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Anilsha1 2013-02-16 11:32:43



My son   isn 2.6 yrs old now .In june he would turn 2.9. I want to enroll him in nursary class in some good school (CBSE) so that his base get strong. I visited following schools  in pimple saudagar area but undecisive which one should I choose.

Podar jubo kids, Colors,SNBP,Challanger school,Tree house,Little Milinium,

Both Tree house (also have play ground) and Little Milinim has theme based approach as they explained.

May you please give me your reviews  as soon as possible as the admision will over in some time.


KAnimesh 2013-02-17 20:57:20


 Hi Anil,

I am also trying to figure out the same, I also visited few schools, Little millennium, Poddar, challenger and Euro Kids.

I liked Euro kids the most. The fee they are charging us 32k-33k for a year.

I did not visit Tree house and SNBP.

Poddar and challenger,I did not like the place and the approach at all.

Little millenium seemed ok.

Euro Kids seems lively and happening.

Can you tell me about SNBP and Tree House and their fee structure.




Anilsha1 2013-02-20 00:57:31


 Thanks for your response

Even some Blogs has +ve response fro EURO KIDS.

SNBP 6oK+Transport+others,Infra is fine like any big school.In big schools child does not get good attentions which is needed for small childeren.

Tree House= Looks fine,has playground,Fee (27K(including everything)+Transport).It is similar to Little millenium.Location wise bit inside behind shivar garden

But most of the schools are in Row house..

A child should not feel he is going to another home.He should feel he is going to school.




encore 2013-04-24 15:57:10


 @Anilsha1 and @KAnimesh do visit recently launched preschool in Pimple Nilakh - Leapbridge International Pre-School. It is located at Sarvoday Residency near Jagtap Dairy Chowk, opp. Bora happy homes.

Spacious classrooms along with safe outdoor area makes Leapbridge an ideal place for kids to begin their first schooling experience.


nehapriy 2013-09-03 17:10:01


 My toddler just started leapbridge.... Its infrastructure is much better than other schools, and staff is also pretty good. You can give it a try


PeeDee 2013-09-03 21:30:30


 You could also look @ Pumpkin Patch. It has just been over two months and i could see the difference. The teachers are very nice and the school infrastructure is real good. I would recommed it to anyone in Wakad / Pimple Saudagar


Amruta24 2014-02-15 17:17:54


Can any one provide me information about Kidzee which is in pimple saudager????? @ nehapriya can u tell me the fee structure of Leapbridge???

30monica 2014-02-21 17:45:26


Hi Amruta

My Son goes to Kidzee and have found it to be good school.
I see lots of development in him. There are many activities which also involve parents oftenly.
The fees i paid were around 33k for nursery.
Overall a good school, no chance to regret.


Amruta24 2014-02-24 15:55:44


Thanks @ 30monika... 

nehapriy 2014-02-26 21:24:19


Hi Amruta,

the fee for leapbridge is 42 K + 1K for admission form (admission form charges are taken once, and not for every new session). The fees is entirely inclusive of a school bag, stationery and books inside, and two sets of uniform (Transportation is obviously excluded). Also, the school doesn't have any hidden cost and they don't ask money every now and then as many schools demands on some or the other pretext. Only during annual day they charge for costume and tickets, but that's a really nominal amount, actually. 

Apart from that they sterilize the toys everyday, they have ayah who are pretty mature (not young girls u see at most preschool), they all strictly talk in English suddenly your kid wont start speaking in mumbaiya hindi suddenly :)

Personally, my kid adores his school and teacher and that's the best review and feedback that any school can have...the attachment and eagerness a kid shows towards going to his school...even during weekends he hangs his bottle around his neck and tries to drags us to his school.

I went to kidzee also during my preschool hunt. I found it highly commercialized... they simply irritated me with tons of call and kept on trying to scare me off into taking an admission by saying that my child wont be able to settle down if I don't hurry up/we have just 1 seat and blah blah.

Amruta24 2014-02-27 17:07:49


thanks @ nehapriy .. this information is very helpful and makes me visit the leapbridge  once.. . :)

nehapriy 2014-02-27 19:06:19


You are welcome. Happy hunting ;)

nikitapande 2014-05-09 16:59:23


I am also trying to figure out the same. My daughter is 2 years 4 months old.
Can anyone suggest which school is better between Eurokids, SNBP and pumpkin patch ?


MonicaK 2014-05-12 14:55:28


Hello Nikita,

My daughter is also 2 years 2 months and I am planning for her playgroup addmission. We'll be staying in Wakad so I'll prefer nearby preschools.  Please let me know how your hunt goes and do share reviews!

All the best!

SupriyaU 2014-06-03 11:26:27


Hi Nikita, Monika

Pumpkin patch is good choice amongst the 3 pre-schools. But if you wanted to take the admission in big school so you can opt for Akshra International school.
They provide breakfast, Lunch, snacks facility. Also fees includes 3 school uniforms, school bag, shoes, sox, books everything needed for school. Also the class strength is less, which is the most important thing. 2 teachers and 2 maushis behind 30 students. The school is very particular about hygiene.
My daughter loves her school. Schools staff is also good.


gopi4u 2015-04-26 23:13:28


How is little millenium and challenger in pimple saudagarh....

ggk4 2015-05-03 10:49:45


Any reviews about TIME KIDS and Learning curve in pimple saudagar....

ggk4 2015-05-03 11:10:43


Even shanthi juniors please ......

ggk4 2015-05-09 21:16:49


Visited Learning curve and their infrastructure is too good.....Its newly started in saudagar and the fee structure is even quite reasonable...

momwork 2015-05-10 23:49:20



My sisters son goes to a Montessori school called  - Vriksha Montessori in vishal nagar...  its a good Montessori curriculum and fees is also low compared to others. they follow a pattern with 10 children and 1 teacher.  positivies include practical learning and they look at every child independently, much better and refreshingly different from the typical euro kids, pumpkin patch etc..., negatives is that they serve food only if the child is in daycare... the staff was very helpful and maintains a friendly rapport with parents... worth visiting..

Good luck!!!


papamummy 2016-04-25 10:41:54


vriksha is not that good school as per my generation kid is better...when i went for walk in even..u alw listen kids
are singing rymes.. 


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