Reviews on TreeHouse high school pune!!

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deepu1981 2012-02-18 19:55:00



Can any one give any reviews on Treehouse-karve nagar branch pune!!

Seeking for KG admission.






atulvermabhai 2012-06-27 12:44:01



Hi,I Want to share my experience with tree house High school karve Nagar pune branch.Our child was going to a nearby pre-primary school and we were happy with his performance and the school.But looking at few cases from our locality, about the admission complexity in std 1. We were really worried abt the admission in 1st std for our child and then we come to know abt tree house high school in karve nagar.We went to school and were quite pleased by the infrastructure, fees and distance from our place.We took the admission for our child and paid all the fees, done all formalities. And in very next week, we received a call from school that please enroll and deposit the fees for transportation at earliest since there is limited seats avail.Again being a panic parents the next day we went and deposited cheques for the entire year transportation and that time we come to know about the charges, which are quite higher comparatively with other schools, but no choice for us since both of us are working and looking to the safety of child we have given the fees to the school.Till this time we were not aware of anything and we were in assumption that as per school orientation instructions parents have to pick - drop their child for initial 2-3 days, since it’s a new set up and child will feel comfortable and after that bus transportation will start. We agreed to that also.Suddenly a week passed and no transportation available, situation was becoming messy for us. It’s not possible to go everyday late to office.Parents start questioning the school management about transportation and every time they give some excuse and new timeline to start the transportation.A week passed and now every morning we can see parents loosing temper since it was becoming difficult for everyone to manage with transportation and every time school management give some silly reasons for not availing the buses. (Buses are not RTO approved, we will study the root today etc etc.)Now it’s more that 10 days and still we have not received any confirmation on when they are going to start the buses. And really it has become very difficult for us to manage things now, every day we have to drop him to school, we wait outside for 2hours and pick him and then reach office almost half day has gone.And still we are not aware from when the school is providing the Buses and how long we have to bear this. They have taken the transportation fees for this month also and have not provided the facility yet and management is not even talking about the fee refund or alternative solution.

DeeptiDabhade 2012-06-27 14:38:05


Even we are facing the same problem. Lets come up with some solution as it is mere foolishness to expect any solution from the school. I was even thinking on creating a parent's association so that we can communicate with everyone. 


Surelabs 2012-07-04 23:57:46


Have a similar experience..


Avi30 2012-07-05 14:27:45


 Thanks for your reviews.

I am considering Tree House for my son. However, except for the transportation can anyone tell a little more about the school? It will be helpful to parents like us looking out for a first hand experience.




deepu1981 2012-07-06 10:12:08



My Child is in  Kg,now since the transportation has started,the situation is quite relaxed.Since its a new school,i guess we has parents needs to give them some time to settle down.We can have a review after 6 months.

Currently as per my child she is happy going every day to school,this is a postive sign.






Avi30 2012-09-03 15:14:19


 Hello everyone.....

Tree House High School has advertised in today's TOI mentioning commencement of their admissions process for - Tree House - Karve Nagar & Kondhwa for June 2013 intake.

Do the admissions start so early? Is the situation same for other schools as well?

Any first hand reviews on the school?


mdeorukhkar 2012-12-08 22:19:00



Parents whose children are going to Tree House - ICSE Karve Nagar. Can u please give me some feedback about this school.

I am planning to put my daughter for 1st standard.Overall i find it well but since it is a new school i am worried a bit.

Fees is quite reasonable compared to other schools. Also it is comparatively near to my house. 

Please reply.


deepu1981 2012-12-09 09:42:58



my child is in lkg.currently happy with the way of teaching. now a days it is similar with the teaching in major schools and we has parents need to teach extra ahead at home.



yashonweb 2013-01-16 17:16:57



I am looking for Sr KG admission for my kid, and I have read your reviews.

Please let me know how is Treehouse transportation now.


Ayaansh 2013-02-27 11:53:47



I am looking for admission for my son in Tree house school in kondhwa.

Can anyone pls share ur experience with this school

and what is the fee structure?


deepu1981 2013-02-27 21:29:34




deepu1981 2013-02-27 21:31:33



no problem on transportation.good facilty nothing to worry abt.i am happy.the fee is between 26 to 28 apart from bus transport.



jayyy 2013-03-21 15:43:53



I would also like to share my views / review on TREE HOUSE HIGH SCHOOL,KARVE-NAGAR

* The school infrastructure is good and attractive .The teacher student ratio as told during addmission is not up to the mark.There are same teachers teaching differentsubjects.The students have to carry heavy bags from the gate and then climb the stairs to reach their respective class as the timetable of the day is not managed properly or rather the teacher asks to get all the books because the teacher is not sure what she would be teaching that particular  day and if complaint the teacher is rude with the child.

*We are group of parents who are planning to form PTA [Parents teacher Association]  which is mandatory and also  will be approaching the EDUCATION DEPARTMENT,PUNE


rohit1231 2013-04-12 21:56:16


My child is also studing in tree house, karve nagar, pune..

We few parents are very unhappy with school management, specially the principal. since she hardly listen to the concern we parents have a very arrogant behaviour, may be because they have received many new admission in academic year 2013-14.

parents are stuck because we have paid all most 25-28 K for next session

can u please convey  how can we join your group - PTA.

Or else you can join our group or mail us at, if you are the parent of child studying at tree house, karve nagar, pune..



atulvermabhai 2013-04-25 13:59:01


And another unreasonable action from tree house management this year also reflect that they are on the same line who thinks that every parent have their own bank and they can take out as much money as they want.

They compulsory to buy the school shoes from tree house and the charges of school Shoes are 1300-1500/- !!!!!!!!!!  These shoes are not from nike or adidas, so why they are charging so much. And every child is at growing stage so we have to buy these shoes every year and even two pairs at size changes.
It seems shoes will be more costly that books in an educational institute.  

Mandy83 2013-04-27 11:40:27


 Please share feedack on teaching & management of Tree House kondhwa


Nittya 2013-04-28 22:57:49


 Hello Parents,

   Is the PTA formed already? IF yes, please let us know how we can join in? I'm planning to admit my daughter in nursery so wanted to have reviews about the school and its management. 




Nittya 2013-05-15 17:05:42


Dear Parents,

  I'm planning to take admission for my daughter for nursery.

Considering some of the reviews, i'm concerned if I should go for it.

I'm concerned on the following points and appreciate your expert advise.

1.  Is the school work day hectic ?

2. Any hidden fees?

3. How are the teachers and the Principal ?

4. Do they have a day care facility and how is it?

5. Currently, they say its a proposed ICSE school and will be changed to ICSE after they start the 5th standard.

6. How are the activities for nursery ?

7. Do they provide any kind of food during school hrs?




jayyy 2013-05-19 16:31:59


Frankly speaking it is rightly said " all that glitters is not gold ".  We as parents have to think about the wellfare of our child. In between it was shocking to hear that the school has allready formed PTA without informing all the parents. This is thoughtfully done by the school just to restrain we all parents. We are also in contact with AIPTA [All India Parents Teacher Association ]. There are many such incidents where the school norms are forced on the studentson the pretext of rule being implied to the students and indirectly to the parents. In the modern world where E-books,notes, etc are seen but  this school promotes heavy bags, ruthless teachers,no decent staff, arrogant and not supportive teachers and overall explanatory co-ordinator [ to explain her rules] and much more. The defination of a good school is that the child schood feel secure, enjoy study, enjoy the co-curricular activities without implementing any kind of harsh rules and regulations. Either the school administration is not proper or might be they concentrate on getting addmissions and the rest they forget. The M.D of the school is just seen prior the addmission open house where all good good  talks imppress you and then after the addmissions parents are ignored , no proper communication , no conversation everything stops.There is nothing as such to be afraid of but only thing is proper communication of parents  with the school administration, where they should seriously listne to the parents where as here the role of PTA matters the most. There are many parents with many questions which has to be answered by the school authorities or also we all parents schould meet the MD to get a proper solution.


puneet79 2013-10-11 17:49:55


HI All,

I am seeking admission for my child in the Karve nagar brunch for the next academic year. He will be in for the Nursery class.

Can other parents whose kids are studying in that school, share their experience with me?

I have seen many negative comments in this thread, but they are old, and I think it was their first year. Has these things changed now?

rekhad 2013-11-10 22:23:17



rekhad 2013-11-10 22:26:28


Hi,i had posted earlier about my two children attending Tree House Karve Nagar. I must say I am very happy with all that the school is doing, great team and good set up. I fail to understand the comments here. I can vouch for the good transport and good system followed. it is a great place to send your children .... do so!

As far as I know PTA not formed as yet but now that they have their approval i'm sure things will fall into place. The various activities conducted and the hands on study pattern help students no end.

Vicky88 2013-11-20 15:44:59



Can anybody suggest whether Tree house school is opened in Sus gaon. I'm sending my kid to Tree house pre primary school in pimple saudagar and actually not too satisfied with their teaching style.

garg2010 2013-12-09 00:45:58


HI All,

I am seeking admission for my child in the Karve nagar brunch for the next academic year. He will be in for the Nursery class. 

Can other parents whose kids are studying in that school, share their experience with me?

i would like to know about  recurring expenses ............... are they very high ????

arwamv 2013-12-17 17:44:57


Hi all, I am planning to keep my daughter in Tree house Kondhwa branch. Can anyone please let me know how the school is ? Curriculum n activities..n wat abt outdoor activities? Its IGCSE affliated

jayyy 2014-07-11 08:47:18


hi all there, long time no discussion ....! so  what are the reviews of tree house high school karve-nagar primary section , is there any change or is the school administration  doing good ?  my view has not changed , in between it was said that the school is new so lets give some time to settle. But as per the growth of the school the management needs to improve . The primary section especially grade 1 onwards there is a bit of confusion of the teachers and their teaching abilities or best said would be a single teacher teaching 3 - 4 subjects to a class. Why dont they have different teachers for every subject. The school is concentrating mostly for playgroup students but what about the primary students. I still stick to my words for harsh teachers , no proper staff ,mismanaged administration etc. The school does not reveal about the PTA , where as in the string one of the parents has mentioned that it is formed some says not formed.The school admission procedure  asks for several documents and many other form submission related to fees hike up  etc.There is no proper communication between the school and parents. the school demands and we as parents have to fulfill as per their demands. We as parents definetly have power to stop unfair and compulsory demands of the school.


latika2405 2015-03-17 20:09:32



I also want to share my experience with THHS. I have my son studying in THHS, Karvenagar. Management is ok, but no Marathi festivals are celebrated at all. Also in the annual gathering, the shows are not well structured. Unnecessary tactics are applied to make the promotion of the school, like DJ on the 26th January (absolutely unwanted), instead they had put some songs on nation, would have shown some documentary related to that.

Again the teachers are totally new, and without having enough experience to teach the children. They themselves are overburdened with the syllabus... whenever we go and ask regarding why are you taking too much writing in a one day, or teach two two lessons in one day, they give the answers like we cant do anything as the syllabus is very vast. They waste the days in preparing for gathering and again in sport days... and burdenise the parents/children ultimately.

At the end of the year, teachers cannot manage the syllabus....... they just asks children to write, write and write......

If on any day our child is absent then we need to finish CW of that day + HW in one day. Many times, teachers write HW to be done afterwards in Notebook, i.e after 5-6 days of completion of that lesson, like draw pictures, paste pictures, etc and if we do not complete then they write with the ball pen as “Please complete the incomplete work.

Teachers doesnt allow sometimes to finish the tiffin, and children brings back the food at home.

Again the shoes issue is there.. we have to pay 1500 for purchase of shoes only.  The dress vendor also talks rudely, the dress sizes are not frequently available with him.

The teachers doesnt pay attention to the notes given by parents in the almanac.

many many more things to suggest and improve… had suggested one solution for the school bag issue, but the counselor denied to accept the solution saying that they have to put extra resources for deploying the solution.


prayog 2015-04-28 13:54:02


I am planning to take admission for my daughter in Tree House second standard. 
Can you please provide me your views about Tree House School, Karvenagar, Pune.


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