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sanju7 2013-05-09 12:04:13


Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a good play group school in Viman Nagar. Could you please suggest and share your experience?

Thanks in advance.



flowerpower 2013-05-20 11:44:09


 i had taken admission in brainworks for my daughter however the school is taken over by treehouse a few months back and currently there is no more info on school reopening or further admission process or anything. be wary of that one. also now i think all preschools are the same. How old is your child and which preschools have you shortmlisted so far?


sanju7 2013-05-20 11:50:06



I have visited few schools and have shortlisted the below,

1. KidZEE

2. Eurokids

Where is brainworks?

Cheers ....


flowerpower 2013-05-20 12:03:17


 Brainworks is near HDFC bank. Lane opposite dutta mandir chowk.

I visited the following:

Kiderbrooks: at INR 35k i found them expensive

Headstart: A teacher spoke to me in atrocious enlgish hence rejected

jack and Jill: Ive heard great things about them but since my child is only 1.5 yrs old i want a more play type school than learning type school

Little millenium: was good but again too focused on academia. But i was impressed with the school. This school now has a new lady who has taken the franchisee and its moved next to ccd near symbi so i dunno how it wud be now

Treehouse: is supposed to be a good school my friends in other areas have kids here but this is not close to my house hence i didnt short list it.

How was your exp @ Eurokids and Kidzee. Whre are they located and how was the infrastructure and how were the teachers?



flowerpower 2013-05-20 12:04:21


 Also do share which all schools you visited and your feedback on them. May help me decide as im now thinking of taking admission in another playschool.


sanju7 2013-05-20 12:16:15



Kidzee - It's in the opposite lane to Srikrishna restaurant (lane with autorickshaw stand), first left in that lane. So this is also a new franchisee, it's a row house (as all playschools are) newly done, all new toys, not worn out (like Serra n some other), so the director left his job and started this school, his 1.5 yr old son will also be going for playschool there.

Eurokids - This is bit further to brainworks, go to the end and slight turn to left and then right, it's on the right hand side next to the new Marvel property in white wash. This school was ok , it's actually my second preference but better than Kinderbrook.

We were impressed with LIttle Millenium lady but the property is kind of small.

But over the weekend i saw a flyer of another playschool along with TOI, i forgot the name, but i am planning to visit that before i finalize KIdZEE.

Hope this helps .... Cheers ...


flowerpower 2013-05-20 12:30:10


 Thanks Sanjay. Great help. Im just calling Kidzee and EuroKidz. Ya and i saw the flyer too. Orange Ivy. My concern is i want a school which is walking distance. I had done brainworks admission in feb itselfbut now due to this issue im stuck. Hope something comes out of it. BTW do you know whats the fees in Eurokids and Kidzee.


sanju7 2013-05-20 13:13:35


Most welcome ... Eurokids - 29.5 K and Kidzee - 34K, i believe Eurokids will be walking distance for you .... cheers ....


flowerpower 2013-05-20 15:41:58


thanks sanjay, i went and visited both and yeah both are walking distance.. I went through the website of orange Ivy playschool and the credentials of the founders of the school seemed impressive. Will visit and  by this weekend i will decide. Once again thanks a ton :)


sanju7 2013-05-20 16:09:50


Most welcome ... so between them (Eurokids and KidZEE) may i ask for your opinion .. which one you think is the best?

Cheers ..


flowerpower 2013-05-20 16:44:59


The infra at Kidzee was good. They didnt have many slides or swings in the outdoor play area but i was told thats coz of the LBT strike that they were unable to put those up.

Something i wasnt comfortable with was that the playgrp room didnt have a ceiling fan they had those side wall hanging fans and i dunno if that would provide enough ventilation. Also the playroom and nursery were right next to each other. I wonder if noise between the rooms would be a hindrance. What i liked was like brainworks heretoo the curriculum is given to parents well in advance.

Eurokids was basic nothing to boast about really. But since its an older brand and i know my society kids have gone there id think they know what they are doing. The only positive is that its closer to my house. 

Have you tried Lexicon kids. I dunno i they still open for admissions but maybe ill go there on Saturday before i decide.




sanju7 2013-05-21 09:40:50


Morning .. nope not been to Lexicon, i plan to visit Orange Ivy and may be Lexicon this weekend, please share your review after you have visited these. Yep you have a valid point on KidZEE. But i believe if it's between KidZEE and Eurokids , i would choose KidZEE. Anyways looking forward to the visits this weekend.

Good day .....


JB2010 2013-05-21 12:17:04


 Have you checked "The Learning Curve"? Till last year it was the franchisee for Little Millennium. It is a good pre-school and the children are taken care of. They have good support staff and teachers. The children get to go on field trips. My daughter loves the school. 


sanju7 2013-05-21 12:20:43


Hello, nope not yet , i tried going there twice on saturday n they were closed. Thanks for suggesting, will visit the school, cheers.


flowerpower 2013-05-21 12:24:03


 OK so today i visited Lexicon, Orange Ivy and Jack and Jill.

Lexicon is big in terms of space. They are a CBSE board; a lot of focus on academics. Dont really have an outdoor play area but have toys for indoor play. Fees are 24k + uniforms+books which roughly will add up to about 29k. Advantage is that your child will automatically get admission in any of their bigger schools. They have a school in kalyani nagar, hadapsar and wagholi. It would work as a good back up when doing admissions at bishops marys wherever.

Orange IVY is simply WOW. Lots of attention to detail. I love how passionate they are about everything. They have this imported lawn carpet. Classroom are wooden floors, stairs are carpeted. Toys are non toxic. Bathroooms are gonna be kid specific. Ac classrooms, lcd in each class. Its simply nice. Fees: Early bird: 39500+500 so i think approx 40,000.

jack and Jill: Is a very traditional nursery - one of those nurserys we went to as kids maybe. Its opposite joggers park main gate.Fees: 18k

Between Eurokids, kidzee and lexicon i think i would pick lexicon.

Pls do share your views too when you visit as maybe you will notice something i didnt.

Thanks in advance.


sanju7 2013-05-21 12:29:13


Great .. where is this Lexicon and Orange Ivy? From your review, Orange Ivy appears to be the best, cheers ...


flowerpower 2013-05-21 13:23:36


 HI Supermommy, thank you so much for your inputs. How old is your child? and how long has he been in eurokids. my factors of choosing a school are distance, curriculum and like you said extra activities. mostly all schools are almost alike is what ive seen. . Does euro kids have a good curriculum coz when i visited the understanding i got from the lady who spoke to me was that the curriculum wasnt as structured or thought out in advnce as say a brainworks or a kidzee. 

Besides being happy how do you rate the academic progress your child is making. are you satisfied. 

Pls do share your inputs as it always helps to speak to parents who already have their kids going to the schools there.


flowerpower 2013-05-21 13:31:44


 Sanjay: Lexicon is opp khalsa dairy. The gate next to wellness chemist. Its a big property.

Orange ivy is next to moga restaurant, down the road from dutta mandir chowk and before the new little millenium next to ccd.

JD2010: I was wanting to visit learning curve but my husband had a valid point: with this new school what if we have the same exp as brainworks. you know once bitten twice shy. Which std does your daughter go to @ learning curve and also would you know where was learning curve located in vimannagar prior to where it is now.


sanju7 2013-05-21 14:14:42


Flowerpower and Sneha .. thanks for your inputs ...


JB2010 2013-05-22 17:27:21


 I would still say check out The Learning Curve. This is next to Brainworks.

- They have CCTVs that can be viewed from home

- Field trips for children

- PTM every month

- 2 teachers and 2 helps per class.

Ultimately the school can only do so much. Parents need to spend time with children for overall development. 


flowerpower 2013-05-23 21:25:27


Ive almost finalised a school if not for brainworks. Also today i spoke with someone from brainworks who mentioned our kids would get admission nonetheless in treehouse and we should not worry. Will know in the next few days lets see.if that is the scenario i dont mind treehouse as well 


pahadi21 2013-05-25 18:34:12


 hi flowepower  

can you share the website and contact details of orange ivy




rad1234 2013-05-27 07:27:19


Eurokids in Viman Nagar worked out very well for my child.

The teachers there are very caring and loving to the child. They take a lot of interest. The best part is they donot force the child to do anything and are patient . My child has blossomed under the care and guidance of the teachers there. The teachers interact  and inform the parents regularly. Ofcourse the parent also has to show keen interest and develop a rapport with the teacher and school.

My child will move to a new school for grade one but misses Eurokids school and teachers.

Hope this feedback helps.



flowerpower 2013-06-05 11:52:11


pahadi21: for some strange reason i cannot find the website even though ive visited it before. However you may visit the playschool directly. Its next to moga restaurant before ccd near symbiosis school.


KingJulian 2013-06-11 15:14:37


 So far I have been to Little Millenium, Jack & Jill, Kiderbrooks and Orange Ivy and found Orange Ivy to be the best. It is a little more expensive at 40k but the infrastructure and attention to detail is worth the extra spend. I am sure that the kids would really love the playschool experience there... Infact my daughter started playing in their sand pit while we were making an enquiry and had such an amazing time that she just didnt want to go back home.


pahadi21 2013-06-16 12:06:42


 @flower power: thanks, for the details.

 Had been to Learning curve , Sierra and Orange Ivy . My thoughts on the schools:

Orange Ivy-- new school but very good infrastructure.... fees a bit on the higher side.. 41k..but seeing the infrastructure and the way that even small details have been addressed it's worth the money...

Learning curve:   really good ... in terms of hygiene and space... fees approx 35 to thing it has these IP cameras via which u can see the activities of the kids... however timing was problem for me.. 8:30 is a lil too early for a playgroup.


 Sierra: huge space... big brand... captures the daily activities of the child for the parents... but 55k is high for a playgroup...



 Well in the end I opted for orange ivy, as my daughter was hooked to the sand pit play area at Orange... plus the attention to small details like grass style carpet in the play area, wooden flooring, special kids toilet etc..




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