New India School vs Sinhgad Springdale Public School

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firsttimemommy 2012-04-17 10:28:36



 Can anyone suggest which school to choose

New India School (SSC) or Sinhgad Springdale Public School, Vadgaon (CBSE)?

Which is better for nursery? We would like to continue our kid in the same school till 10th so that we don't have to face the admission tensions. Please suggest.


r12345678 2012-08-13 10:39:37


amummy, could you elaborate what are the other negatives you found? I was also keen on enrolling my daughter there next year for nursery. I was interested in the erandwane branch of the school. Also, I had enquired in the Erandwane branch of the school and they told me its SSC not CBSE. So firsttimemommy, are you sure its CBSE? Or is it the case that the Vadgaon school is CBSE and Erandwane is SSC?

Any other good schools in nearby area?

I know about these schools (people in my building send their kids). Any reviews:

1) Seva Sadan

2) Abhinav High School

3) Millenium High School

4) Karnatak High School

Please respond, any comments will be useful! Thanks!



firsttimemommy 2012-08-13 12:51:09


I joined my daugther in New India School. Even I heard negatvie reviews about Sinhgad Springdale school. Erandawane branch has SSC board and vadgaon Springdale is CBSE board.

I have heard good reviews about Millenium School. They even have day boarding, I am not very sure about other schools.

You can try in New India School. This school is very good.

You can try in S.S.R.V.M as well. Many kids in our society joined there kids in this school and the reviews are positive.


r12345678 2012-08-13 13:25:28


 Tx firsttimemommy for the response. Do you know wht exactly is negative about sinhagad springdale? Where is New India school located? Whats the full form of SSRVM? Where is it located?


firsttimemommy 2012-08-13 15:28:14


Higher Student Teacher Ratio..because of this, each kid gets less attention from parents.

New India School is in Bhusari Colony, Paud Road. (Near Sahyadri Hospital).

SSRVM - Sri Sri RaviShankar Vidya mandir. I guess till Sr. Kg, the school is near Mhatre pool, for classes above that, they have a branch near Bhugaon.  


r12345678 2012-08-13 15:45:44


 Tx firstimemommy, will look at other school options. Paud Rd will be a bit far for me, so let me look at other options.


r12345678 2012-08-21 12:19:55


Does anyone have any reviews on the schools I mentioned above? (Just repeating the names again below and adding a few more ):

1) Seva Sadan

2) Abhinav High School

3) Millenium High School

4) Karnatak High School

5) SAhyadri international school

6) Ctiy international school



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