School Admission - Big Fiasco

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DeepaliPatrikar 2013-02-22 16:14:02


 Hello Friends,


We are shifting to Pune next month and the hurculean task of getting admission for our 2 kids is sucking up all our energies. We would be residing in Pashan area so looking out for good schools around. ICSE preferred as both of are as of now studying in ICSE. We zeroed down on few Vidya Valley, Indira National, Loksewa E, Sanskriti.... 

Need your feedback, inputs, comments and suggestions.

Looking forward for an insightful discussion.

Thank you in anticipation.


DeepaliPatrikar 2013-02-23 12:12:48


 Hello Parents,


Awaiting your replies. We have to take a call asap, please help us out with your valuable experiences and insights.



abby1978 2013-02-23 14:39:47


 Hi Deepali,


My daughter goes in Vidya Valley and we are realy happy with the same. And out of all you have mentioned above I would rate Vidya Valley on top. Second would be Sanskriti than Indira and lastly Lokseva.

Hope that helps.



Expertincn 2013-02-23 15:46:10


If you are interested in ICSE then Banyan tree international school (BTIS) and Vibgyor high Balewadi , Euro school (Wakad) are also option.


Avi30 2013-02-26 17:36:47


I would rate Vidya Valley at the top! Its a very nice school....a little extra strict & stubborn about their rules, but the outcome on the children are positive & the child's personality in general is taken care of apart from studies.

Second option can be Sanskriti. But its CBSE board.

Havent heard many good reviews about VIBGYOR!

Cannot comment on the rest of the options. Hope this helps 


DeepaliPatrikar 2013-02-27 17:45:27


 Thank you every one for the comments and the feedback.

We visited Vidya Valley and also submitted the form for our daughter for Jr. Kg but missed the interaction meeting so now the school is not at all considering us. The school feels its a slack from our side and not at all responding to the requests. We'll try again in month of May. 

Will be visiting Sanskriti and Indira very soon so hoping to get a positive vibe from them.

Thanks once again.




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