the day..we have to go by what we analyze and feel.. Ryan...the school is being newly's an icse school..and they have a lot of extra curricular activities incorporated in the some Ryan schools have rave reviews and some of them have some not so good ones.. Millenium I am not considering..nor is gurukul in my list. So I am left with vikhe and Ryan...Vikhe is an established school so no worries there..and at the most if I am not happy with a year's time I may switch to an ib daughter will be old enough to travel the distances then... This is my current opinion...if you have any more suggestions...I will be glad :-) Thanks for your feedback...

priea 2013-12-03 20:32:45


I am very happy with Leapbridge...and that's the only reason I didn't give in to the pressure of putting my daughter in a high school earlier...she was the first admission in the Prabhat Road branch and will be the last to leave...they have set an amazing foundation for my kid. And I did get a similar feel when I visited Ryan...

Pal78 2014-02-17 12:19:36


I have taken admission to Ryan for my son in Mont 1 i.e. Nursery.

I am also going on my gut feeling about the school that it should be good looking at the Principal. I liked the way she was communicating with everyone. But of course 1st impression need not be the last impression.. so fingers crossed. :)


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