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Rajsri 2010-01-06 18:33:38


GONE are the days when we used to be taught well in school and were not required to harp on anyone else for extra coaching, extra classes, etc.  during my schooling the girl who topped the school scored not less than 95% and we all knew that she did not go for any coaching.  the second topper and the third topper also did not go to any classes or coaching !!

now a days - whichever school your child goes to..whether cbse, icse or isc -  u must be assured that they will not teach your child any subject fully and completely.  the children will face difficulty in understanding the concepts and this will have to be taught by the parents themselves or by extra coaching.  they will only provide you with books and notebooks - some school even charge heavily for stationery but will not issued good quality hard cover note books and cover, the covers are to be purchased separately, the books supplied will not be enough and will also have to be additionally half way through the year on personal expenses. 





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