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nshubha 2012-12-11 16:06:12


 Hi c an any one give info about euro school in wakad which is newly starting


Vicky80 2012-12-16 03:55:09


Euro school is not yet ready, construction still going on. No clue on transporation as of now but they say it will be arranged. Fees little higher almost 80K excluding transporation. Doesn't deserve as they're still building a school and very new. Agree most of the schools gave waiver in their first year but this appears to be joining hands with other schools for earning money.


arisia85 2012-12-16 13:36:42


 Waiver on the one-time non- refundable Admission Fee of 25000?  

The annual charges for Jr and Sr kg are 49000 + Uniform + transport.

The annual charge for grade 1 to 4 is 62500 + Uniform + transport.

The annual charge for grade 5 is 72000 + Uniform + transport.

The cost of uniform will be approx 5000. Includes 3 uniform sets + socks + addidas shoes + jacket. 



Vicky80 2012-12-18 19:45:24


Indira has set its standards compared to Euro and even if they're charging 1 lac for first year (40K admission fee and 60K tuition fee), if you exclude one time fee it is just 60K compared to 62K of Euro as mentioned above. If fees are almost same and one is ready to pay it, then Indira is always better than Euro. Vidya valley would be too far for Wakad. Are you considering any other schools like SNBP or Blossom.


arisia85 2012-12-20 10:03:26


 Yes.. While I would not term Euroschool as very expensive (considering what they are promising to deliver), it is charging more than Indira National School.   Also, I think at INS, meals are included in the fees.  

@ Vicky80 - For which grade are you seeking admission?  At INS the admission procedure has already begun.  


Vicky80 2012-12-20 14:31:51


Yes arisia, INS has meals included in their 60K fees. I'm looking for Jr Kg grade admission and INS has grades from 1st. I was told that Indirakids is linked with INS only and if you get admission in Indirakids, you get automatically enrolled to INS for further grades. However the response from Indirakids authorities was not that clear and confusing. Indirakids themselves charge around 65K and has only pre primary classes. If you don't get admission in INS through Indirakids then again no point in going for Indirakids only for pre primary school paying 65K (transport excluded).


Vicky80 2012-12-20 14:50:46



Any idea whether admission in Wisdom for Jr Kg class has begun. If so what the fee structure and break up, I also heard that many forms get rejected through admission process, is there any specific criteria / preference they follow.



jigp 2012-12-20 15:44:15


 Hi Vicky80,

My son is in wisdom in jr kg., process of class admission is all depends of if seats availablity because all of the nursery class students of wws are move to so it become little bit difficult or if any body leave the school then other student get admission but you can go and inquiry there and if any body leave then you can get admission after april. 


Vicky80 2012-12-20 15:49:42


Thanks jigp. Would you be able to share fee structure including one time admission fee and break up please for Jr Kg class, any other useful info you think we should know as you must be having lot of useful info to share.

If admissions to Jr Kg are limitted, then I'm not sure whether they'd entertain mid term admission to nursery now. Again there could be same reason as current nursery class might not have seats vacant, need to check with them though, what do you think?


arisia85 2012-12-20 15:58:34


I read on this site somewhere that while they do not guarantee admission from Indira Kids to  INS, they definitely give preference to children from Indira Kids.  Best Wishes Vicky80.  I do hope they guarantee the admission.  Otherwise, as you pointed out.. paying 65K for just pre-school with no continuity to Grade 1, is pretty steep.  


jigp 2012-12-20 16:10:55


 @vicky 80

you just go n check may be seats are available n you get admission 

about the fees when i got my son's admission in nursery that time 24k one time admission (6k refunable) + 46k annual fees 

in jr. kg. 55k +transport


Vicky80 2012-12-20 16:13:26


thanks jigp. Just checked it couple of days back and they said, they're yet to begin admission, think will have to make one more visit.


Vicky80 2012-12-20 16:15:00


thnks arisia.


abby1978 2012-12-21 13:09:36


 @ Vicky80 Vidya Valley doesnt seem at all far with its properly managed transportation system which I feel is one of the best. My daughter goes from Pimpale Saudagar and her bus comes just 5-7min after Indira national bus comes though both of the schools get over at 2.30. It is a misconception going around I feel that Vidya Valley is too far. Vibgyor buses from balewadi takes more time in commuting than Vidya Valley from pashan!


Vicky80 2012-12-21 15:48:58


that brings one more choice and more confusion :) I'm finalizing between Wisdom and Euro but I'm not sure if we'll get admission in Wisdom for Jr Kg (nursery in WWS) class as admissions are not yet started and I heard that they give preference to their nursery (pre nursery in WSS) students. We visited WWS twice till now but we were returned back saying admissions have not yet started and were not ready provide any information on fee structure and their admission process for admission to Jr Kg. I'm giving more weitage to WSS over Euroschool as WWS give importance to academics whereas no clue about Euro as they seem to have no exams for primary classes although reviews are so far good. So confusion! Indirakids is another option as long as there is assurance to get enrolled into INS directly.


arisia85 2012-12-21 17:07:55


 @ Vicky - lol... yes i can understand what you mean.....  


@ Abby - What time does the bus come to pick up / drop the kids in the pimple saudagar area?  I am trying to guage the travel time required.  Pimple Saudagar and Hinjewadi seem to be equidistant from Vidya Valley school.  


abby1978 2012-12-21 17:59:39


 @ arisia85 - Bus comes at 7.10 to pick up the kids at my point. Indira national bus comes at 7.5. And in return Vidya Valley bus comes at 3.15 to 3.18 at our stop. School gets over at 2.30 so I feel that much time is not at all more for the kids. 


VickyC 2013-01-15 12:57:49



Is there any feeback about Euro School Wakad? What is the feedback of their school around viman nagar?

They are saying that they are their own ICSE curriculum till class 8th. Is their any about that?



VickyC 2013-01-15 13:02:15


 Hi Vicky

Did you get any feedback for Euro School? I am planning for my daughter in class first.

How long the addmission will go on?



Vicky80 2013-01-16 17:33:34


Hi VickyC

I didn't go for Euro school, one reason is that it is too expensive 95K almost for Jr Kg and secondly I don't want to go for ICSE school. Doesn't make sense to take admission in such school which is still in construction phase, but thats my own thought.





MSD1 2013-01-23 16:04:33


 guys..try Lokseva e-School  in Pashan...its is really good.


Hi I have surveyed & visited every school in Wakad,aundh,baner & found Lokseva is best & sensible choice for my kid.i live in baner.Infrastructure really good,location is in middle of Pashan & approachable.have a huge playground,inner ground,wooden floor dance & music rooms,spacious classrooms, smart board for every class.max 25-30 students per class.principal & experienced staff prefer this school as it is not far recommanded.Fees is also average.Principal joined from reputed Vikhe Patil school recently.
LokSeva(4/5) :Pros:CBSE,location,infrastructure,moderate fees,smartboard,no heavy donation Cons : just 2 year old,CBSE certfication pending
Indira National :(3.5/5) Pros : good reputation,lunch/BF given
Cons :Too far on highway ,40k admission fees ,60k tution fees,15k transport
SNBP :(3/5) Pros : new school,good location,moderate fees, Cons : no bus transport outside wakad,CBSE pending
City International-Aundh(2.5/5) : Pros : settled school,location,CBSE complete
Cons :congested infra,no school ground still high fees of 45k
Wisdom world scool,wakad :(4/5) : pros : location,modern infra,high profile,strict school,ICSE
Cons : high fees,load on students,competition,high profile,icse pending
DAV,Aundh : moderate fees,good location & infra,bus service at every corner,reputation
Cons : tough 2 get in ,60 student per class.
Blue ridge,Hinjewadi :(3/5) Pros: ICSE,high profile,infra
Cons : high fees,location,
Vidya Valley,Sus(4/5) : Pros : reputation,ICSE,Infra & campus
cons : too far,high fees & 50k admission fees.
Orchid,baner :(3/5) : Pros :Location,name,staff,infra,high profile Cons : High fees,high admission fees,

Then there is a new school EuroSchool opened in Wakad,promsed to be high profile corporated branded school. 65k fees,30k admission fees,2013 will be there first year
There is Pawar Public school CBSE at end of Hinjewadi in Phase 3 which is 10km from can check that also as it has got a brand name of Pawar & Sule.
Akshara Internation is also righ next to Indira national school in wakad but it is again a high-fi school with 75-80k fees.


VickyC 2013-01-24 20:56:55



I Visited Euro School resently and saw video given on their website. Looks really good. Location is good since having good societies around the school and it's approachable from Wakad , Pimple Saudagar, Pimpri, Chinchwad, Aundh, Sanghvi.

As per their comments construction work will be completed by the school starts. They got around 250+ admissions till date and interviews for teachers are going on.

I found that reviews about the Other Euro School and it's good.

Since school will start in June then only we can see the actual things.



Vimalsaxena 2013-01-26 21:15:47


 hi MSD1 i think the admission fee of euroschool is 25k and the annualk fee includes all books, activities and field trips. i am sure becuase i am 99% taking a transfer from euroschool in thane to wakad


arisia85 2013-01-27 21:35:49


 Hello Vimal, 

Which Grade is your child in @ the current Euro school in Thane?  In which year did the school begin functioning?  How has your experience been so far?  Were there any issues because the school is in the initial start -up phase? 




Vimalsaxena 2013-02-04 12:29:50


 the school started in June 2011 and i tool admission for my son as there were seats left in other schools. when i took admission the building was not ready and even i was skeptical about the same but when the school started they completed everything magically (Phew).  1 thing i liked about Euroschool is that they deliver whatever they promise. Overall its a very balanced and stress free based learning and i have no complaints so far. 


anshjain 2013-02-04 13:41:20


 Hi Vimal, i am looking for some more advice. if you are fine, can you drop me a test mail on with your contact pls. Regs, Vishal


arisia85 2013-02-04 19:50:28


 Thank you for the feedback Vimal.  

I had called the Thane Euro school earlier this week and fixed up an appointment for a walk through.  The Wakad office told me their schools are more or less similar in building infrastructure.  So seeing the Thane school, would give me a good idea of what I can expect in Wakad too.  

It is encouraging to hear that even in Thane they got everything done in time before the school actually began :D   




Hemu82 2013-04-15 20:34:53


 Euro school backed by a full feltched research team of academicians who have designed the curriculum.No such team with India

The school is led by a Principal who child and parent centirc.Principal at Indira is not easily accessible and sometimes rude.

The attitude of the staff is flexible at Euro not at Indira

Technolgy inside the classroom would be From Educomp Smartclass which far more comprehensive than Edurite's program used by Indira.

The teacher student ratio would be more than Indira.

No bag load at Euro vis a vis heavy bags at Indira.

Teacher selction process very tough at Euro and they are paid well than the teachers at Indira.

Overall it should come as better propositon than Indira.




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