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kulsup 2009-12-19 12:28:21



I am looking for a CBSE school for my 2.5 yr old daughter . I have shortlisted few of them like VPMS, INS, Orchids. But the fees with INS and Orchid approx. goes to 1Lakh for nursery /I std which is not justifiable. How is report of Vikhe patil ? Can anybody help ? Meantime she currently goes to jumbo kids. And am not that satisfied with it.


NJ 2009-12-19 13:49:34


I dont know the fees for Vikhe patil. But my hubs boss's daughter who is in 1 std goes to Akshara. It used to be 65k per annum but this year they have increased it to 75k.


priyamilap 2009-12-19 15:33:40




meenakshi here i joined this  group recently i stay in pimple saudagar area and my daughter is i 8th podar school, chichwad. she joined podar this year only. there is no pressure of studies, hobbies, sports are compulsary and they follow the cbse format strictly i.e.reduction of pressure on theoritical studies and more and more activities based studies. they are using latest teaching tools for studies.

this school has cbse (8th std) and cambrige till 7 th std. they have very  good bus facility and their yearly fees is not more than 60k.

this school is accesible from pune aundh, saghvi, pimple saudagar, balewadi, hinjawadi, pimpari, chinchwad etc.

you can see their website




kulsup 2009-12-19 19:26:41


Hi meenakshi,

Thanks for the response.

Actually, these new schools are very good at the start and then u really need to assess when the kids start going to higher standards. I think u have certainly given me a good update.

The reason putting my daughter to jumbo kids was atleast one admission to Podar International is assured. But, i was not happy with the school in kasarwadi, Pimpri (ICSE). I dont know much about chinchwad. I was also looking for Inidra national, wakad as the school really seems to be good, but they have increased the fees a lot to 75K for I std. I dont know whether its really worth paying such huge amounts.




priyamilap 2009-12-23 00:47:10


hi supriya

as i already mention my daughter is in 8th std. and my son did his 12th from air force school, viman nagar this year. last 13 yrs we have been moving from mumbai to dehli, chennai, thane and now pune in all the places they study in various schools like salwan public, dehli, sri sankara, chennai, lokpuram public school, thane, air force school, pune .  My experience is that if your child is in a cbse school then transfer of parents doesnot effect the child studies. and for admission we should see weather that school is run by local manage group or schools has a recognisation at state or national level presentation. like in case of my daughter this school is run by R. M. Podar group they have verygood base in mumbai and last 3 4 yrs theyhave started in pune.  last 2 yrs i am seeing in pune lots of cbse schools are coming up with high fees but no one is sure how they will grow at national label. before taking admission you consider all this point. schools should have good faculty, extra curricular activities, good teaching methods by using latest techonology  etc.





Anant 2009-12-27 09:51:03


Hi Supriya

I would reccmnd you look up Sanskriti School ,

They charge about 35-40k p.a and have excellent infra as well as teachers. My ward is not studying there yet but I have signed up my daughter to start for their next session



Shikha1977 2009-12-27 09:58:47


Hi Anant

I am also seriously evaluating Sanskriti for my son, can you please share some more feedback and also whether you managed to speak with existing parents for their thoughts, all my dilignece so far has yielded positive info but just wanted additional data points.



pdy 2010-01-04 10:14:47


@ Meenakshi

I am also planning to take admission in podar jumbo kids for nursary and for 1st std to podar chinchwad. But school is upto 8th std so what about 9h and 10th std. Whether we will have to move child in other school after 8th std?
Can u please justify this?



kav 2010-01-04 11:48:04


Hi pdy

I have got my admissions for my daughter in GIIS in pimpri and my son will be in 1st next year they don't have a seat for 1st. I considered podar international in chinchwad first but I had read the comments given by parents for this school which gave me a wrong opinion about the school. so I decided not to put my son there. Can you please tell me about your experience about the school. How is it?

Regarding your doubt every year they increase one class and by the time your kids reach that stage I'am sure they would be able to continue there.




kulsup 2010-01-05 10:34:52


Hi all,

I have finally taken admission for my daughter in Indira Kids, Aundh. I would be shifting her from Podar Jumbo kids as i feel the kids lack the writing speed once they move to 1st std as they dont insist on cursive or continous writing. That was my experience with my elder son when he went to went to 1st std. Also, they dont stress much on Hindi as a subject. I hope my suggestions would be helpful in some way.






pdy 2010-01-07 16:34:39


Hi kav

i don't know too much about podar school. i am also confused with this school. The school is in chinchwad so far from Aundh and sangvi so daily travelling will be major problem.

Can anybody tell me which school is best according to fees and education (in Aundh and Sangvi)?


manjusanjay 2011-01-18 09:42:12



I am looking for admission in Jr kg for my daughter in aundh.I also finalized Indira kids but the problem is she will get admission in afternoon session only which dont want.

how convinent  this afternoon session will be?anybody has experince pls share


In which session u got admission in aundh?


pankaj1205 2013-06-24 22:14:20


 hi anant,

how is your baby progress & response you are getting from school it seems that sanskruti reopen after vacation. 

please share your feedback it will play an imp role in taking decision. 





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