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Pranksla 2012-09-10 13:23:14



My son  is presently in a Goenka school (Lakshadham High School) in Sr Kg  in Mumbai. Its ICSE board with no pressure whatsoever in kindergarten. Though from primary the academic rig starts. We are shifting to Pune in a month or two. As it is kindergarten my understanding is that there will not be a major issue with admission. The probable areas that we might be shifting to are:



Pimple Saudagar

Please could you suggest ICSE schools with a right balance of  academics and extra-curricular. I do not espouse too much of pressure on academics wihtout extra curricular activites. There needs to be  a good emphasis on extra curricular too. thanks in advance



Avi30 2012-09-14 13:34:53


Hi Priyanka,

Vidya Valley (ICSE) and Sanskriti (CBSE) are 2 very good schools in West Pune which I would highly recommend. However, they are relatively quite far away from the city as such, so I suggest u visit those schools personally and decide.

U can also consider Wisdom World School, BTIS & Daffodil International incase u r opting for Aundh / Pimple Saudagar & not Kothrud.

Millenium (SSC) and Tree House (ICSE) are very good schools in Kothrud.


Pranksla 2012-09-14 16:18:39


thanks a ton for the suggestions









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