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zzzzz 2010-01-09 16:22:54


Hello Everybody,

Can anyone please let me know the feedback of Akshara International School Pune? I am looking for this school for my daughter for Nursery.

Please suggest.




kav 2010-01-10 17:03:50


Hi Smita,

 I stay in bangalore. I don't know much about Akshara. But I happend to see their web site and I mailed them. Immediately they asked to send 1500 as DD to get the details. How can I send the DD without even knowing the fee details. They asked me to fly down to know the details in weekend which was really not possible. I'am seeking admissions for my son in Ist grade. I sent my hubby who is pune at present to meet them. They forced him get a brochure for 500 Rs . Atlast they came up with a fee structure of 82k which is really high. U can check out with other people about their education method. But as far as I'am concern I feel they are really money minded people.



VrushaliChaudhary 2011-02-17 13:32:47



Hi Smita ,

I have taken admission for my kids in Akshara . I really liked the school and people out there. I have visited many schools in Wakad area and found this one very suitable for my kids .

Yes, there fees seems to be high but its all because of day boarding . Which I found to be very interesting concept . The school will be from 8:30 to 5 ...other schools generally close by 2:30 .. so its just a matter of ~3 more hours where you child can enjoy with his hobby classes . Also kids will not be given any homework on the week days , it will all be taken care by the school. All these facilities are a boon for working parents.

Fees wise if we see other schools take the fees , then for travel , uniforms and (lunches, homework) we have to pay extra money and time. Akshara provides everything for 83K year and we have nothing worry about .

I would surely recommend this school to every parent.





AksharaParent 2017-02-06 14:57:14


Review of pre-primary section - School staff is not qualified and experienced as it is required to be.
Coordinator is a glib talker and talks without substance and knowledge. Parent teacher meetings are held in a span of 3 months which is too long for pre-schoolers. Teachers keep on changing. The school is not welcoming, colorful and warm as it should be for small children, set up is too formal and too dated for preschoolers. Teachers don't know how to bond with children. Dated, boring and not trustworthy, your child will not love going there.


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