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Avi30 2012-07-03 17:05:53


Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum & have gone thru a lot of reviews, blogs etc regarding finding a good school in Pune. I am still starting with this discussion newly as many reviews I read are quite old and I request people in this forum to express their first hand experience for parents like us to get the right direction of thought.

I stay in Kothrud near MIT college and was wondering if we can discuss & share which are the best schools in West Pune in particualr.

I am considering the following schools for my son in West Pune -

Millenium National School

I have heard quite good things about this school from a acouple of my acquaintances. Their philosophy given on their website is impressive. They have a huge 25 acres campus and concentrate on all round development of a child. They have facilities of all the sports in the school and have made certain sports compulsory to certain standards inorder to make it a habit to the kids. The only drawback I see - its an SSC board. I am a Maharashtrian so I will be happy my kid learning Marathi - so thats not my concern about the syllabus. Its about giving the best possible all round updated knowledge to my son which I feel may be available in CBSE / ICSE pattern. I myself have studied in SSC board & feel that there is something extra in CBSE / ICSE to offer. I couldnt find much of comments on this school on this websie. I request parents from this school to throw some light on reality.  

Vidya Valley School

Seems an ideal school for me as it is ICSE board. Their concentration on perfoming arts along with sports is very attractive. Their ICSE results this year are fabulous. Have heard of some mischevious stealing incidences in this school though. I dont blame the school for this but just wanted to know from the parents of this school the real story of how the environment in this school is? In the endeavour of best education are there is flaws in the surroundings / cultural drifts that have been experienced? I met Mrs. Sengupta & was quite impressed aftert alking to her. Request the views of people in this forum.

Sanskriti School

Best part - CBSE board. Got many positive reviews from this forum so got inclined towards this school. However, when I visited the school, I found distance to be a big concern. The teachers whom I met were polite & approachable. Pls give us your views on this school with respect to other schools that I have listed.

Loyola High School

Now this is one really renowned school. Impressed by the history, reputation & the campus facilities. Discipline is an integral part of the curriculum. Again one negative - SSC board. Not able to make up my mind....!!

Tree House High School

I am attracted to this school being ICSE & closer to my house. But its very new. Havent visited personally. Can anyone share their information / views?

I have written a very big blog! :-) Thanks for reading it patiently & request the parents to take some time to help me out of the dilemma.

I am of the opinion that no school is perfect but will still try to get the best one my little one.

Your reviews will help us minimise surprises! :-)

Thanks again.


JayitaBasu 2012-07-04 10:43:05


Hi Avani,

I had visited almost all schools which you mentioned except Tree House. According to me, you should be choosing between Sanskriti and Vidya Valley. I stay at Baner and my kid goes to Wisdom World School.

All the best!





Avi30 2012-07-05 17:37:11


 Hi Jayita,


Thanks for the reply. I have heard good things about Wisdom but its too far from my place.

More than Sanskriti, I am confused between Millenium & Vidya Valley. Any feedback on Millemium? I liked the way they concentrate on the extra curriculars and the campus is also huge & beautiful. Also, heard that students from Millenium & Vidya Valley dont go for extra tutions as the teachers are efficient to take care of them regarding the board exams!


JayitaBasu 2012-09-03 16:33:18


Hi Avi,

I am doubtful if spoken English would be well developed in Millenium.




r12345678 2012-09-04 10:47:27


 Hi All,

I am also suveying school for my daughter around this area. Millenium is one of the schools I am considering , the others will be far off for me.

As far as CBSE/ICSE is concerned, I have heard from my friends that there is lot of homework and pressure on kids in these schools , particularly ICSE. Not sure how far that is true. Any thoughts on this? Avi30, what do you think is extra in these boards which SSC schools lack?

City international school is another school is kothrud/Paud road area, though I do not have any reviews on this.



Avi30 2012-09-04 14:39:06


 Hi  r12345678,

I feel there is a holistic approach to teaching in these schools as compared to SSC board. The teaching methodology, development of logical thinking and concept building is stressed upon in this kind of syllabus. More importantly these kids are street smart. This is just my personal opinion. I am from SSC board and in my professional life I have kind of noticed that for overall personality development, these kids are a step ahead. Plus CBSE/ICSE syllabus is updated every year as against SSC syllabus getting updated every 5-8 years may be. If we find a good job opportunity outside Maharashtra then its easy to shift the school of kids as the syllabus remains same at a national level.

As far as difficulty level is concerned, yes I agree that its more difficult than SSC board. But due to this difficulty level, arent our kids learning something extra?

My parents studied in a simple Marathi medium school so for them my English Medium SSC school syllabus was difficult. Just trying to upgrade and give the best possible to my little one. This doesnt mean that SSC board is not good! :-)


Avi30 2012-09-06 10:45:10


 I am a little confused. Is this BTIS school themselves?

Is this an advertisement?


kavd 2012-09-08 02:04:24


hi r12345678,

of course there is big difference in ssc cbse and icse boards  in ssc they have 1book for language where cbse have 2, icse have 3 books for the same language now you can compare about it. Every thing we want that our childshould get best knowledge and deep knowledge.


UnmeshP 2012-12-06 10:39:25


I will recomment Loyola, although its a SSC Board the school is really good. You will surely like the enviornment there. and most of all its not a money minded school.


arisia85 2012-12-07 09:33:21


I am relocating to Pune (Hinjewadi) in the summer and in the process of scouting for a good school.  

I completely agree with Avi30 and Kavd with regards to an educational board.  I have studied in an SSC board. When I had an opportunity to interact with people (at work / college) from an ICSE / CBSE / IGCSE board, the difference was very clear.  On an average they have much better analytical skills.  Their level of English too is much better.

I felt, in the 10 years I spent in the SSC board a lot more importance was given for learning by rote method than really understanding, questioning and being able to test practical application of the knowledge gained.   

My child currently studies in an IGCSE board.  I can see the way he co-relates things that he has learned in school to daily life activities. And the way the assessments are designed, the child cannot score well unless they have completely understood the topic.  From what I have gathered, ICSE and CBSE schools too employ the same teaching techniques. 

After speaking to a few schools, I see my options are limited as none of them have a bus service right now to the place I will be residing.  The distance and traffic conditions too make commuting to schools very difficult.  I will most probably opt for Blue Ridge School. The school is relatively new and that is the biggest drawback. But, it will be a hop skip and jump away from home. 

But for what it is worth, I totally liked Vidya Valley (ICSE) and Indira National  School (CBSE).   They seem to focus on all round development and I have also received very positive feedback from parents who have children studying in these schools.  




MSD1 2012-12-07 14:49:20


 Can any one help me with review of  Banayan Tree school(BTIS) 

Is it going relocate to Wakad from Balewadi?

How is the school?


archiem 2013-06-18 02:11:08


Hi Everyone,

I am new in this forum and I would like to invite your inputs on above discussion "Best school in west pune". 

I would like to choose between Millenium National School , Vidya Valley School and The Orchid School . Please let me know your eperience/inputs with these schools. I am residing in Aundh. Is there any distance/school district criteria for Millenium National School ?  

Avani -  would you like to share the details of which school you choose for your kid? And how is your overall eperience with that school? 

Are there any schools in west pune which are CCTV monitored for kids safety? 


Thanks & Regards,




abby1978 2013-06-18 10:28:31



Without any second thoughts I would rate Vidya Valley on top! My daughter goes to this school and I am very much satisfied. She is just in second grade right now. We stay in Pimpale Saudagar but still I dont mind sending her to a little far away school because of the kind of personality she is making there. 

I feel there is always success in a work which you do with passion and Mrs. Sengupta and Mr. Vivek Gupta have a passion and too much of dedication for this school so that is the reason kids are achieving great heights not only in studies but also in sports and lots of other fields.

Just to update from this year onwards they have even started a robotics club from grade 1 onwards.




archiem 2013-06-19 11:27:30


 Thanks Abby for the reply. Appreciated. 

I would appreciate if other members too keep posting their experiences in this forum. The inputs would help all of us to choose better school based on our requirements.







Avi30 2013-06-27 10:06:47


 HI, even I feel Vidya Valley is a great school.

But recently they have made a rule that they will accept kids only from 5 kms radius for that doesnt make me eligible even to apply!! I can apply for 1st std but then they my son has to be 6 years complete whereas others have a cutoff of 5.5 years.

One good part - Millennium is converted into CBSE & is closer to my house!

Second option that I have in mind (although far from my place)........Loyola!


archiem 2013-06-27 12:07:44


Hi Avi,

Good to see you are taking time to write/reply. 

Vidya valley seems to be most recommended. 

Please keep sharing your inputs on good schools in west pune. 



anurag17 2016-04-19 15:50:12


Hello Parents,

I understand this is an old post, but would appreciate if you can share your first hand experience with (or feedback on) the ICSE/CBSE schools in West Pune.

I have heard a lot about Vidya Valley school and from this forum I noted about Millennium National School, The Orchid School, and the Indira National  School, and would welcome the names of other schools in West Pune.

In 2016-17 academic year my daughter will be in 2nd grade and son in lower KG. Currently my daughter is in Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir. Though the students are from nice background but I am concerned about the standard of English of teachers with students.



anurag17 2016-04-19 15:56:54


Requesting feedback on two more schools.
- Tree House High School (ICSE)
- Banyan Tree International School (ICSE)

soaniyam26 2016-08-08 19:41:56


hi i am surveying schools for my son in second standard .Am considering Vidya Valley, Orchid, Vibgyor in west Pune. Could somebody give reviews based on their children studying.In terms of academics and extracurricular activities.


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