Reviews on TreeHouse high school pune!!

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ramvk 2015-09-16 14:27:15


Really i dont suggest Mahalunge branch , no proper management and vice priciple 

mayapillai 2016-01-18 07:19:21


Hello  RAMVK,

We stay in Sus road. I am planning to admit my daughter in treehouse for first standard. Can you tell me more about Mahalunge branch and why you are not suggesting this branch.

kurtkoti 2016-02-06 20:50:37


Hi everyone,
                    I was planning to admit my nephew in Tree House Karvenagar, Pune, for pre primary school. Can anyone please let me know about the following things:
1. Fee structure for one year.
2. School timings for pre primary category. 
3. How is the transport facility now?
4. Are your kids liking the school?
5. Are you as a parent happy with the school, the teachers, prinicipal?
Please do reply. 


Jyoti2311 2016-02-09 15:43:22


My daughter took admission in Ukg laSt year. So far it has been good only. Parent teacher meetings happened every quarter. My academic expectations are not a lot at this stage, so I am fine with the schoool. The transportation facility is also good, they hv an online tracking system which shows location and pic of kids in the photo . I am continuing for std 1. Anyone from primary section please update with a review . Also when the school is going to get its iCSE certificate ?

jayyy 2016-08-09 15:06:07


hi ,
      so what new about the school anything good /bad reviews of Tree house karvenagar .The school is not proper for std 5th to 8th std. No proper staff i mean the teachers who are suppose to teach are not up to the mark. No proper explanation of the chapter , same teachers for many subjects , no proper management for co-curricular activities , etc. PTA formed but not informed to other parents , frankly speaking the education part is missing from the school , the school is supposed to converse in english but the students are literally speaking other languages than english. The management though is changed as of the principal is Mrs. laxmi and Mrs. sangeeta rautji is now one of  the directors of the school.they should concentrate on the students of secondry because they are the pillars of the school.The students their proper education ,co-curricular activities and overall development of the child is most important during this years which is being neglected by the school. Mrs sangeeta rautji  , the school misses you as you are not present at karvenagar as you are the only souce for the upliftment of the students of higher class who have started loosing interest in the school as seen many dropouts of higher class.too much of admission for the session is up to the mark which you people have achieved but you need to restore the confidence of a good school. A proper management of time schedule , discipline  and a team of good teachers is the most important criteria for the school right now. The time schedule of the school is always changing the parents have to adjust .Some of  the books have not yet been recieved though we have finished half of the session, VMS app not working though the fees have been collected priorly no updation till date. I hope to see all the problems to be sorted out by giving an application to the education department and not to PTA which was active in between. 

Goureesh 2016-09-22 14:05:23


I am expressing my grudges here as I am really unhappy with The Tree House at Pune, kakade park.The way the management works here is really pathetic.There is no security guard. And inadequate teachers . And more eon that if children quarrel no one to stop them ?I son has got injuries on face how disgusting what the staff doing? 


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