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Hemu82 2013-04-15 20:42:41


 Good school backed by a very strong team of academicians at their research centre in Mumbai.

No bag Load.

Technology inside the classroom from Educomp.

Picking up the best teachers from Pune and PCMC and grooming even the experienced teachers with their specific kind of child centric learning and reinforcement methodlogy so that the learning becomes an enjoyable experience.

Overall development  and linking theory to practice and enhancing the critical and creative thinking in achild would be focussed on wheras in Traditional schools the focus would be on only bookish kind of a learning.

in years to come it should com up as a great school.


vj77 2013-04-24 22:03:30



I am presently outside India, returning back around end May. I am looking for good primary schools in and around Wakad area for my daughter who is going to be in 2nd grade this year (2013-14 academic year). The "schools to check for list" I have created so far includes Euro, Podar, INS, SNBP, Wisdom, Global Indian. Please provide your suggestions. Will I be able to get admission now and when is the school session begining?

Kind Regards.


vj77 2013-04-26 13:52:30


Can someone kindly respond to my queries regarding 2nd grade admission?



arisia85 2013-04-30 11:36:01


 Hello Vj77,

I too am not from Pune, but I may be moving there this summer.  I do not have all the information you seek, but I hope this will be helpful.  

Off the schools you have mentioned, I have checked out only INS and Euro (wakad). 

INS is a CBSE board while Euro School will have a ICSE board.  Euro school commences from the June 2013 academic year.  Since it is just starting up at their Wakad branch, I do not think admissions would be a problem.  

INS had their admission dates somewhere in the end of December .  So, getting admission may be tough at such a late stage.  But, I would suggest you call the school and check.  Maybe they still have seats available.  

My movement to Pune plans are not finalized, but if I do, I will most probably go in for Euro school, Wakad (the location works for me).   In addition, I have visited and spent some quality time at their branch in Thane, Mumbai.  I had an opportunity to speak to the teachers, some students, parents and see the curricumum too.  All in all I liked it a lot more than some of the other schools I visited in Pune. 

I will be visiting Pune in the 2nd week of May, if you need any specific information from the Euroschool branch, I would be happy to get it for you.  

Vidya Valley, sus road (ICSE Board) has some seats that are reserved for NRI's. I am not sure when their academic year commences though.  This is an established school and they have good ICSE results to talk about.  Do check that out too.   

Euro school, INS and Vidya Valley have their own websites so you could get phone numbers / information from there. 


abby1978 2013-05-01 13:19:52


vj77: I too stay in area near to wakad-Pimpale Saudagar and my daughter goes to Vidya Valley in second grade now. Though a little away from wakad but one of the best schools in Pune with lots of extra curricular activities and 100 percent board resulr for last 10 years and a very futuristic school. Out of your list dont have much idea but Euro seems to be a good option amongst the above schools though it is just starting this year so cant say much. And than rest of the schools it depends............If u want more of academics only than wisdom is there, If u want CBSE curriculum than INS is there.


vj77 2013-05-03 02:33:53


Thank you very much Abby and Arisia for your responses. So it seems Euro is going to be the best option at this time. Regarding Vidya Valley -- I checked it couple of years back too, but my daughter does not qualify as per their age requirements. Their criteria for Std. 1 is child's age should be between 6 and 7 years old, so I am assuming that for Std. 2nd it would be between 7 and 8 years. My daughter is going to be 6years 10 months old on June 16th this year, falling short by 2 months. I have submitted enquiry on their site regarding this, let's see what they respond back.

Thanks again !!!


Arisia 2013-05-08 18:41:44


I went to Euro school @ wakad yesterday.  The building is almost complete.  The work on the interiors was on.  The school will begin on June 21st and they are still taking in admissions.   


ShitalNitin 2013-08-29 12:19:11


HONEST REVIEW FOR EURO SCHOOL WAKAD PUNE - Worst Experience of my Life !! The Principal in my view is Ill mannered. Have paid about 60K for my Sons Jr Kg admission.. They dont know how to treat parents.. The transport commitment was wrong.. !! No One seems to b bothered after the fees have been paid.. !!! In my view.. The wakad branch of euro school is the worst place for the Child to study... The principal has no time to talk to the parents for any kind of concerns and i cant trust the school any more !!!!!!!!

If anyone wants to talk to me about it plz call me on 9527355338 ..



zuri 2013-10-24 12:47:30


My experience with the school has been very positive.  The teachers are good.  I find my child has a very clear grasp on concepts and is able to apply knowledge gained in school to practical situations.  There are continuous assessment done in school, to check knowledge / understanding and progress of the child.  The school has a very balanced approach and importance is giving to extra curricular activities along with academics.  They have skating, taekwondo, aerobics, yoga.  And I believe post Diwali they will start with swimming, basket ball too.    They have tennis too (tied up with Mahesh Bhupati's training academy).  However, it is optional and has to be paid for additionally and they are teaching just the basics.  

Assessments are not restricted to written exams - it could be a group activity, a presentation done by the child, participation in class etc.. 

So, while I overall like the school and would recommend it, for parents seeking admission, I would suggest, you ask the school team for more information on their grading method (to see if you are comfortable with it).  Take a look at their school workbooks, to see the kind of questions they expect the kids to be able to respond to, once the chapter is completed.   

The principal too is responsive and has a hands on approach to things.  I had to meet her twice and on both occasions, I found her approachable and genuinely interested in suggestions given for improvement.     

However, this school is in its first year, here in Wakad.  So, there are certain challenges right now.  The transport system is limited.  The school also does not have a canteen and all meals (breakfast and lunch) have to sent from home.  


kknitp 2013-10-28 14:30:30


Based on the feedback of two of my friends whose child are studying in EuroSchool Wakad, I have taken the admission of my son here for class 1.

What I liked the most is their philosophy of balanced schooling and the infrastructure of the school. However the fees are certainly on the higher side. 

sharad911 2013-12-15 22:11:34


Hi everyone.. Comments for Euroschool is very encouraging.. However, I would like to get your feedback for my specific case.. I am staying in wakad near euro school and my daughter is in playgroup.. euroschool starts with Jr kg and vibgyour from nursery.. If I wait for Euro school for jr, then I need to be sure that I will get admission in Euro as getting in vibgyour at that time (Jr kg) would be difficult.. I think.. What do u suggest..? Should I go for eurokids for nursery and then for euroschool.. Or should I go for vibgyour for nursery? Distance will be major drawback with vibgyour.. Plz suggest..

kknitp 2013-12-16 12:04:22


Hi Sharad,

EuroSchool, like many other schools in Pune, opens the admission window for Eurokids (in the month of September, this year) children before they open the admissions in general. If you are willing to go for Euro School for Jr. KG then EuroKids will be the best option IMO. You can check the same with EuroSchool administration before deciding on anything.

-- Kamlesh

zuri 2013-12-16 14:11:31


Sharad - It would be much better to go in for Euro Kids and then Euro school (if you are defi going to opt of this school), especially since you live close to the school.  I think young kids having to travel a lot is not a very good idea, as most schools start early in the morning.  

sharad911 2013-12-23 10:29:51


Thanks a lot Kamlesh and Zuri for your feedback.. Euroschool seems to be good for me.. considering the distance of vibgyour.. and even blue ridge.. Will now need to check of option of Eurokids near my area.. Thanks :-)

kknitp 2013-12-23 17:04:19


You are welcome, Sharad !!

- Kamlesh

parent2014 2014-01-29 12:21:53


All the positive comments about Euro school (Wakad) in this thread are sponsored and most probably entered by School authorities only. Most of the parents are not satisfied with the school. I also admitted my son after finding good comments about Euro school in other cities. I also hoped that being the first year of their school they would not leave a single stone unturned in building their repo. 
To the contrary of what I thought - these guys have become like other school in no time. Their attitude has changed. The principal is of no use and rude in nature. The teachers are not properly trained and not treating the kids well.
They are only after snatching money from the parent and not providing receipts too. For first grade they arranged for a outdoor picnic and asked for money. Now for annual function they are again asking Rs 950 for costumes and not ready to provide the receipts. It is mandatory and not optional.
The extra curriculum activities are just for show off. Their faculties come and tell stories and jokes to children; that's it. Even after completing one year your child won't be able to tell you what he learnt.
They talk about educomp system but you will come to know later that it is only being used to show cartoon films to your child. Now a days, very often my son comes home and tell me we watched so and so movie today in school. When we asked about it in PTMs, the teacher cleverly said - it is to improve their English accents. Surprisingly, they are also showing movies that don't have any dialogs at all!! like road runner, Tom & Jerry etc. 
When we asked to meet the music faculty - we were answered you cannot meet them as they are visiting faculties. 
You write mails to provide them feedback and they even don't acknowledge them.

mg01 2014-01-29 12:38:08


My kid goes to Euro School, Wakad in jr KG. I have following feedback about school -
1) Principal unapproachable. Office staff rude -  Recently school charged Rs. 950 for annual function costume alone. Only 2 days were given to pay this amount. When parents tried to talk to principal about this, she did not meet despite following the process of taking appointments. School staff rudely said this amount has to be paid. This does not include photo or video CD cost
2) No action taken on feedback given by parents - Jr. KG children (4yr olds) are made to carry heavy skating bags from the main gate till their classrooms. Despite several feedbacks to deposit the kit in school/provide kits from school, there was no action taken by school. Worst is, "mausis" just keep watching when kids struggle with the kit!
3) No rhymes shared with parents - I have no idea what rhymes my child learns in school as they do not share it with us due to "copyrights" issue. Again, no action taken here despite multiple feedbacks
4) Lack of parental involvement in child's academics - not even a single home assignment is given even during long breaks of diwali or winter vacations. Reason cited is, overhead for teachers to check the sheets!!
5) Lack of extra curricular activities for pre-primary - All national festivals like 15th aug, 26th Jan are holidays for pre-primary. Hardly any event was organized for small kids till now, that would give them opportunity to perform and grow stage confidence!
The good feedback I have is school has lot of promise (with tennis court and swimming pool etc. coming up), locality is good, class teacher is jolly - and ofcourse I dont want to pay the non-refundable deposit again in another school so I am continuing with this school.
Request all other parents of Euro School Wakad to join facebook group with same name

mg01 2014-01-29 12:46:14


@ parent2014 - please join FB group Euro School Wakad

kknitp 2014-01-29 16:34:04


"All the positive comments about Euro school (Wakad) in this thread are sponsored and most probably entered by School authorities only. " - at least not my case.

What I shared is my first impression about the school and the feedback I got from my friends. I have taken admission of my son for the session 2014-2015. 

I do appreciate your comments parent2014 and mg01. This is shocking but we must know about all the aspects of the school. Thanks for sharing the information about the FB group. I have sent a request to join the same.

parent2014 2014-01-29 18:02:34


@mg01 : I'll definitely join the FB group. Thanks for sharing the info.
@kknitp : Apologies if I hurt you. But I know so many parents of grade 1 children who are not satisfied. Certainly, I heard few good feedbacks for pre-primary classes. But there should be a consistency across the school. It should not be left on teachers how they want to drive the school. I've seen mismatch in the way they are conducting the classes in different sections.

In the induction, they highlighted lot many features as USPs but many of them have not been materialized. They said the bags will not be heavy but my son often carries bunch of books because his teacher forgets to take them out. I've seen homework of many children not being checked properly. Teacher makes a right mark on even wrongly done homework.

They say lot about euro school curriculum but if you see the syllabus doesn't consider Indian holidays. It is arranged in weekly manner. When there are Diwali or Christmas vacations, teachers covered 2-3 weeks course in 2-3 days just for completion sack. Students don't get the actual concepts but they say "we jotted down what teacher wrote on smart board". Even if the syllabus is good, it should be taught in proper way too.

I'll keep on writing here more of such experiences to make other people aware who are considering Euro School, Wakad for their children.

parent2014 2014-01-30 11:12:31


I have sent a request to join the group.

tvari55 2014-02-04 12:52:57


hi, i have also sent u a request on fb to join the grp. TIA!

zuri 2014-02-04 15:09:49


@parent2014 I think it is unfair to say that all positive comments are sponsored.  

My job requires me to transfer between cities and I know hunting for a good school is a challenge.  In the last 7 years, my child has studied in 2 schools prior to this one.  If parents are unhappy about the school, I am grateful that they post their comments. And similarly, if a parent was happy about something, their comments would be valuable to me too.  

I am very happy about the academics at Euroschool.  I think it is rare to find schools that encourage children to think, question and then understand concepts.  My child is in a higher grade, so I can see the difference now.  He is able to answer a variety of questions on a given topic.  His knowledge is not limited to what is published in a text book.  I like that the teachers do not spoon feed answers.  The schedule of exams is not given in advance as the school believes the exam is to test the child's understanding of what he/ she has learned and they do not want parents 'preparing' their child for the exam.  I know a lot of parents who are not happy with this system. But, I like it and feel it is a good approach.  The educomp system in my child's class is used to show documentaries / presentations / or other material related to the topic covered.  

But, I definitely do not think everything is perfect here. I am not happy about the transportation system, the lack of cafeteria facilities at the school, the lack of after school sports.  The school is new and this is an expensive school.  

About it being expensive, I was aware of that in advance, so it is no surprise for me.  (Since they have booked an auditorium for the annual day,  I won't be surprised if they will ask parents to buy passes :P)  

@parent2014, @mg01: I can imagine your frustration with regards to the points you have mentioned.  The principal not addressing your concerns is just not acceptable. Since this a chain school, you could put in a complaint with their head office in Mumbai.

chaitali5 2014-02-04 17:15:57


hi ,
Zuri ..tnx for review..i also visited school two days back for my son ..i also liked their teaching methods & curriculam....but reading above reviews i became confused...
Abt ur queries...

1] I didn't feel expensive after visiting Akshara,Vibgyor,WWS
2] i asked abt sports after schools...they said soon they are going to start  special classes for sports u wanted after school..


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