Which School to prefer - Blue ridge or Loyola High school Pune ?

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Aahan15 2013-03-07 11:05:51


 Pls. suggest which school to prefer considering the fact that both have different boards ( ISCE and SSC) and one is very old while other is new one.  Pls. share your views.

mrShah 2013-03-12 15:26:31


  its still early days for you before the board exam .. move towards MG Road, NIBM , Kondhwa, Undri,.. all the best schools in pune will be there - Bishops , hutchings , vibgyor , st Mary etc.. Its better  you travel for the work rather then compromise on kid's future. I did the same and i advice you do the same.. Let it be rental home. I have so many friends who did that and thats the only and best option rather then live outside city and put your kid in some education shops rather then school. ALl the names you gave except DPS are shops.


AakritiMalu 2013-06-20 11:43:53


mrShah : From your frequent Ctrl C- Ctrl V of the reply in many posts, I sense you are an IT guy. Also, doesn't seem you are even reading the question before replying... Oh wait! Your not replying, you are just copy-pasting the same reply in all posts. Just as every child is different, not every school can be same. The school you chose for your child was because you liked what the school is offering. That doesn't mean that the other schools are SHOPS.

I just wish that I get  to meet your child  20 years down the line and see what/how the school (of which you are so proud) has helped him shape his life/career.

To each his own.




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