Kangaroo Kids - Koregaon Park

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3456 2013-10-08 09:48:18


Hi. I have recently shifted to pune and I am looking for an admission for my son. I have heard about Kangaroo Kids in Koregaon Park. Can anyone let me have their views about how the school is...

Shiv07 2013-10-08 13:57:31


The school is good n u can try for Billabong High...the schools r linked. There r other options like Primrose Nursery...a name to reckon with in playschools.....very very good. Hope this helps...best of luck!!!

2059 2013-10-08 16:53:11



I would strongly reccomend Kangaroo Kids. Its different when compared other preschool who run with old school of thought.They have fun based learning with learning methodologies laying a strong base for kids. The practical teaching ways helps the child a lot. Kids are encouraged to ask questions...

3456 2013-10-08 20:35:06


I am so confused.. Some more views please.. Cannot make up my mind


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