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positivemom 2013-10-09 12:15:54


@ aks09  and @ AashP,

Yes my kid goes to Bishops Kalyaninagar, Nursery. The fees including transport and uniform comes to around 50 K. The school is ofcourse strict. But I am kind of OK if it inculcates good habits and manners in my child. I liked the curriculum and the teaching pattern the most. There is not stress given to the child in Nursery. No homework, no assignments. They just do a lot of coloring and loads n loads of poems. By the way of coloring they introduce kids to alphabets, numbers, fruits, vegetables, colors, animals etc. At the beginning of each week, they send worksheets home so that parents are aware of what the kid is being taught in school.
Guys .. my personal advice is not to get too much carried away by Madhuri Singh's school reviews. A school ideally needs to be reviewed every year. They drastically change their teaching patterns, strategies each year and ofocurse a lot changes when the management, principal and teachers change. A bad school can never always remain bad and similarly a good school will never always remain good.

Shiv07 2013-10-09 14:27:45


I agree with positivemom....Madhurie Singh is obviously not the last call on making ur decision...but it helps to some least for basic info about the school. Nowadays its a tough choice for parents to make when it comes to schools....there r so many options n so many factors that come into play....our parents had it much easier...there were a few schools n they were all the best!!! Parents want a lot more for their kids apart from what traditional conventional schools offer n there's a Pandora's Box out there in terms of schools!!!!

More than what we want for our is important to consider what they expect from a school....I know its difficult when they r little....but u have to make a decision taking into account that they r the ones who will be attending school for the next 10-12 years. How strongly inclined they r towards academics or extra curricular activities, their core interests, their likes n dislikes....all these factors should help u come to a decision.

Parents usually have loads of expectations when it comes to academics n other activities....n in some cases the kids r loaded with too many things to handle. But nowadays there r many parents who don't want to unnecessarily pressurize their kids....which is just go by ur gut feeling about a school coz the more u try to find out its going to get more confusing....:) All the Best!!

aks09 2013-10-09 16:45:58



Thank u for the feedback...agree with u  schools need to be reviewed every year..personally i feel taking opinion of parents whose kids are going  there also helps apart from visiting the school...n yes  at younger age only parents can decide which school is best for their child.. depending on various factors....

Agree with u ..more u try to find out  about a school..the more sometimes it  can be deciding factor as well...:)  for which class r u seeking admission nursery or junior kg?

A school which is good for my child may not be liked by another  all i want to say is list points   ...which u feel is  important while selecting schools.....visit schools  if they allow .....n then decide...
Hope v   are able to  select a school keeping in mind  the interests of our child..all  d 
best ...:)
Lets keep sharing admission related info ...


AashP 2013-10-09 17:02:37


positivemom - Thanks for sharing your experience about Bishops...! Two questions:
1) Did you try to find out how are the studies for higher standards... like 1st onwards? What other research did you do before finalizing this school?
2) How did you approach the school for admission? Do they have admissions open for Sr.Kg. next year? I feel they take max. new admissions in Nursery and very less after that. It would be a big favour if you could check for me, whether school gives admission to Sr.Kg., next time you get a chance? Thanks!


Shiv07 2013-10-09 17:02:59


@aks09....looking at jr kg admissions...she'll be 4.5 in June2014....what about u?

aks09 2013-10-09 17:22:44


 U need to enquire in march/april timeframe.very difficult to get unless therez transfer cases.. regarding higher  classes ..i know  a child who s going to std 2 frm my society...studying from is in nursery  classes therz nt much pressure  or once ur kid comes to grade1..pressure increases .. they have tests evry tuesday..n unit test evry month..i gt this info  from parent u can trust me..she did nt seem to b no school s perfect !!

Same here!!lukng at junior kg admissions.,she wil be 4.5 in daughter nov ur daughter must b dec born ...which school is she currently going?? Which schools are u targetting for admissions?

AashP 2013-10-09 18:33:34


Okay for all of you ..!

I visited Aman Setu School today. Our experince was very good, the teachers, principal really know how to deal with kids as also the science and art of teaching children. 
The school set-up is very different. They have two premises, one is from Nursery to First Standard called "The Nest" and other from 2nd to 7th is called "The Butterfly Garden". There are 2 classrooms per standard with 25-30 kids max in each division. There is one teacher and one Asst. Teacher per classroom.
The school timings are 8:30 to 2:30 for all classes. They serve Breakfast, Lunch and Milk/snacks before leaving school. Menu is put up on website so we know what kids are having. Also put little ones to sleep for an hour upto
They are in the process of seeking ICSE affiliation. Also bought land in Mundhwa, so in 3-4 years they would complete that project.
Also, their admissions are open for AY 2014-15.
What I like most is that, they have a good balance of emphasis on outdoor activities, classroom activities and studies.Teachers and teaching methods / philosophy is too good...!
Let me know if you need any more information...!

AashP 2013-10-09 18:40:00


aks09 - Thanks aks09...! That helps...and I certainly believe you... :-) ! I'm okay if pressure increases after 4th-5th but till then children need to be left on their own.
Bishops has an excellent Goodwill though...! I used to see their kids on TV, in Bournvita Quiz Contest, my fav show as a child and even till college.
I also do read their name in newspapers wrt participating and winning sports competitions etc.
Regarding Age - For Nov born kids...i think they can easily get admission in Sr.Kg. as some schools need the child to be 4.5 yrs by June of admisssion year. So i'm seeking admission in Sr.Kg. for my daughter. She's in Jr.KG this year in Kidzee.
But there are some schools who need children to be 4.5 yrs as on Mar31. In those cases she doesn't qualify.
Apart from age, I feel she is well prepared to move to Sr.Kg. Rather in most schools she would be repeating some stuff  she already learnt in Kidzee Jr.Kg. But that is fine...!

Shiv07 2013-10-10 00:00:54


@aks09 n lil one is Jan born....n currently going to Apple Kids...I'm sailing in the same boat in regards of the age criteria....I would not like her to repeat everything that she's learning currently...the play school she attends has an extensive curriculum n she already knows what is required of a sr. kg kid....:)


Shiv07 2013-10-10 01:28:53


ooops my bad...she'll be 5.5 in June 2014....:)

positivemom 2013-10-10 11:57:12


@ aashP

I do not have any personal experience of senior kids but I have got good reviews from parents ..I know a couple of parents whose kids are in LKG, Std 5, Std 10th, Std 7th ... They seem to be happy. One of the parents told me, generally all the teachers in Bishops are good but some odd year you sometime get one or two not so good teacher ... Yes ..being an ICSE school , there is a lot of pressure right from std 1.  Nursery and LKG are cake walk ....
Regarding admission: They open only for nursery. Have a strictly laid down guideline for admissions. This year, they did not conduct any interviews. The admission was lottery based. For senior classes, there is no transparent admission process. But I know ppl who have taken admission in senior classes thru internal contacts ....

AashP 2013-10-10 14:00:48


positivemom - Thanks a lot...!
Shiv07 -  Please go back to 3rd - 4th standard your self ... ;-) to calculate your kids correct age...! hahahhaaa....just kidding hope you don't mind...!
However, seriously all schools need to have the same policy right...! I find it very amusing that two schools which follow same board also might have different age policy for admissions...!
And another point is that most of them openly flout their own policy... and give admissions to elder or younger kids..!
Last thing i want is my kid to waste years learining the same stuff over and over and get bored when its time to learn the real stuff.
BTW, I'm having second thoughts about Aman Setu.

Shiv07 2013-10-10 14:02:08


hey all....what positivemom is saying is absolutely right...I know of many parents whose kids r in higher classes n they r extremely happy with their kids' progress. As far as quality of teachers is school has all the best teachers all of the time!!!! As she's mentioned....there will be a year or 2 with a mediocre teacher. Out of my own personal experience, I know for sure that even a school like Mary's does not have excellent teachers....there r some who can't even pronounce english words properly n they're teaching the subject!!!!

If u know ur kid can take the pressures n survive in these schools....its the best bet....coz they really prepare u for what's coming ahead!!!!

Age criteria: For SSC board- kids born Jan to Dec 2009.

For ICSE board-  kids born Dec 2008 to Nov 2009.

For CBSE board- Kids born Oct 2008 to Sept 2009.

A couple of private schools like Amanora n others r lenient with the age factor as far as I know.If anyone knows of any other schools where the age factor is not given too much importance, pls do let me know.

Shiv07 2013-10-10 14:07:11


@AashP just saw ur post...hahaha...guess I was on a different road trip....:) Ur right about the age factor being flouted in many schools...I know a couple of cases....n even I'm intrigued!!! We were initially upset that she'll be repeating mostly everything she's learnt n that would just be regressive n maybe she'll get bored!!!
Then over a period of time we tried to come to terms with that fact...but now I feel that why should she waste what she already knows n why can't she just go to the next level....:) the search continues.

N why the second thoughts about Aman Setu???

AashP 2013-10-10 15:33:54


Shiv07 - Hahaha :-) Did you mean to say you were on a different "Mind Trip"...! So in conclusion is your daughter born in Jan 2009?
No qualms about their staff or teaching methods, those are all good. I was just pondering about rest of the infrastructure vs the fees they are charging...! Say play area, sports equipments, e-learning, school layout, Library, Brand Name, so on and so forth. May be i didn't check on these aspects properly when visiting the school. So i'll do that again.
Also,I would compare it with various other schools available in the same fees range.
Aman Setu need the child to be above 4yrs 10 months for Sr.Kg. However they are ready to admit my daughter although her age is 2 months short. :-)

aks09 2013-10-10 16:28:57


Hi  all,
Regarding age i too agree all schools should have uniform policy....  based on my research..ideally . ,a child should be 6yrs  while in grade 1....the reason is child will be more developed physically ,emotionally to handle the pressure....:)

my daughter is november born..she is eligible in some schools.....n some shez not...i too was very upset she was in nursery last year...n i had to repeat either LKG or then when i read some research ..i came to know ,y schools  specially cbse ..have  oct - sep  criteria .....based on my observations of my own child... although shez clever  n picks up  fast...a jan born child is very much ahead physically n emotionally... ..its always gud for the parents n the child if the child is eldest in d they have even better absorb n learn....this is purely based on my observations n   personal although my daughter is in junior kg currently..i hav decided  to repeat lkg nxt year... and DPS n some other schools shez eligible for lkg nxt year..

Regarding schools i think each schools has different criteria for their marketing purpose ..,there should be uniform age policy across it ends all d confusion..:(

Agree with school can have perfect as parents we cannot completely depend on teachers...:(


AashP 2013-10-10 18:04:56


aks09 - Agreed..! At DPS, Nov 2009 child would be admitted in LKG and age would be 4 yrs 7months . There would be one more year say UKG (5 yrs 7 months) and then 1st standard (6 yrs 7 months). So in 10th child's age would be 16 yrs 7 months. Out of 10th at 17 yrs 7 months. I was 16 when i passed my 10th.
I think Kids have only got smarter than our why should they spend more time studying... :-) ...!

aks09 2013-10-10 20:27:00


Well its nt abt wasting time.any learning does not go waste .. if established schools hav set standards..for age...they would have definetly  done sme research...:)
N u can never believe the government too...its crazy.,if ur child is border line eligible or falling short by 1  or 2 mnths its better to be  safe...incase sme  crazy guy cmes n enforces  sme law..u never knw !!!its  India.i knw a kid ...who the school  admitted  was nt eligible fr 6 yrs criteria fr grade 1 for CBSE in same school !!!they made him repeat ..UKG.. ...its true incident...n usually this confusion is with nov -dec born kids... 

Me too december born... n i had completed SSC  at 16 .:)..its nt only abt kids  intelligence...its abt many other aspects...given our indian system is very pressurising..nt tht  its its  upto parents.....opinion differs..i respect    evryones  opinion,..whatever i  hav  written is  just my thoughts.,, n sme research i did..,bcoz i was confused last year.....


BijalC 2013-10-17 16:32:06


Hi All,

Thanks a lot for the feedback on schools you have visited. Does help me as we are not in Pune yet.

We will be moving to Pune in Jan 2014. I have twins and they are Jan 2011 born. I am not sure whether they will be eligible for Nursery or Jr. KG in Pune. Can someone please help.

Thanks a lot.


AashP 2013-10-17 19:52:00


Hi BijalC - Here is age Criteria for Delhi Public School.

Age Criteria (As on March 31, 2014) Nurserybetween 3½ to 4½ Yearsborn between 1st October, 2009 and 30th September, 2010
Class I between 5½ to 6½ Yearsborn between 1st October, 2007 and 30th September, 2008

For Orbis School Age Criteria is as follows:ClassAge (in years)*Play Group1 yr. 6 mths.Nursery2 yrs. 6 mths.Junior Kindergarten3 yrs. 6 mths.Senior Kindergarten4 yrs. 6 mths. * Age as on 7th June of the respective academic year commencement.

So most schools would match with Orbis School, however, some would match DPS criteria. And some schools are very strict with Age others would be flexible.

All - I had visited Podar International School Wagholi also. It is first year of the school and comparatively the school looks pretty good and prepared for a long haul. Do check it out.

aks09 2013-10-17 22:46:19


Kothari school,kondhwa has opened for admissions ....

BijalC 2013-10-18 10:12:31


Thanks a lot AashP for the help.


BijalC 2013-10-18 10:24:16


Hi AashP,
Can you please share the fee structure of Aman Setu.

aks09 2013-10-18 10:50:07


Amanora school opens for admission from nov 15...

baloon 2013-10-18 12:18:57


Hi Aks09
Kothari national school kondhwa admission is online?
I think it's Kothari Inter-national Noida u have seen on website.

AashP 2013-10-18 13:14:50


Hi, Even Podar International admissions to start after Diwali i.e mid-nov. It is on first cum first serve basis. No Capitation fees.
Aman Setu admissions are open. Fees is Rs.37550/- and refundable deposit of Rs.40000/-. Bus Fees is approx.15000/- annually (1300-1600 per month) based on distance. They serve food at school, breakfast and lunch. Cost of that is Rs.55-60/- per working day i.e. approx. Rs.12000/- per annum. Total comes to Rs.65,000/- plus non-refundable deposit of Rs.40,000/- and Uniform at actuals.

laxmikant 2013-10-22 01:52:45



 thanks for sharing info on Amansethu, you mention we need to pay deposit of Rs. 40,000/- is it refundable or non refundable?
 Also my son is born on 3 Oct 2008, In most school he is missing upper class just by 2-3 days :-). I am looking for admission to 1st standard, what are chances to get him for 1st std in Amansethu or Potdar international wagholi.

AashP 2013-10-22 13:17:01


Most welcome Laxmikant. 2-3 days difference should be fine in any school. Aman Setu and Podar are flexible. I'd mentioned - 'refundable deposit of Rs.40000/-'.

AashP 2013-10-22 14:13:38


Parents - What are your thoughts about Kendriya Vidyalaya? What is the strength per class? How are the teachers? Do they have curricular activities? Fees? Any parents whose kids go to KV?


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