Pune schools not providing answer sheet or Xerox of the same

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Nitinbb 2010-02-02 16:56:44


Hello Everyone

Request you to suggest good solution on this common problem with almost all schools in Pune.   Please note that when I was in Bangalore, never faced this problem with schools in Bangalore.   I am staying in Chinchwad area. My son is in CBSE school (Podar in Chinchwad). In order to make sure my son understand mistakes during exam and avoid repeating same, I asked for answer sheet to school however school refused to provide me original answer sheet (on returnable basis) or even Xerox of the same. School informed me that I can only see in front of class teacher. I meet principal with PTA voice president. (Podar even didn’t bother to arrange PTA meeting for full year in 2009-2010.) No one was able to give me clean answer to my questions such as:   1.      What harm can I make to school if school is not providing me answer sheet? 2.      What is exact reason school cannot provide me answer sheet? 3.      How can I explain all mistakes in couple of hours to my son and how my son can remember all problems in one day of explanation? 4.      What role teachers play to see what mistakes students are doing and making sure each student understand their mistakes?   In next year, I am planning to change school, so contacted Global Indian International school. My son passed initial test however, now principal is telling me school can not provide Answer sheet or Xerox of the same. I asked if teachers can explain mistakes in answer sheet to students, there is no answer from school. GI even informed me that they do not provide PTA contacts to parents!!   Since Answer sheet is not a school property, these are answers written by students, Xerox should be provided to parents to make sure students understand what mistakes happened and improve themselves in future.   This is very common problem specifically in Pune school that management or school staff is arrogant and non co-operative. PTA plays no important role from parents side, as school selects PTA members who can support school instead of helping parents. So, PTA voice president ended up meeting with all her good experience of school and sweet and gudi-gudi talks with Principal instead of talking about my question.   Is there any good solution or law to make school provide answer sheet to parents?   Thanks, Nitin

kav 2010-02-02 23:17:57


Hi Nitin,

As a parent i can really understand your problem. I am also from bangalore and seeking admission in schools in pune for 2010-11. Did GIIS refuse to give the answer sheets of the entrance test or the answer sheets of the unit test conducted in the year?

If it is entrance test then no schools even in Bangalore will give that. If they refuse to give the unit test or the exam answer sheets then Parents can form an association and go ahead for solving this major issue.I dont know about podar but in GIIS case i can assure u they would listen. I had been to GIIS couple of times i liked there approach.

Have u got admission for ur kid in GIIS? Which class are u looking for? Any other good cbse schools in chinchwad and pimpri area?

Thanks in advance.



Nitinbb 2010-02-03 09:11:08


Hi Kav,

Answer sheet for Admission really doesn’t matter much as far as growth of student  considered. My question of Answer sheet was for providing cycle test conducted during year. GIIS informed me that "Answer papers are seen by parents in the presence of the class teacher when they attend the PTM." They are not ready to provide Xerox of Answer papers. This was disappointing to me. GIIS also informed me that "PTA contacts are not provided by the school." Well, I feel it is not fair with parents and I am going to check bgacademy.org Podar school need lot of improvements (except website and school building!)

I am not sure why schools are non co-operative in case of Answer papers.

Is there any Parents association for Pune schools or some organisation that can make improvements in school Management?

Thanks, Nitin


Sho 2010-02-03 13:36:50


Hello Kav,

I'm from Pune. I need little information from u regarding the answer sheets. No school in Pune provides the photo copy or the original answer sheet to the child at home. U ve to see it in the stipulated time period on the open day. I was surprised to know that the answer sheets r provided to parents at home in Bangalore, is it true?

Pls. let me know and enlighten me over it.

thnx, Manasi


kav 2010-02-03 16:41:00


Hi Nitin,

Thanks for your reply. Ok then which school are you planning for your kid now? I don't know about parents association in Pune here my kid is in NPS in case we have any problem we around 10-12 parents form a group and carry our problems to the school authority I think that can be done.




kav 2010-02-03 16:45:03


Hi Manasi,

Here they have 4 unit tests in a term they give the answer sheets for a day parents have to sign and return back the next day. After all the four tests are over at the end of each term we get all the answer sheets back. What will the school authorities do with these answer sheets?

Which school is your kid in?How is the school?



Sho 2010-02-03 18:23:56


Hello Kav,

My daughter is in senior KG and I've put her in a pre-primary school near my house. I live in Navi Sangvi. Now i'm worried as which school should i choose for her. In dilemma. Well,  that apart as far as i know there is no law or directive which says that the school has to provide the answer sheets as it is of no use to school. I don't know what they do of it may b sending the papers for recycling at the most, but still.

However, if you want any particular answersheet i mean of a particular subject then I believe you have to file an RTI.   


Nitinbb 2010-02-03 18:55:41


Hi Kav,

Thanks for quick response.

Today I got response from GIIS "It goes without saying that  when teachers discuss the papers after the exam they will point out the errors. More over when the answer key is given the patrents can explain the mistakes.  No institution is perfect since it is made up of imperfect  individuals. At GIIS we constantly strive for excellence & the feed back provided by parents through surveys & PTM remarks helps us in this endeavour. If you have any more quries pl clear them out before you shift your child."

I am ok with this response, as my basic objective is to understand and improve on mistakes done. So, planning to get Admission in GIIS. Still I honestly think there is no harm to school if they provide Ans sheets (like in Bangalore schools).

Sho: I checked RTI. It is applicable only to Govt grand schools and not private schools.

F.Y.I. Podar school comments: http://pune.justdial.com/podar-international-school-cbse_chinchwad_Pune_dJuIaWairqlzsoyvPhsq.htm



jaypee 2010-11-19 22:24:35


Dear Friends

The cut-throat competition for ranks/marks, comparison with other students by parents and fault-finding are some of the reasons why the HRD ministry under Kapil Sibal brought about the sweeping changes in the Examination system in India (especially in CBSE schools). CCE or Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation and Grading system are 2 of the many changes that were brought about. The schools grand grades to the students in individual subjects and on an overall basis. However, in the answer scripts they put marks against each answer and then the total marks on the front page in the space provided for the same. Once the paper comes to the parents' hands, the comparison by way discussion with the parents of their respective children's classmates becomes very much possible. It is to avoid such a situation that the schools do not allow the papers to be carried home.  I am a principal of an international school myself and I too follow this system. However, on request of the parents, I provide them with subject-wise a list of the areas that the students have committed mistakes in. I think this should satisfy the parents. I feel you too can request the schools toprovide you with this kind of a comprehensive list.



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