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mohitag 2012-11-24 19:06:43


Please let me know the school where u don't found any issue and u choose for your kid. I would also like to move my kid from Sanskriti if your arguments can satisfy me.


ArnabDey 2012-11-26 01:21:54


 To Prospective Parents

After a lot of backbreaking reserach and deliberation Smita (my wife) and I picked Sanskriti School for our daughters, Below is a summary of our experience

1. What makes any education institiute a fertile and strong centre for learning is the principal, teachers and infra (in that order of priority). The biggest strength of this school is clearly excellent principal who is keenly involved with the smallest details of the schoo (because she is also the owner- which is a big plus) , we observed the warmth and love with which she was interacting with the kids when we went to visit first and honestly that was the clincher for us

2. We like the fact that the school is a 'boutique' school not backed by politicians or large corporations and therefore has stayed away from the assembly line approach adopted by most mainstream schools

3. The school is clearly not perfect (frankly no organization or indeed anything in life is!), but thy seem to be doing a very sincere job and most importantly when benchmarked to other schools of similar repute (our children changed 2 schools in Pune before we settled for the school) we are quite happy with the result



AkanshaTanwar 2012-11-26 01:44:31


We moved from Faridabad 2.5 years ago and the only 2 schools in this part of town we finally short-listed were Vidya Valley and Sanskriti.

Chose Sanskriti primarily for the CBSE syllabus (VV is ICSE) and in a nut-shell we are very happy because our son is very happy here!

Compared to the dreary, mechanical school that they went to in Faridabad (DPS), his personality, confidence and social skills have really blossomed here.

Net-net, the most important metric whilst finalizing the school is the effect on the development and growth of the child and on this count my view echoes ArnabDey where the school definitey has far more positives than shortcomings. (especially when marked to market!)



chetana43 2012-11-26 11:20:53


I personally believe that the purpose of this forum is not to find a school which is perfect for every kid or any kid but is to help parents to locate a school which is most compatible with their’ expectations and their kids’ interests. Every school has plus or minus points and we parents need to decide which is most essential for our kids’ overall development. Thus, it is important for parents to share all kinds of experience, bad and good, for others to have a thorough understanding of the school, instead of the rosy picture every school presented to the parents.

However, if parents depend so much on other’s opinions and suggestions on the selection of the right school for their kids, please keep your fingers crossed for your kids’ future.

So, if someone does not think Sanskriti is a great school, why should others who like it so much get so offended. Please be open-minded, respect each other's existence, opinion and experience, unless you are from the other side of the table.


AkanshaTanwar 2012-11-26 16:51:25


Dont see anyone getting offended at all! People are merely sharing their perspective just like you have shared yours. Others are entitled to their world view just as you have yours.

Peace :-)


chetana43 2012-11-26 19:58:18


Akansha Tanwar,

Tons of thanks for making my point even stronger.



XYZ321 2013-01-29 14:46:04


 I am an existing parent with Sanskriti School and I strongly agree with chetana43's investigation and review of the school. Very thorough investigation and very good review chetana43  

Although this school was inaugurated by the "Shikshan Maharishi", APJ Abdul Kalam, the principal is more interested in becoming a "Shikshan Samrat".


RadsG 2013-02-22 13:18:22


My Child goes to Sanskriti School. He will be completing one academic year. Over all I am satisfied with the school as far as the academics and overall development of my child is concerned. The most important fact is that my child goes to school very happily everyday which was not the case for his earlier school. I am also happy with their teaching methodologies and the school infrastructure. I also wholly support their cosmopoliton, diversified and their non biased admission precedure for children of all types and backgrounds.

But there are definately areas where the school could improve. As Chetana43 suggested, the school administration is not very open to suggestions. Till now I never had a chance to interact with the principal, but the administrative staff gets very defensive if we try to suggest something. Very recently I had an issue regarding my childs transportation where the Driver was taking off before the children could settle and there was a shortage of sitting space. Instead of acting on my concerns (of  which I am a first hand witness) I was told how good their transport management is and they have rules in place and such things cannot happen.  

I also feel that keeping at par with the times they should also get more internet based, like updating important events, notices online on their site, interaction with teachers online, and forming some online groups for each class grade etc.

I think parents also should take initiative in forming such groups and force some school representative to be a part of it so that parents can openly support/suggest some concerns and pressurize the school to take action or atleast reason out their side of story. Its a known fact that a group is far more overpowering than an individual tackling alone.


alphabeta 2013-03-04 19:35:49


 Any idea why the "Other Fees" has increased by a whopping 90% for Pre-Primary classes and by a steep 50% for Primary classes, for the Academic Year 2013-2014 as compared to the Academic Year 2012-2013?


XYZ321 2013-03-27 11:06:27




prashantb1972 2013-03-31 11:09:31


@ Sanskriti School , we regret to say that we have VERY BAD Experience from this school. At the time of admission they showed rosy pictures of their school, but after spending almost 2years in that school, we simply wasted 2 years my kid. We are NOT satsified with their Education patterns and teaching method. Also noticed that their teaching staff is constantly changing which affect child performance. We are sorry for alll these negative comment but there actual facts.


Jagran 2013-04-05 15:33:26


 I dont know what it is about SS that tends to demarcate parents in either passionate lovers and defenders of the school or people who are underwhelmed and dont like like it ! However we lie somewhere in between

I have been a parent for about 3.5 years and I am somewhere in between an out and out lover and a sceptic. But overall my feeling is positive

Here are my views: The school is not perfect by any means (very few organizations, worlplaces, instiutions are) but the key question my wife and I always ask is that compared to the next best alternatives / other optioons how does the school tack up. In our opinion it fares not so well on some fronts but on most fronts / aspects it is still a very good option

Everyone will obviously base their opinion based upon personal experiences which will inevitably vary but unlike some of the other forum members our interaction with the staff & principal has been very pleasant and 10 times better than what it was at our daughter's previous school. At the previous place (DPS, Noida) you had zero chance / opportunity to interact with anyone in the mngmt (teachers not included) and most of the Delhi schools that our friends attended had similar stories

The one thing that we did interact with the principal about was the teacher turnover and she explained that like any other sector or industry employee turnover is a phenom which unfortunately afflicts schools as well and the old time 'educationists/ instructors' we remember from our school days are very difficulut to find

Overall, the school has deg got areas for improvement but we are reasonably happy with our decision so far.


MahuaBh 2013-04-09 17:26:18


Hi friends,

I have recently joined this group. My daughter studied for 2 years (1st & 2nd standard) at Sanskriti. It definitely is a good school. Earlier we used to stay in Pashan. But last year we have shifted to Hinjewadi so I had to change the school  as there was no transport facility available. My daughter was really happy there. The only  problem I found is she used to spend almost two hours in communication which is tiresome.


cybervicky35 2013-06-04 21:02:27


Hi Parents,

My daughter goes to Sanskriti School in prep.

In this monsoon season, I am concerned about the bus driving on the hill, especially due to the fact that the road is not tarred and will bucome mucky in rain.

Does anyone else has this concern?


sssss 2013-11-19 10:21:00


Hii all daughter is currently studying in treehouse warje. We are planning to shift her to sanskriti jr kg onwards. Kindly advise us with ur opinions. We are counting on frank suggestions from parents of existing students of sanskriti. We have visited the school and are quite impressed but unfortunately could not meet the principal. We would be obliged of any parent are willing to talk on phone . Thanks once again.

XYZ321 2013-12-19 07:54:11


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asko 2013-12-19 08:07:07


Any idea why the "Other Fees" has increased by a whopping 90% for Pre-Primary classes and by a steep 50% for Primary classes, for the Academic Year 2013-2014 as compared to the Academic Year 2012-2013?

pranju11 2014-01-06 11:08:16


Hi xyz321

can you please the images of fees structure in mail to I am not able to view them properly here. I am interested in taking admission in sanskriti for my kid next year.


vebs 2014-01-07 01:08:37


Hi All,

This is my first post on this forum. right now I am in Chicago and my daughter is in KG right now. My plans are to return back to India in Nov 2014.

My question is will I get admission in the Pune schools if I return to India in mid session in November or should we return in March-14 for her admission.

I am looking for Sanskriti school.

mohitag 2014-01-07 09:50:07



I believe that you can get admission in mid term if the school found your kid eligible after their screening tests.
But I would suggest you to come in March 14 if you can so that your kid can start from new academic year.



vebs 2014-01-07 20:47:33


Thanks Mohit for quick response. 

I was also of the same opinion to start form March as coming mid session will put extra burden on my daughter to cover July to October course as well and passing screening testing in November will be difficult.

Please provide any other inputs or suggestion you have.

XYZ321 2014-03-06 08:34:36


My son told me that his classmates were telling him that Bus No. 11 met with an accident on the state highway stretch between Chandni Chowk and the school foothills and some of the students were injured. Anybody from Bus No. 11?

RadsG 2014-03-07 11:07:53


My Son too told me this a few days back but didn't know the Bus No. But I guess the bus was empty at the time. Not sure what exactly happened as I never heard of it again.

suryavansi 2014-03-10 08:44:47


As a parent I feel that my kid should be in the good hands so I recently visited Sanskriti. The campus environment, staff and school discipline seems to be very impressive for me. Even the class room and school interior are well decorated.I like the school very much. 

The only problem is the school transportation facility. I am living on sinhagad road which is 20 km far away from the school. School buses are not willing to come to society as they have fixed pickup and drop point which is almost 1.5 kilometer far away from my home.  As I personally feel that if the school is charging 28000/- per annum then bus should at least come to nearby our premises.

 I think they charge without any calculation of distance. No rules are being followed. Is there any authority which is monitoring per kilometer charges on these contractors?

I am looking for other school just because of the expensive transport system. 


RadsG 2014-03-10 11:05:48


Hi suryavansi
I would suggest that you talk it out with the administration or with the principal and let them know your issues. They might find a feasible solution for you or atleast help you find the nearest pick up / drop point.

mohitag 2014-03-10 21:07:18


I feel that since last 2 years school is giving too much of unnecessary holidays and extended vacations. Also, when there are exams of higher classes, they are keeping half day of smaller classes. I am not sure whether it is only with Sanskriti school or same with all other schools. So can please anybody of you share your thoughts on same?

swarana 2014-03-14 06:53:53


Hi Parents (of existing & past students at SS),

I am in NJ, US since past 7 yrs. and scheduled to be back to Pune in May'14.
I am inclined towards Sanskriti School for admissions for my Kids (7th Std. & Sr.KG).
As I can not visit the school to see it myself, I have following concerns :
Requesting your frank opinions about the school (mainly on 'transportation' & 'commute' ).

1) Is the 'approach road' to hill top still a concern?  I can see some 'old' remarks by parents that sounded worried for safety of children due to the hill climbing road etc.
Is it safe for Kids for daily commute?  What is the road condition now? Is it a steep slope on hill?

2) Has the 'transportation' service improved? Do the drivers & service providers behave responsibly? Are the Busses maintained well to ensure safety on hill side roads? Are the busses too crowded or do children get seats comfortably?

3) I plan to rent out an apartment initially near 'Chandani Chowk' area. What would be the school's 'transportation' charges for busses going from Chandani Chowk? Anybody already staying in 'chandani chowk' vicinity (say Bhoosari Colony, Ved Vihar etc)?

4) Do let me know in case you are aware of availability of any 'rental' apartment (2BHK) near 'chandani chowk'.  I plan to go for it effective 01-Jun-14.  Preferably very close to the 'School Bus Stop'.

5) How fluently do the teachers converse in English? Do they strictly follow English even in general conversations? Do you find your Kids gaining fluency in English? 

6) How was the school's performance in 10th Std. exams in the past? Have they been consistently showing results in terms of no.of students in high Merits?

7) Is the teacher attrition rate still high? Do teachers still keep resigning & leaving the school in alarming rate?  

Requesting your valuable inputs please.


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