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AFR 2013-09-15 19:07:24



      My 3 year old son is currently studying in Eurokids. We are looking for his admission into Jr. KG in CBSE school around pimple Saudagar. So far the choices are as below:

       1. Indira - admission in Indira Kids for Jr and Sr KG. Very large campus but old infrastructure.

       2. Akshara international - Good infrastructure and campus. Haven't got details on fees, but assuming a bit expensive

       3. Global Indian international - Located in chinchwad. International and National presence. Good infrastructure.Expensive though.

       Not able to decide as each has pros and cons.  Request feedback from parents with kids in this school about their experience to help in the process.



AFR 2013-09-17 11:45:09


Requesting inputs from the parents having details on these schools.



Vicky88 2013-10-15 00:44:41



All the schools that you've listed are expensive. Akshara had got good reviews earlier but nowhere in picture now. Fees are too high. Have  you checked with Indira kids and whether they're giving committment on giving direct admission to 1st std in indira school. GIIS is also very expensive i have heard

kavyani 2013-11-18 16:40:10


Admission Year - 2014-15

The admission process had started form 15 Nov 2013 and will last as long as the seats are there on a first come first server basis.

Akshara International School is by far the only school which is absolutely transparent about its fee structure with no hidden charges/extras whatsoever.

Go to the school once and you will see the fee structure systematically displayed on the notice boards. The admission counselors also answer all your queries patiently.

They have hiked the one time non-refundable admission fee by Rs 15000 this year. Last year it was Rs 10000.

So now the fee structure for Nursery/Jr Kg /Sr KG is as follows:

Application Form - Rs 500
Registration Fee ( on submission of application form ) - Rs 1000
One time Non-Refundable Admission Fees - Rs 25,000
Annual Tuition Fees - Rs 76,500

Plus  Bus Transport Fees - varies as per distance and area. Maximum 20,000 per year.

You have to pay the Application/Registration/Admission Fee/1st Installment of the Tuition Fees while taking admission

500 + 1000 + 25000 + 22500 = Rs 49,000.

Rest you can pay in two installments of Rs 27,000 each.

The school is very hygienic, classrooms are built well and overall structure is good, teacher/student ratio is 2:25 upto Sr Kg and then it will be 1:30 or 1:40 maximum.

The Annual Tuition Fees covers all the charges for food ( breakfast and lunch), stationery, uniforms, field trips, sports, hobby classes,etc.......

This is all the information that I could gather.

Vicky88 2013-11-20 15:29:10


Just to expensive for pre primary grade.


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