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Rajsri 2009-12-14 19:23:21


I dont think there's anything special and international about the RIMS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL in PUNE !! They promise you one thing and do the other.  there is not individual attention given to students.  The class examination brooming is not in sync with the international curriculum pattern. 

When they give admission they promise you that the fees include all the costs and nothing will be charged extra.  But dont be surprised if they keep on asking for money and load you with oad you with extra expenses of the child in the name of 'expenses not included in the fees.'   They will also not issue a receipt for the same. The quality of teaching has no standards. As all other schools, they children are to learn themselves !! No help is being extended for the new pattern of study. 

The sports and extra curricular activities are charged in the fees, but it is only an eye wash, nothing is being done and no new or innovative sports or teaching methods are being used by the school. 

shanon 2010-01-28 23:24:14


I have gone through the same pain . they do not deliver what they promise . I feel so cheated and feel so sad to talk about this bitter incident .I am a  single parent and have a bad experience with rims. Everything is money money with them. some teachers are no less they tell ur child is too week and then they lure u to tutions and charge whatever they feel like. Its IGCSE for god sake nothing out of this world. the kind of fees they charge ?  Is there a need for extra classses or tutions ?perhaps in the near future I would talk about it  openly .hope we could meet someday.



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