sharing info/reviews on schools near viman nagar,kharadi,hadapsar,nibm

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aks09 2013-09-24 16:09:26


 hi parents,

Those looking for schools in above areas lets share info related to school,admission etc  b helpful to evrybody...


aks09 2013-09-24 17:13:56


 To begin with i m sharing list of schools accessible from viman nagar/kalyani nagar

1 vikhe patil,Lohegaon-CBSE

2 Mount Saint Patrick,Lohegaon -ICSE

3 Bishops,kalyaninagar-ICSE

4 LEXICON,kalyaninagar-CBSE

5 St.Arnolds,wadgaonsheri-CBSE

6 Lexicon ,Wagholi-CBSE

7 Aman Setu,wagholi-ICSE

8 Prodigy,wagholi -CBSE

9 Poddar International,wagholi-CBSE

10  Billabong ,Nagar road-CBSE/IB

11 Symbiosis,viman nagar-IB

Schools near kharadi/Hadapsar/NIBM

1 orbis,keshavnagar-CBSE

2 Amanora school,Amanora township-CBSE

3 Pawar Public school,Amanora township-ICSE

4 Magarpatta city public school,Magarpatta-ICSE

5 Delhi Public school,Mohammadwadi-CBSE

6 Bishops,undri-ICSE

7 Euro school,undri-ICSE



10 Kothari National school,Kondwa Budruk-CBSE

I have just listed randomly...if anyone has any feedback grom any of abive schools..pks share..











flowerpower 2013-09-26 11:49:58



St helenas: I had called and they mentioned to call by end of october to enquire about admissions

Poddar International; Admission process Starts in November

orbis:Admission process Starts in November

St marys - Online process. Need to check online

Aman Setu - November I think. However process for admission on

Rewachand Bhojwani - November forms available online as per website

Hutchings - Oct/November


AashP 2013-09-26 12:05:21


Awesome...! This is what I was looking for too...! aks09 Thanks for starting this discussion thread...!

I'm looking for CBSE school and I think 10 kms radius shoudl be fine....if we are going to get good quality education for the child.

What is the feedback about St.Arnolds, Stella Maries School, & Vikhe Patil.

Orbis is a good school, I have visited last year.



flowerpower 2013-09-26 14:10:20


Has anyone visited Poddar International Wagholi. Any feedback?


aks09 2013-09-26 14:18:19



st Arnolds - good school.Admission forms are issued for nursery n junior kg after jan 15...u need to keep checking their site..,they hav started online admissions frm this year...difficukt go get thru as i yhry gice preferenxe for christians and siblings.

Stella Maris -gud school i heard...,i.e if u  are ok with ssc board,.dnt know much abt it..,as i m luking for cbse schools.

Vikhe Patil-not gt very gud reviews..although SB road branch is most sought after...also as per feedback  n reviews from net...they are nt very strict about english in school...


For St helenas keep checking for advertisement in sakal times from october

For Hutchings.,,ad comes in Indian xpress .,.




aks09 2013-09-26 15:30:53




had visited the school recently.The school is located very far from main road. Around 2 kms frm nagar road..just before DY patil college of engineering....we could hardly know there was school there.Building is still nt completed..only ground floor is done where they are conducting classes....Spoke to the teacher...felt they have good standards...but only thing that bothered me was  under construction building..nt a gud  thing gor small kids.

. Fees is very reasonable..around Rs38000 .for LKG current year..admission still open for LKG but shift is from 11.30 -2:15,.they have 2 batches.each having 2:40 ratio .i got this info from teacher.. fr LKG..but school wil develop gradually...this was my gut feeling....But better visit the school..n check out urself.. 

Also chck out this link..




AashP 2013-09-26 17:15:39


aks09 - So what the choice...? We stay near Eon IT Park Kharadi. And I think we would also stick to CBSE and prefer non-religious institution. So is St.Arnolds like a typical Convent School?

How about Amanora School? Is it good?

I guess Orbis seems to be the most feasible option for us out of the long list.

Rewachand Bhojwani, Aman Setu - New names for me.


aks09 2013-09-27 10:49:43


 selecting a school depends on various factors..,and preferences vary cant say best school or worst evry school has got its own positives n negatives...

St .Arnolds is a normal convent school....i  am frm convent background .i m ok with convents..if they have gud teaching standard  n quality..some people may nt like convents...

Amanora is also fair by pearson group...

Rewchand Bhojwani is in camp...i think ssc board..

Aman setu is different kind of school i  heard...following gurukul sysrem...hav nt cant comment..

There are very few CBSE schools in pune...

Which class are u trying for ur child ?

Do share ur views if u visit any schools will b helpful..



aks09 2013-09-27 14:13:27



Which school is ur child going to currently?



Shiv07 2013-09-27 14:39:30


@ aks09 AashP....RBA....Rewachand Bhojwani Academy is a ssc based school in Camp which is neither mainstream or alternative....this year they have hiked the fees by 40% which makes it around 50k for the year excluding transport, books uniform etc. Teacher student ratio is 1:30. The school is good n has an open door policy n allows parents feedback n involvement in their child's education.

Aman Setu started by the Madhavi Kapur Foundation....she's the same one to start RBA too is also very good in terms of quality of education. But the setting is rather rudimentry n may not go down too well with parents used to conventional schools. Again fees r on the higher side but includes compulsory transport n meals provided(breakfast, lunch n a glass of bournvita before going home). Check the school out n decide.

I really would appreciate parent feedback on schools like Orbis, Vidyashilp (Kondhwa Khurd) n any other schools located in n around NIBM/Kondhwa besides the already listed ones. Thanks n hope the info was useful.


AashP 2013-09-27 14:49:44


aks09 Thanks for your feedback...!

Agree with you that each school has its benefits and drawbacks...! And its very difficult to get complete information before hand. Making a choice is also difficult. And ultimately our child should like the school which we like and we choose.

I have a 4 year old daughter currently in LKG with Kidzee. So i'm looking for UKG for her as she would become 4.5+ yrs by June 2014.

People at Kidzee tell me that they are going to open a school in Manjari "Mount Litera" however, not commiting on dates. As such not sure if we can wait for them.

How about you? Which class are you looking for?

I'll surely update you all if I visit any school. This weekend looks unlikely as I would be busy, however, next week / weekend I certainly plan to visit some schools.



aks09 2013-09-27 15:42:30



Thanks  for the info...m also lukng for info on schools around NIBM...incase u get any info on RIMS ,vidyashilp,kothari..pls saw a thread in parentree  with gud feedback on RIMS.....

Orbis -had visited last year...i did nt like it ...its my personal opinion... ....spoke to a parent  whoz kid was they were nt quite happy......also school is surrounded by fields.n when we went school did nt have proper compund wal!! was open....safetywise i felt nt gud....i knw it may develop....heard they are planning to have IB board as well...nt sure though...


Mount Litera school  u meant ??which board are they planning?

My daughter will be 4 this november...m lukng for LKg admissions in cbse schools


AashP 2013-09-27 17:12:21


Shiv07 - Thanks Shiv07...! That was a very helpful information...! Looks like I really have a lot of work to be done before I decide on the school.

Plan to visit Aman Setu definitely based on you information.

Orbis is in Keshavnagar which is a developing area, so as aks09 put it the infrastucture like roads etc is not too good. Many buildings are under construction along the way. Yeah and there are fields near the school. However, they are shifting to a new building which was under construction and that building is on the road. One of my colleagues' son goes to that school from couple of years and they are satisfied. However, need to find out more about it.

aks09 - Mount Litera would have CBSE is what i learn. Hey even my daughter would be 4 in Nov 13. So looks like we are sailing in the same ship... :-)



aks09 2013-09-30 15:40:15


Thanks for the info...yeah kind i m lukng for lkg admissions...ur lukng for UKG ??
Actually my daughter was nt eligible in most cbse schools.last year....:)

AashP 2013-09-30 17:32:34


okay...! Except DPS most of them would admit a 4.5 yrs child in UKG, so I think I would go for UKG.Guess Orbis would be good enough for my requirements.
So would you be trying for DPS?

aks09 2013-09-30 18:11:31


Yes i will b trying for u have any info abt interview /admission process.,anyone who has attended last year?
St Arnolds too daughter was nt eligible for LKG...n as far as i remember...Amanora too  she was nt eligible....hd nt remember reading on their site

AashP 2013-10-01 14:42:12


DPS admission process is online. Registration for admission to Nursery and Classes I to V & VII will commence on November 01, 2013.
This is the age criteria for DPS. So according to this my daughter would need to sit in Nursery. I think it would be same for your daughter. Age Criteria (As on March 31, 2014) Nurserybetween 3½ to 4½ Yearsborn between 1st October, 2009 and 30th September, 2010Class Ibetween 5½ to 6½ Yearsborn between 1st October, 2007 and 30th September, 2008
For Orbis Age Criteria is as follows:ClassAge (in years)*Play Group1 yr. 6 mths.Nursery2 yrs. 6 mths.Junior Kindergarten3 yrs. 6 mths.Senior Kindergarten4 yrs. 6 mths.

* Age as on 7th June of the respective academic year commencement.     

In this case, my daughter could be admitted to Senior Kg. since she would be more that 4.5 yrs on 7th june 2014.

You are correct about St.Arnolds and Amanora School. Pawar Public School is similar to Orbis. Heard that is a very good school, but chance of getting admission is very low. They have preference for Amanora Citizens and those who have siblings in same school.

I've heard good reviews about Ariforce School and Army School in Lohegaon. Those would also be CBSE.



aks09 2013-10-01 16:24:34


Airforce school... forms come in civilian quota is very less..unless u knw someone frm airforce u cant enter to get forms..u need reference..i gt this info frm my daughters friends mother who applied last year.......again mixed reviews  ..for this complaint i heard is that  students converse in local languages more..n nt much in english...
Army School,lohegaon..not  heard i guess u are talking abt KV  its  9,BRD  branch...classes start frm std1...heard its gud...they  hav very gud results...


aks09 2013-10-01 16:27:54


Thnks for info on other schools.,will update if i get any info abt other schools..:)

flowerpower 2013-10-08 11:18:49


Yup ive heard good reviews about airforce school too. But i agree since the students come from various backgrounds (children of jawans as well as higher officers) local language usage is quite common. also i know someone who was asked to take her daughter out of the school suddenly before 1st as that year they had some transfer cases from etc. So thats a risk for people with civilian background.

My daughter is only eligible for st helenas, hutchings, rewachand bhojwani in pre nursery this yr. Ive heard rewachand is not the same since madhavi kapur left. 

aman setu is going to be  my top choice when my daughter is eligible next year - 2015/16. Ive heard rave reviews  about them. Children get a lot of attention from teachers. Teacher student ratio is good. they have a student counsellor on board. and they believe in learning rather than rote method. they follow icse board

AashP 2013-10-08 13:15:15


flowerpower - Yep agree with you. I read a lot about Aman Setu yesterday. Looks like a different school, certainly very good for youg children untill they enter the competitive classes of 10th standard and onwards.After that they would certainly need to cope with change in study method. I plan to visit it soon. BTW do you know the total fees and breakdown for Sr.Kg.?
Has anyone visited Victorious Kids? What are the thoughts about that school? That again has a different approach to education. What is the fees for Sr.Kg.? And could we expect value for money?

Thanks! Keep talking..!

Shiv07 2013-10-08 13:54:03


@ flowerpower, AashP...Yes its true that Rewachand is not the same since Madhavi Kapur left....but the school provides quality education n parent involvement n feedback is encouraged. No doubt that Madhavi Kapur wields a magic wand....but Aman Setu looks more like a corporation/municipal school n the fees r pretty high...around 60k for the year which includes transport n food. Children from all backgrounds r given admission so if u have no qualms about ur kids sharing the same space as ur maids kids its fine!!!! n since no fees r charged for the EWS kids the onus falls on parents!!! You should give the school a visit though n decide for urself.

Victorious Kids is an IB school n the fees r roughly around 1.5 to 2 lacs per year with an annual increase of 30%!!!! So if u know for sure that ur kids going to go abroad for further studies, then u can try VKE!!! The infrastructure n the campus is way too good n further plans of having a Nalanda style world university campus is under way!!! Check the school website n see for urself. In a short span of time VKE has managed to carve a niche for itself.

Ther is also Podar International School in Wagholi close to Chokhi Dhani....according to the review by Madhurie Singh its a good school with a brand name n over 80 schools in the State. Fees r around 40k with a 7-10% increase every year. One thing to note is that it is  6 day school-week....they dedicate every Saturday for extra curricular activities like sports n music, dance,etc.

Hope this helps guys n keep sharing...:)

AashP 2013-10-08 14:33:38


Shiv07 - Thanks for your views about Aman Setu, VKE and Poddar...! I think 60k with food or transport is good enough. I wouldn't rate that as Costly. I think what I liked most about Aman Setu is that it follows Concept education instead of Content education. I guess the inclusiveness factor is a positive and not a negative in the long rung. I'm okay with it. In fact I don't want my kid to have a superiority complex. It becomes vey difficult to get over that later on in the life and it is also likely to trouble them, in case they loose out or fall behind in competition.
I'd visited VKE way back when it used to be in other campus. The cildren were really smart and knowledgeable. I'd decided to put my child in the same school, back then. However, looking at the current fees and other factors, i I think it would be difficult. Still I have not ruled out this school.
Even I've read about Poddar and would be an option too. Its a really important decision for kids future.


aks09 2013-10-08 16:36:03


Which school is ur child going to?

Thanks for sharing...:)

  just to add, i m hearing good reviews about vidya valley...although  it  is located at  other side...m willing to shift if my child is getting quality education...
Also heard kothari school is  nt visited yet...anyone  visited this school?

positivemom 2013-10-08 16:43:03


Guys.... you can try admission in Bishops Kalyaninagar as well. Its a very good school and fees is also moderate ....

AashP 2013-10-08 17:50:12


aks09 - Kothari School is in Kondhwa right? Not visited yet, Need to get more info on this school.
positivemom - Thanks for the suggestion...!
How has been your experience? Does your kid go there? Which class? What is the fees?
Had visited the school last October...there was board that no admissions for year. What is the way we approach them? Is it a typical convent? Checked the website, there are so many rules / regulations, do's dont's. Lot of stress on Discipline.

aks09 2013-10-08 17:51:41


@positive mom
 Does ur child go to Bishops,kalyani nagar?
If  yes.,pls share ur experiences abt teacher quality n standards...
 Its very difficult to get into Bishops..,n there are mixed responses..


aks09 2013-10-08 17:55:53


Kothari school is in kondhwa.think in the premises of H&M  Royal society.. m planning to visit this school...sometime soon.. will update if i visit..its CBSE school..they have very good name in noida...

AashP 2013-10-08 18:11:07


Ok Great... ! let us all know. I'd be visiting Aman Setu tomo. Lets see how it goes.

Shiv07 2013-10-08 18:16:27


@aks09 I'm also reviewing schools just like u guys for my lil one.....:)
@AashP Then u should check out Aman Setu, I think u'll really like it n so will ur kid....Usually parents have a pre conceived notion about a school n r skeptical to try out relatively new schools....:)

You guys should check out Madhurie Singh's blog...just google her name...she has done some comprehensive reviews on mos schools in Pune including Kothari, Orbis, Aman Setu etc. ...Check it out...will surely help u come to a decision. 


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