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huntkhushi 2013-08-14 16:28:09


 Hi Guys  ,

How was today's fancy dress . All the little ones looked awesome in their costumes :) .

by the way  , do we have PT uniform day this friday .if anyone knows about PN-C please share.


ShrinivasPote 2013-08-14 19:03:54


@huntkhushi - you are right, all the kids looked very cute and nice.

There was a notice on the piece of paper in the bag which said this friday 16th is declared as monsoon break for Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Preparatory and school re-opens on 19th Aug. So 4 days of full enjoyment for Kids :-).




puneetgr8 2013-08-14 21:10:29


 Yes. Now the school will resume on 19th Aug (Monday). Full on dhamaal masti and long weekend for Bachcha Party :)

Well I had got a call from the class teacher in the afternoon informing me that my son is selected for the final round on 21st and I should get lot of practice done from him so that he gives his best on 21st :)


akshu2010 2013-08-15 13:02:59


Hi all. Once a while please track the vehicle which carries your child. This is for the safety of your child. Yesterday when i went to pick my child, noticed one driver was drunk . So in the morning or afternoon atleast once a week please follow the van/car to school - this will ensure that the driver also is alert.


huntkhushi 2013-08-16 11:05:12


 Thanks Srinivas.

Yes full time masti for kids .

Yes akshu , we need to be alert.




Mandy83 2013-08-17 10:51:52


Congrats Puneet ... wish luck to your son


puneetgr8 2013-08-19 22:14:57


 Thanks Mandy. Will surely tell him.


akshu2010 2013-08-21 07:39:10


@puneetgr8 ---all the very best to ur son


akshu2010 2013-08-21 22:04:52



My kid told me that A and B are been taught at school.Any body has any info regarding this?


huntkhushi 2013-08-22 12:23:18


 Hi akshu,

kids are getting introduced to alphabets . they also sing songs and rhymes like 'Going to market" , 'Have you got a sunshine' ,etc

They are also taken to TV to see kids videos.



akshu2010 2013-08-23 09:08:25


@huntkhushi--thanks for the info.My kid sings few rhymes after coming home.she is very reluctant to tell me what goes on in the school.My friend's daughter who is in Bishop is given worksheet everyday and they have already learnt to write A,B C and 1,2,3. so i just wanted some info on whether our kids are made to write.

if yes then we may have to make them practice .She recognises all the letters but have not forced her to learn writing as i wanted to go at the pace at which the teacher teaches and when we ask the teachers they do not tell u.




puneetgr8 2013-08-23 09:17:20



I was told by the class teacher that they will be taught colouring first so that the hand becomes steady and they know how to hold a crayon. Later on they will be taught to write. As per the teacher Pre-Nursery is honeymoon period for the kids and the real test will start next yr onwards :).



nehamore 2013-08-23 12:09:28



When the preschool admissions for 2014 will start ?


huntkhushi 2013-08-23 16:15:38


 Hi akshu2010 ,

I agree with what puneetgr8 says.

Also before you compare kids from Bishops or Mary's , also note that  base class in bishops is  

Nursery (Kalyaninagar & Undri)

3 years


3.11 years

So our kids in Pre-Nursery are younger to the ones in Bishops Nursery. This is the difference .So  let's follow the teachers method which is definitely based on the age-group based teaching techniques.




puneetgr8 2013-08-23 22:32:05


 nehamore. Start checking website from 1st Dec onwards. It will be updated there.


akshu2010 2013-08-24 07:50:45



i agree .I think the teachers are making them recognise the letters first.I just wanted to make sure that they have not started to teach them how to write yet.



nehamore 2013-08-26 11:03:07




puneetgr8 2013-08-26 21:20:19


 Hi Guys...Any idea why the school has asked for 2 I-card size (2.5x3.5cm) fotos? I sent them today in a sealed envelope but seems the teacher forgot to collect them. Will resend tomorrow


LChakraborty 2013-08-29 15:16:33


 System in Bishops is very much organised. you get the login for emails the day one fills the forms, subsequently once admissions are thru this login is converted to the school ID.  every thing happens very smoothly.  I am aware as my daugther is in Bishops undri.  My son missed bishops, bcos he was short by 11 days for 3 years as of 1st June 2013.  Did not want him to miss the year.  their sms system is also very strong, if any student is absent then also parents get sms.

But the fact is difference in technology application of schools are very noticeable, as here there is no in info on net nor on sms.  for Palki school was closed, we did not even get the information. 

one more thing, only naming of nursery is different. bishops have nursery, LKG, UKG, whereas here there is prenur, nur & prep.


huntkhushi 2013-08-29 17:43:37


 Hi puneetgr8 ,

The teacher said that photos were needed for report card.



puneetgr8 2013-08-30 22:45:57


 @LChakraborty . Agree with you. Even Hutchings can develop that system as it is no rocket science.

@huntkhushi. Thanks. I thought it was for I-card.


ShrinivasPote 2013-09-04 13:07:11


Need Help.

My daughter (studying in Pre-Nursery) is not well since yesterday and had not been to school, so would like to know the procedure to apply for leave in the school. What is the procedure to follow in case of medical leave? Your help is required.

Thanks & Regards,



akshu2010 2013-09-04 19:18:25


@shrinivas-- If she is taking leave for a week then u can submit a leave letter on the day she starts going to school.If the leave is extended then u may have to submit a medical certificate along with the leave letter.

My daughter had flu last month and she had to take leave for a week .I submitted only the leave letter in an sealed envelope on the day she joined school.



ShrinivasPote 2013-09-04 20:05:28


Thanks akshu2010. This information will help me a lot.


huntkhushi 2013-09-05 12:06:26


 Hi Srinivas ,

Just to add on to what Akshu said ,

If the child does not attend school for more than 3 days ,specially due to medical reasons . Then a Medical certificate is a must. Leave letter may or may not be given in this case.

Hope your little one is feeling better :), the season is bad  these days .


smita1984 2013-09-05 16:34:15


Hello Hutchings Parents there,

I need a help. Want to know if any one is staying in koregaon park , kalyani nagar viman nagar. I am planning to find out a van or any transport which is available from hutchings school to this location . If anyone of you are staying nearby this area, please let me know. Urgent!



Smita Patil



SwatiDandekar 2013-09-12 15:37:11


Hi All

Does your kids tell you what teacher is teaching daily?



SwatiDandekar 2013-09-12 15:39:03


Hi All

What was the purpose of taking photo? will there be any exam ?



SheetalC 2013-09-19 13:46:25


 @swati photo is for pasting on the report card that only i came to know .we will get it once  kid will appear for the first term exam in november most probably after diwali



SheetalC 2013-09-19 13:49:35


 @swati......daily i ask his work in school.....some time positive and sometime negative response i get :) its mostly depends on kid's mood. ....but if u notice  they  reproduce very well without frequent asking to them.My kid tell me which poems are currently they singing......



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