Is a pre-school a prerequisite to get into a good school?

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irene12 2012-12-25 21:35:17


Hi parents,

I am a new member, just joined today :)

My son will be 2 in Feb and as most of us, i also want him to get admission in a good school and my prrference lies with St. Mary's School

I have started looking out for preschools that can gv him good environment and make it easy for him to get into St. Mary's

I have been to Vivero and few other preschools in Kalyani far i have liked Vivero the most however i just cant convince myself on spending around a lakh a year on a preschool.

 I have cme to this forum to get in touch with experienced parents and those who are facing the same problem like me..

i have few questions here--

**Is it mandatory to put the child in preschool in order to get him in a good school, does these preschool make it easy for the kids to crack the interviews..

**What exactly these good school look for in a child

**If not for the sake of getting into a good achool, does a preschool help a child in some or the other way.

**And lastly plz suggest some preschools that u hv found good and helpful, preferrably in kalyani ngr and near by areas..

Thankyou for reading, i look forward to ur valuable comments...



puneetgr8 2012-12-26 12:06:45


Hi Irene,

I feel you are expecting a lot out of a 2 yr old son.. Sorry I dont wanna be rude..Going to a pre-school is good as he will learn to socialise and learn lot of good things and values. But if u want to him to learn good things to get into St. Mary's then I feel its injustice to him. There are lots of good schools in Pune and a bright child can shine anywhere. So let him enjoy himself and dont burden him with your expectations. I am sure he will become a socially and morally responsible citizen in future.

And I have no intention of being rude here. I apologise if you felt so.

U can try out Noah's Arc and Treehouse in Koregaon Park for Playgroup. The fees will be less than 30k per yr


irene12 2012-12-26 16:21:54



Thanks for ur reply....and no u didn't sound rude :)

My purpose of asking questions here was to get as much info on schools as i cn get before my son gets ready for admissions..There is no pressure on him...and yes he is a bright child and will surely do good..Its just me who is feeling a lil pressure of new city and of being a first time parent 

Thanks for the information....i will try these schools...





Avi30 2012-12-27 12:52:04



You can also check Leapbridge Kalyani Nagar. They are a lil costly (about 45k) but seems good & have heard good things about them so far.

Anybody having negative reviews for Leapbridge, pls share the will help us add onto our knowledge too :-)






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