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Expertincn 2010-01-18 18:06:12


We are currently in China and been transferred to Pune. I have two daughters. One is 9 yrs and other is 4 and half years old. For older one I am seeking CBSE board school and for the younger one IB curricullam.

How are Global Indian International School, B G Academy school, Poddar INternational school, DAV public school and Indus international school.



kav 2010-01-30 18:13:54


Hi Expertincn,

I'am from Bangalore I have 2 kids same as your kids age. I got admission in Global for my elder one.  GIIs seems to be a good school and had admitted her for 4th grade. For younger one GIIS don't have vacancy for Ist grade. Poddar's review is not good. So I'am not considering it. DAV is crowded even that is not in my list.BG and Indus are good I read all the reviews but I'am not considering it because it is very expensive for me. When are u coming to Pune? I can share my ideas in case if you need more information about the schools.




Expertincn 2010-02-01 08:45:10


Thanks Kav for your input. I am coming in Mid Feb for seeking admissions for my daughters. We are planning to stay near Wakad, Pashan, Balewadi etc. So I am considering schools in this area. I was little concerned as my daughters have a good english accent now as studying in International school for three years. So how are the teachers and students of these schools Cosmopolitan or Marathi speaking.... Because my younger daughter cannot even speak hindi and am little tensed about her. Sanskriti school is also in my list. Have you any idea how it is?

Thanks for your kind reply.





kav 2010-02-01 14:36:27


Hi Expertincn, In GIIS teachers talk in english only. Some schools when i went i didn't even like the campus. Indira is also a good option it is in Wakad I'am trying for younger one here. Even my kids here cannot communicate in Hindi. Elder one can understand little but my younger one cannot understand hindi I'am also sailing in the same boat like u. Orchids in Baner is also a good school but they would issue application only in end of March.They told me getting an admission  is tough. 

Sanskriti is a very good school but only drawback is it is really far for me. It is almost 30 mts drive from Aundh. We are new to Pune and I don't want my kids to struggle on travel. They need some time to adjust to people and place there. For me GIIS seems to be a good option than these school.

Regarding the language u need not worry all these good cbse school communicate only in English. Are u new to Pune? What is your mother tongue?

keep in touch. Bye



priyagana 2010-02-01 15:29:50


if you are looking for cbse dps is good. pune has good icse schools .if you eant ib school victoriouskids is excellant.people swear by it.

my son is in vibgyor high that is also a very good school they have all facilities as a ib school and the children are very happy.

all the best


kav 2010-02-01 15:59:29


Hi priya,

Thanks for ur reply. How is the fee structure in vibgyor? I read other parents comment about vibgyor  in this site so I didn't think about this school. Which class is your son in? How is the teaching? Is it an Icse?

Dps is very far I'am looking some where near pimpri, chinchwad, wakad,baner area. Any other good cbse schools? I have Indira and GIIs as an option as of now. Any feedback about these 2 schools?




Expertincn 2010-02-02 08:41:50


 Hi Kav,

I am a native hindi speaker and Pune is also not very new for me as My Parents also live here. But they live in just other side of Pune and for me I am not that much aware of Pune although I have been there 3-4 times. Actually my husband's office is in Talegaon. So I want to reside near the highway to reduce his daily commuting time and also for kids.

I am trying to grab the knowledge of Pune locations through Google map. From their I got information that Sanskriti school is 20 minutes drive from Pashan, Aundh etc. I have booked interview dates for GIIS and B G Academy in mid feb for my elder daughter. For my younger daughter I am prefering Indus international school as we want my younger daughter to continue her IB curricullam plus it is also near sanskriti school. 

Can you give me feedback for Indus international school, is it a residential school or open for all? Mercedezes Benz, Symbiosis are expensive so i am not considering them. Sharad Pawar is also on my list but after Indus due to location.

Thanks for your prompt reply.




Expertincn 2010-02-02 08:45:52


 Are this Vibgyour High and Victorious kids near Pashan ??? And for Orchid I came to learn that they do not have CBSE affiliation still?

Can anybody tell me a good english speaking state board school in this area?


kav 2010-02-02 10:41:36


Hi Expertincn,

I think Indus has also day boarding thats what i understand from other parents review. You are right vibhgyour and victorious are near pashan. orchids is not affiliated still but they follow cbse curriculum they would get the affiliation in a year or two.How is BG Academy is it a CBSE?

I keep calling GIIS every week about the status for I std. If i get through it will be great? Which class are you seeking for your elder daughter? My daughter will be in grade 4 next year.

You know any good locality near pimpri and chinchwad?My husband is working in chinchwad. I am yet to look for an apt.

Regarding state board millineum national school is good. Please do check there website.

Thanks a lot. Keep in touch.



Expertincn 2010-02-03 12:47:42


 Hi Kav,

My daughter is as old as yours and I am also seeing admission for class four in academic year 2010-11. B G Academy is CBSE board. They have published like this on their website. 

Previously I was also planning to stay in Chinchwad and Pimpri area but if my daughters get admission in Sanskriti and Indus international school I will prefer living in Wakad, Balewadi, Pashan, Kothrud etc. 

But still all depends upon admissions and then availibilty of houses.

If you are planning to stay in Chinchwad or pimri then Global International school will be near about 15kms from your house. You can plan to live near the school and your husband can commute to chinchwad. So near the school Baner, Kothrud, Balewadi, Aundh etc are good places to reside.

These are my only suggestions, you know your priorities and plans better.

Have a nice day.





Rujuta1978 2010-02-03 14:54:14


 Hello Expertincn

Have recvd LOTS of lukewarm feedback for BG academy, they apparently didnt even have a full time principal till recently (dont know if they have one now), also the school strength seems to have remained static/gone down over a period of time (not a v.encouraging sign)

Indus and Sanskriti both have excellent reputations but I dont know if you will get seats in either on them now. maybe DAV can be a good backup. Would have also reccmndn Orchid, great location and infra but only drawback is that they dont have CBSE/ICSE affiliation.




PaviVijay 2011-03-05 20:08:58


 Hi Expertcn,

Would like to touch base with you discuss your experiences on the move to Pune. We are moving to Pune as well and want to look out for a school for our 4.5 yrs old daughter. My mail id is



Varsha 2011-08-20 15:01:04


HI all

I am also sailing in same boat. I just shifted to pune. I lived in Pimple saudagar.  now my son is in sr. kg.  i put him in Podar Jumbo Kids. It is very near to my home. But i am searching the school for next yr.  How is DAV school? I want CBSE affialated school. Is anybody know any best scool nearby this area.



Expertincn 2011-08-21 23:12:17


 Dear Varsha,

You can try in Orchid in Baner and Indira National schol in Wakad.


Varsha 2011-08-24 13:58:13



 Thanks expertincn.  How is KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA SCHOOL?


Expertincn 2011-08-24 17:44:35


 I have no idea about KV ? But if you want to go for ICSE then again you have two choices of Vidya Valley in Sus and Vibgyor High in Balewadi.


Schoolsearch2 2012-02-16 09:47:20


 HI, Just because this thread mentions BG Academy, and i had just called them to know more about the school. Can anyone tell me more about it? Heard from one parent, that the school is quite good now, and has made some changes, but would like to know more as there are mixed reviews here! 





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