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priya1234 2013-06-11 16:47:01


 I already taking admission of my baby in euro school.How the school of wakad please any of wakad parent tell me the school experince.

Arisia 2013-06-23 19:12:19


 Hi Priya,

I too have taken admission in Euroschool wakad for my child - Grade 3.  I think the school holds a lot of promise.  I have seen their Thane and Airoli campus, spoken to students, teachers and parents from those campuses and feel confident that this is a good choice for a school.  

I like their approach to learning and their focus on overall development of the child.  

Of course, this is the 1st year of the school in Wakad, but after speaking to the principal and talking to some of the teachers at the school, I feel positive that they will be at par with the Euroschools in Mumbai.  

I hope this is helpful. 




five 2014-11-27 17:29:52


Hi Arisia,
I will be shifting to wakad next year. what is the pattern of teaching ???. how you felt the difference as compared to airoli euro.
please let me know.


A1kashJain 2016-12-17 19:19:09


Every parent visiting the school would be impressed with the infrastructure as like I was but, just to help other middle class parents not being misguided I took time to write this review.

The counselor and school seems to interested in the fees only. She just disappears on receiving your cheque. More over, the cost of transportation is comparatively high and the bus does not drop your child upto your society. They provide pick and drop only till the near signal or Landmark.

Secondly, the concept of text book and note books is slightly weird and the syllabus runs very slow.

Dear parents, you can provide better education to other schools with lesser fees. All the Terms and Conditions signed by the parents at the time of admission is in favor of the school. In future, parents have no room to raise their voice against any injustice.

The school fees and transportation cost would increase by 8% and 6-7% every year respectively.

Hence, please be careful before you sign the admission form and donot fall prey to their infrastructure and Principal from Army Background. Those are just the selling points.

These are my sincere views for all the new parents to choose Euro school Wakad.


Pmuley 2018-03-08 10:03:22


I completely agree with A1kashJain Euro school should be the last in the list no matter what


231180 2018-03-09 19:16:38


Which schools near Wakad area would you suggest?

Pmuley 2018-03-11 08:58:07


Hi 231180

It depends on which board you want to get in i.e. State, CBSE or ICSE. 

State Board:
Infant Jeasus(very difficult to get in)

Wisdom World School - Good in academics, but high fees
Global International School - Good in academics, but high fees
DAV(Aundh) - Good in academics, reasonable in fees
Indira - Good in academics, reasonable in fees
BTIS(Banyan Tree) -  Reasonable in Fee and good academics
Shishya(Wakad) - Reasonable in Fee and good academics, also they are moving out of wakad in May 2018

Blue Ridge(Hinjewadi) -  Reasonable in academics, fees and good in sports and extra curricular activities
BTIS(Banyan Tree) -  Reasonable in Fee and good academics  --> Heard they are planning to move to CBSE, not sure

While looking for school , I suggest to ask how frequently the school is increasing the fees, most of the schools increase 7-8 per year or 15% every other year. There are very few schools who increase the fees even less frequently, I think those are DAV(Aundh), Blue Ridge, Infant Jeasus and I think BTIS is also one of those. ... these schools are good in academics. 

Hope this helps !!


419fiza 2018-03-20 13:47:57


Euro I totally agree they are just focusing in money making as I took admission for class 12018 /19 I paid 35000 admission fees and uniform 8200 rs I cancelled the admission as I was shifting they didn't refund single amount saying it's non refundable they

231180 2018-03-20 16:19:16


I have taken admission for my son for Grade3 for 2018-19. How are they academically?

231180 2018-03-20 16:45:42


Thanks Pmuley

Can u please share your last years experience of Euro School Academic point of view for Grade3 . Since I have taken admission for Grade3 for my son from this year.Hows their teaching and syllabus, exams?


231180 2018-04-04 04:21:19


Which school did u finalised?

Pmuley 2018-04-04 22:09:43


@231180 RMD - Chinchwad is what I finalized. Euro as per my experience is no good for academics. Syllabus is not that comprehensive. In few days you will also realize that teachers are changing too frequently. There is serious dispute going on for unjustified fees hike. PTA has escalated it to govt level. School will try to play innocent card.

231180 2018-04-05 02:38:47


Is that a CBSE school?Do you know anything about Indira national school and GIIS?

Pmuley 2018-04-09 08:56:29


Yes RMD Chinchwad is CBSE school. Indira school is also very good, It's also CBSE school. Campus is good fee is OK. However last year there was some dispute between PTA and school management over increase in fee after which school got order to reduce the fee and they did(unlike Euro). 
Academics wise Indira is good other activities are also good, there are many kids around my location who go to Indira and their parents seem to be happy/OK if not completely upset :). 
Global International School - There seems to be lot of conflicts going on between management and PTA. I think this year also they increased the fee significantly. They have good infra and good extra curricular activities. 

But whenever you pick any school do check their fee what they had in last 3 years. Do check with some parents whos kids have been going their for last 2-3 years. 

Check SHIISHYA School - Wakad. They have recently moved to their new building(last week only, near bhumkar chouk - Wakad). Their class strength is very small (8-12 students), and with that they are able to pay personal attentions to each and every kid. 

If you find a school which meets your expectation in first shot itself then you deserve a celebration :)  


ShakirZR 2018-11-30 08:34:16


Euro is money minded, principal is just a puppet to management though he is from military background. Level of education is deteriorated a lot, regularly teachers are being absent, when they are back or replacement joins they teach multiple chapters at once whether child is understanding or not, they sign on incorrect answer and now class teacher is going to change 4th time for my son. I am taking out my ward from school.


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