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gazal 2012-05-22 22:41:07


Hello, I want to ask two important questions to people who moved from UK to India –

Actually we are planning to move back to India when my son will complete reception class in 2014. Here the term ends in July so we can move in August, does it mean he will miss a year! Or can he get admission in std 1st in 2014?


We are in London and will be moving to Pune but just little confused in making such a big decision as both places has its pros and cons! Our main reason for moving is we miss our families and of course the place we grew up in. Any families moved to India from UK after getting their PR can you please share your thoughts and the reasons behind the decision to move.


Your replies will be really appreciated.


231180 2017-07-13 23:22:29


Hi gazal

I am in the same stage where u were .
Can you share your experience after moving back.
 I have 7 yrs son and goes to Y2 here.


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