best school out of vibgyor, ryan international, vidya valley

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jimm 2013-11-08 16:48:14



Can someone suggest which is a better school, i am looking for my sons admission for mont1 or NURSERY 2014 acd, year...

abby1978 2013-11-18 13:00:41


Vidya Valley for me is best out of daughter studies there.

iDAD 2013-11-20 15:32:05


Has Ryan started in Pune?
Heard of this name in Bangalore..... & heard good things about them.
Any idea how is the school? And where is Ryan in Pune?

bgandhi21 2013-11-22 01:30:56


Hello Abby,

I have sent an email to Vidya Valley on their website but haven't heard back yet. Can you please inbox me some information at

We are thinking to settle down in Pune, could you please help me with the admission process and things/papers needed  for admission for my kids and the fee structure for a year 2014-2015. Since we are in US right now, we cannot visit the school now for the tour, in that case how do we proceed on.
 The first thing anybody who wants to move is to start looking is school. We are in our first step and plan to start school in coming June -July. We should be there between March-May 2014.
1.We cannot get the transfer certificate until two weeks from we take the kids name out from school. In that case how can we proceed for admission.
2.For our elder daughter who would be in 4th/5th, can there be a exempt in second subject (Hindi /Marathi).
3.  Also, please tell me, as Hindi their second subject  can there be an exempt in giving oral exams only for that year and when does Marathi start in schools.
4. Can we skip Marathi as a thrid language.
Schooling pattern is way different in USA from India and I want a smooth transition for kids and hope to get your co-operation in it.
Please let me know the best number and time to reach the concerned person so we can talk over phone. Can you also please tell me the concerned person's name who is authorized to talk / take decisions.
Please let me know as a school how you can help us in this.

Looking forward for your answer and help.
Please give me the best number, time and concerned person's name whom I can call and talk in detail regarding the same.

narsim 2014-01-11 22:15:45


Abby..... Is yuor daughter still in Vidya Valley. I am intrested in knowing the commuting time from societies in Baner area. Where do you reside?

abby1978 2014-01-13 09:23:45


I stay in Pimpale Saudagar. From my place travelling time to Vidya Valley is arnd 45min. From Baner it would be quite less!

chaku5 2014-01-25 11:13:08


Hello Abhilasha,
I am looking for admission in std 4 for my kid. I see lots of positive reviews abt VVS. Please help me with your analysis and experience with this school - Fees structure, Transportation charges, Other charges (if any), Academics, Co-curricular activities, Sports, Food they provide, Parents & Teachers meet (frequency), Feedback on child's overall growth, etc etc. I would be glad if you can help me with above queries. Only one downside is the location of the school is very remote. Looking your replay asap. 

chaku5 2014-01-25 11:14:56


Please let me know your views on these schools - Wisdom World (Wakad), Vikhe Patil (SB Rd), Orchid (Baner), Spicer (Aundh) and Gurukul (Ashok Nagar).
If not VVS, which wud you opt for and why?

abby1978 2014-01-25 22:28:30


Hi Chaku5,

Yes my daughter is in VVS in grade 2. All schools have there pros and cons and it depends on your priority and outlook in choosing the school for your kid. I am completely satisfied with the way VVS works. My priority was not just academics but extra curricular activities too and I find a balance between the too in VVS. Fee as for this year is 55 thousand per annum excluding transportation. Transportation would depend on your area. There transportation system is excellent and I feel one of he best in amongst all schools as to what I hear about other schools. Though I stay quite far from the school in Pimpale saudagar but never ever faced any problem with it. They are quite organized overall and planning of VVS is extremely good in all aspects. Even if the school is in remote location you dont need to worry at all. Why should that be an issue.......may be if u can explain me? Rather I feel it is an excellent location for studies away from the city hustle bustle and no noise pollution at all. There are lot many schools on the main roads with so much of noise pollution around. With food we never faced any problem in last two years. My daughter eats there even though she is quite choosy but she likes school food. Breakfast and lunch are provided and if you stay back after school for extra activities than snacks are provided too. There are lots and lots of co curricular activities which u wont find in other schools here like wall climbing, they have an adventure club wherein they take students as well as parents who so ever are interested for trekking once in a month or so ( at a seperate cost). They take initiative in lots of additional activities which you will not hear otherwise and encourage there teachers and students to go out of the way. Like one of their sports teacher climbed Mt. Everest last year, One of the teachers went to Antarctica for an expedition with Sir Robert Swan (Only teacher in whole India to be selected), than few students and teachers went to NASA too!! Parents teachers meet in once in a quarter normally but if u have any issue you can contact the teacher on her email id and she will get back to you. Even with lots of extra curricular activities the school 10th result for last 10-12yrs is 100 percent positive. 

Amongst the other schools I feel I will opt for Blue Ridge and thirdly for Vibgyor. Dont know much about Spicer and Vikhe Patil but for me lots of outdoor space to play around is very important and should be a little away from the city life. WWS has lots of academic pressure and too less of space to play around so its not my priority. There fee too is more than VVS and even they dont have the meals included.Vibgyor too has good extra curricular activities and lots of personality development programmes so seems to be good. In today's World its not just the academics but other areas need to be seen too................hence my choice was VVS!!! 

Hope I have answered most of your questions!

chaku5 2014-01-27 11:00:59


Appreciate your detailed reply! Thank you Abhilasha.


Pal78 2014-02-17 12:12:21


This is the 1st year of Ryan in Pune. So you wont get any feedback.

I have taken admission for my son at Nursery last week.

Student2011 2014-02-18 16:31:43


I am looking for admission for my kids in Vidya Valley for 8th Std and 1st std. I will be relocating from Hyderabad.
What are the fees, any idea?
Is Marathi as a third language compulsory?
Are there any admission fees?
Assuming taking admission is this school and work area be Baner (near Sadanand Resort) what would be the preferred place to live in?


Student2011 2014-02-27 22:24:18


let me know how's your experience with vidya Valley.
I am planning to put up in Mukund Nagar Area, how much should be the commute ? I could do google map, but would like to know from someone local like you.
do you have 11th, 12th?
If not, which school generally kids prefer to for junior college?


Prajapati 2014-07-16 00:14:29


Ryan is a very new school Without infrastructure when it comes to acdemics
Both my kids are there and I am not happy. will change soon


monik 2014-07-22 17:06:39


My Daugher is also in Ryan Ist B. Heard Lot about the school but yet to explore !!

vans1234 2014-08-14 11:04:36


I'll go with vibgyor .

priea 2014-08-18 00:38:39


My daughter goes to Ryan Class 1..and I am happy with the school so far. Yes , the academics are a little more than I expected , but not so much that my kid can't handle. It's a new branch in Pune and so a few glitches here and there are expected. My kid loves the school and am seeing the growth in her. , so I am happy so far.

Pal78 2014-08-18 07:18:42


My son is in mont 1 in Ryan.. Though his teacher is good.. I didn't like the way they handle pre primary classes.. Basically 1 teacher per class of 30 students is not enough for nursery (and the school principal calls it a very good student teacher ratio.. ).. In all the other schools in pune, there are 2 teachers per class of 30 kids. In addition to that since last few days there are no maids available.. Teacher herself takes all the kids to loo.. Which becomes very hectic for a teacher.. And that affects her mood.. Also toilets are stinking.. After paying 1L for a year, we expect that at least basic heigine is being maintained.


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