Moving to Pune (Wakad) in April

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ramlax 2012-02-20 19:17:00



I am moving to Pune from Singapore during April and will be staying @Wakad. What is the best school around.. I have got 2 kids, looking for 5th standard and lkg admissions. Kindly suggest.


saaseep 2012-02-21 09:19:33


Hi Ram

I live near Wakadin Pune..presently I am also overseas...but My son went to Wisdom world school in his 1st std..u can check with this school. I will be sending my son in 3rd std next year in Banyan treeInternational when i will be back in APril ..WWS has some good and bad reviews ,u can check them all on this website in WWS discussion board .i have now decided to go with Banyan International as it looks small new school but the teacher children ratio is 1:25 and it's aftenoon school from 10 to 4.30 which will be more suitable for me becoz I am working mother..others schools are having good name are "Blue Ridge, Indira kids, Akshara International school ..most of the schools have already finished the school admissions ,so u better hurry:-)



Schoolsearch2 2012-02-22 00:58:03


Hi @saaseep

sorry to intrude into this thread.. was wondering how is BG Academy at Wakad.. was recommended by a friend, same story shifting this year to Wakad.. didnt get reply on my other thread hence decided to ask here, since you probably have stayed in that area.. Inquired there, and also Wisdom World.. 

Will be of much help, thanks ! 


saaseep 2012-02-22 06:37:01



Yes I lived in Wakad for more than an year, so hv fair idea about the area..I also enquired with BG academy before i took admission for my son in WWS..The school is older compared to other schools in this area..they charge even more fees than WWS even the infrastucture and facilities are no where close to WWS'.I couldn't satisfied with the answers given by the concellors of BG academy when i went there..and if i remember correctly they provide food also..which WWs not..anyway i would suggest to go with WWS if u get admission, there are some issues with decipline and frequent resignation of teachers in WWS,but academicaly it is good.It is managed by St mary's ExPrinciple and truely she kept all her promises..but I am looking for afternoon school  this time so I am changing it to Banyan Tree..i hope my son would like the new school just like WWS..both Banyan and WWS has ICSE patterns.I am going with my intutions this time..Banyan Tree is looking very small and new school compared to other schools but i hv feeling that it would turn out to be good one..cross the fingers:-)


ramlax 2012-02-22 08:11:51


Thanks for your reply. I prefer Wisdom as i am going to stay in Saphire park. Kids can just walk to the school. I have 2 sons, 1st one looking to get admitted in V and the second one in nursery. But Wisdom says admissions for nursery is closed. So I might look at Blueridges.Would you have an idea how far Blueridges school is from the Wisdom school?

I have filled up the online application for V std. admission in Wisdom. If i dont get for any reason, I'll have to both my kids in BlueRidges.


saaseep 2012-02-23 08:02:31


I hope you get the admission for your elder son in WWS..Blue ridge is also good school and we can say "strong competitor" to WWS It would be better if u get both your sons in one will be easy when their school timings become same in following years.wish u all the best for admissions :-)my daughter is just 1 year old now so i don't have to worry for her admission atleast for another 2 years then I will have clear idea of Banyan tree so i can decide which would be the best school for my both kids

best wishes


saaseep 2012-02-23 08:04:36


Blue Ridge is at Hinjewadi @ Paranje schemes and may be 11-12 Km away from Wakad


ramlax 2012-02-23 10:15:38


Thanks sasseep... I have started to look at Akshara as well.. They are the only school that have seats for both my sons.. I alos like the concept of day boarding..


Schoolsearch2 2012-02-23 21:49:26


 Thanks a lot @saaseep! Will defintiely look into my options better now, cause of your inputs! 


SuperMommy 2012-02-27 17:38:10


 @ ramlax, i am staying in sapphire park, and have 2 kids exactly of ur kids age, (they both r in wws). i find the school very just a suggestion......take admission for ur elder one(i think u will surely get it)...then try for sibling preference......if u don't  get  it   then send the younger one to any nearby preschool for a year('pumpkin patch' is a good one) and next year u can get admission for prep class.


saaseep 2012-02-28 17:20:21


I didn't want to give any negative feedback about any school...every parent has some +ve and negative opinions about their child's school...I had loved my school immensely when i was kid but it have had some drawbacks.... I have shared my experience..if BG academy felt that it has spoilt school Image..i am sorry..I have worked as a faculty in reputed organisation so i can understand school's is sole duty of evey parent that they find a school which would suit  their  financial, personal and social requirements..Parentree is helping us to choose the better option ..we would not get the best school ever for our child as no one is  perfect in this world:-) 



AnkurBhandari 2012-07-16 19:38:17


B G Academy --We gave two years for them to improve. Nothing changed. It went from bad to worse. You won't get your Deposit back, so beware. Parents will be forced to take their transport( exorbitant prices) even though kids live next door/lane. You will be forced to take their meals ,in the name of equality but would get substandard meals. No strength in the class room which has forced them to close higher standards. Parents be aware it is nothing but a financial firm trying to rip you off. I would not recommend this even to an enemy, hence taking time to make sure all parents are well aware of the risk they are taking.


Roze 2012-07-25 15:30:53


Hi... I'm a parent of a 1yr 7 mnths old baby girl... looking for a good playschool around wakad... i reside at sapphire park...

have listed down a few.. can you pls gimme reviews on these :-

1. Vibgyor High - Balewadi

2. leapbridge Intl - Aundh

3. Serra International - Aundh

4. Sapling Nursery

5. Kangaroo Kids - Aundh

Also any other suggestions are most welcome.... i am looking at either a preschool or a school with playgroup... pref. icse or igcse...

Your response will surely be of great help.



mishi123 2015-06-30 10:53:15


my child is going to kangaroo kids in pimple saudagar since november and i must share that i saw a difference in her within 2 weeks, they are very transparent about their dealings, i visited 11 schools before i finalised here and i must say tht it is complete or more than value for money i have paid. very clean and maintained facility unlike most around, 1 : 6 is the ratio in pg and very good teaching team. it is truly an international standard pre-school. i did not understand few concepts but the team explained everything to me in detail and i am convinced. anybody going to this place will not want to go anywhere else, i guarantee 


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