Akshara International School - Wakad, GGIS Pimpri? Any comparion, fees etc??

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Vimalsaxena 2013-02-04 12:46:47


 akshara has the highest fee structure and for 13-14 session, they have most horrible fee paying rules. for 13-14 all parents have to pay the fees in advance before the academic year starts. secondly the fee structure is rising 15-16 & per year 









justdeepa 2013-11-16 11:24:33


Hello Vimal,

My name is Gopal and I stay in Wakad.  Read your comments about Akshara School.  I am shocked to notice that she is our ex-pres daughter....  My question is what did you mean by 13-14 session and 15-16... could you give me absolute numbers on the fees.
Thanks for sharing information which will be very useful for all parents like me.


kavyani 2013-11-18 16:35:25


Admission Year - 2014-15

The admission process had started form 15 Nov 2013 and will last as long as the seats are there on a first come first server basis.

Akshara International School is by far the only school which is absolutely transparent about its fee structure with no hidden charges/extras whatsoever.

Go to the school once and you will see the fee structure systematically displayed on the notice boards. The admission counselors also answer all your queries patiently.

They have hiked the one time non-refundable admission fee by Rs 15000 this year. Last year it was Rs 10000.

So now the fee structure for Nursery/Jr Kg /Sr KG is as follows:

Application Form - Rs 500
Registration Fee ( on submission of application form ) - Rs 1000
One time Non-Refundable Admission Fees - Rs 25,000
Annual Tuition Fees - Rs 76,500

Plus  Bus Transport Fees - varies as per distance and area. Maximum 20,000 per year.

You have to pay the Application/Registration/Admission Fee/1st Installment of the Tuition Fees while taking admission

500 + 1000 + 25000 + 22500 = Rs 49,000.

Rest you can pay in two installments of Rs 27,000 each.

The school is very hygienic, classrooms are built well and overall structure is good, teacher/student ratio is 2:25 upto Sr Kg and then it will be 1:30 or 1:40 maximum.

The Annual Tuition Fees covers all the charges for food ( breakfast and lunch), stationery, uniforms, field trips, sports, hobby classes,etc.......

This is all the information that I could gather.


aru1 2014-02-06 11:57:49


 Look for BTIS near Balewadi stadium. Its a good school with decent fee structure. Excellent staff and teachers. Highly competitive in academics and take care of overall development of the child. They have a tie up with Balewadi stadium for their sports  and  are coming up with a new school building.

30monica 2014-04-21 16:47:02


why dont you all try for GIIS. The school is good. Must visit once.


shraddhaarora 2014-06-04 14:12:04


My kid has been going to akshara from past 2 yrs and I am satisfied with the management.  Food and infrastructure is good.  Teachers are very nice. Principal and coordinators are very supportive aand approach able. The only thing of my concern is the fees which is highest compared to indira or geis. Would rate tis school as 4/5.

suchetana 2014-12-08 19:44:15


Hi  shraddhaarora & Kavyani,

Thanks for the detailed review about Akshara International School. I would like to get an admission for my daughter in Senior Kg class. I wanted to check that what is the 2nd language that my daughter can opt? Could it be French also instead of Hindi?
How is the overall experience about this school? We stay in Wakad. So looking for a nearby good school. What else option we can look for. Currently we are staying in France and will be back to India in Feb 2015.

ajaymokashi 2015-04-05 14:38:40


What are the categories for the fees, like Donation, tuition fees, transport, etc...
I am looking for a school in Wakad Area.



Shiyomo 2015-04-05 15:01:37


Hi 30monica, As u recommended GIIS,cud u plz gv detailed information with respect to academics,extra curriculum, teachers attitude & how u find ur kids progress in GIIS???? Thanx in advance.

AksharaParent 2017-02-06 15:05:43


Review of pre-primary section - School staff is not qualified and experienced as it is required to be.
Coordinator is a glib talker and talks without substance. Parent teacher meetings are held in a span of 3 months which is too long for pre-schoolers. Teachers keep on changing. The school is not as welcoming, colourful and as warm as it should be for small children, set up is too formal and too dated for preschoolers. Dated, boring and not trustworthy, your child will not love going there.


Pravda 2019-08-29 14:41:15


Does Akshara international school have option of foreign langauge or Sanskrit as third language

Thanks and regards,

007trups 2019-10-14 16:49:28


Plz somebody give information about gg international pimpri we r planning to take admission

rupz29 2020-10-10 07:38:25


Can someone provide feedback about Akshara international for primary section?


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