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Expertincn 2010-01-20 08:44:23


I am considering Indus International school for my daughter. Any reviews or experience will help me out in deciding .

YuRo 2011-04-09 15:50:21


Hello Shweta,

although nobody replied here regarding Indus International School - did you get some info and take a decision?



Expertincn 2011-04-12 11:35:37


 Hi YuRo,

I did't got any feedback for Indus International School but I had visited the school before and it is very beautifully made. As it is far away I did not go for that as I my daughter was only 5 yrs old I wanted to be in constant touch with the school. It so I took admission in Daffodil's International school in Baner.

Till now I am happy with the school. They are IGCSE. The only problem with them is their campus is small as they are running in twin bunglows but when I took admission they said they are going to shift in their own big campus on Wakad. 

Are you new to Pune? Can write if want to know more.





YuRo 2011-04-17 00:22:29


Hi Shweta,

I am basically just on the way :-) I am supposed to come to Pune within 1 month.

Probably I also should visit the schools and then to make a decision.

Best regards.


TJS 2011-04-18 22:04:10


Hi Shweta,

I am glad to finally find a parent that has a child in Daffodil.  I have been speaking with them regarding admissions and they have been very nice and thorough in answering my questions.

We will be moving to Pune in mid-June but know nothing at all about Pune or any of the schools.

Would you mind telling me some things about Daffodil? 

My concern is that it is a very small school.  Should I worry?

I like the fact that they have only 12 kids per class.  Do you find the teachings to be exceptional and up to par of other International school?

When do you think they will move to a larger facility?

Any help or information you can give me will be greatly appreciated!







Expertincn 2011-04-19 11:05:16


 Hi Tina,

As we were also away from India and my child did not had any idea of Indian schooling system we wanted International school for her and we prefered IGCSE as she did her Nursery and Prenursery from it.

Before taking admission I visited many schools and was quite apprehensive about them as there fees were quite high and little far away from the place which we chose to reside. I wanted that she should enjoy her studies as she was doing before and should not have pressure of Indian studies.

Before taking the admission I personally met the class teacher. She was quite impressive and caring. My daughter enjoyed a lot for the whole year. Her teacher was too good. But only concern for me was they have a small campus. They assured me that they will shift to there new campus very soon. 

Before taking admission you can meet the class teacher and other teachers personally. I went for Daffodils as a safer bet as it was near to my place, teacher was very good and comparitively fees was minimal as compared to other international schools.

We I want to compare the school with the international school she was studying before I would say infrastructure wise and facilities wise they stand no where but education wise I felt it is good till now.

Rest you can visit and take your own decision.



anbala 2011-10-10 12:42:37


Hi Shweta,

I'm moving to Pune and will be located in the Aundh/Wakad area. I prefer a IGCSE school and gather that Daffodil is the only school near that area. From your replies I understand the campus is small. How small is it? Till what grade do they have functioning currently? What is their fee structure and what is their teaching methodology?

I know its a lot of questions and I'd appreciate if you can help me out in any manner. Thanks.



Expertincn 2011-10-11 13:39:13


 Dear Bala,

If you are planning to stay in Wakad/Aundh still Daffodil is near. It is situated on Baner road towards the Highway. Personally I felt the school is good. And they are planning since two years to shift to their new premises at wakad. But still whole process is somewhere stuck up.

Another school in the your said area is Mercedezes Benz school in Hinjewadi. It is also a good school but the fees is at a very higher side. 

Daffodil's this years A level result was very nice.

And then you can always meet the teacher and visit the school and take your decision.

Regarding the size of the school it is run in twin BUnglows. Class size and all are fine but they do not have any playgorund  for the kids and so they take children to deccan gymkhana for playing every week.

Hope this information helps you in taking decision.




anbala 2011-10-18 11:15:27


Thanks Shweta for your response. I plan to personally visit Daffodils and Global Indian (GIIS) and check them out. Will post my analysis on this forum.


Djai 2013-12-03 20:43:47


Hi guys, 

We are thinking of enrolling our son to Daffodil, Baner. Your feedback about school shall be high appreciable.

Also, your suggestion about ICSC and CIE curriculum, I personally prefer CIE but still want to know your experience.

Thanking in advance,


str95132 2014-04-11 00:27:56


Checking to see if Daffodil school moved to bigger location ? I'm considering the school for my son (9th grade)....any feedback from parents whose kids are in higher classes will be great.

SWATISJ 2016-12-02 13:00:03


May i ask you to share approximate Fee structure of Daffodil? and do they have pre primary as well. ? what is entry point nursery or Jr Kg

Imdeepali 2017-11-30 11:37:13


Hi Expertincn ,

I am planning to take admission for my son in grade1 in DIS . Is ur child still with DIS ? Any review plz....would be helpful.

Btw the building is still the same..row houses in baner.

I know ur review are long back...but u happen to see my post plz would be helpful to get some first hand reviews...

Thanks a lot in advance.



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