Looking for good CBSE school nearby Pashan Sus road area

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prithisd 2009-11-08 00:03:11


Dear All,

I am a single parent, new to Pune, soon shifting from Mumbai to Pune in coming months. Looking out for good/best CBSE schools for my son (6.5) nearby Pashan Sus road area.

Also, please let me know all possible details about the school, which one caring & counsious parent always should be aware of.

Thanks & warm regards,




NJ 2009-11-11 11:24:34


The only CBSE schools which could be near to Pashan that i have heard of is in Aundh.

DAV school - Its a sought after school, has big play grounds but their teacher to student ration is quite high. I think 4

Spicer - My family friends kids were studying there and they were pretty happy with the school

At pashan , I have heard that Vidya valley is good , but its ICSE

Loyala high school is good, but its SSC board.

You can also post your query on www.madhuriesingh.com . There is some research in progress by her on pune schools.


NJ 2009-11-11 11:25:20


Please read - "DAV school - Its a sought after school, has big play grounds but their teacher to student ration is quite high. I think 4"


"DAV school - Its a sought after school, has big play grounds but their teacher to student ration is quite high. I think about 50 students to 1 teacher in a class"


prithisd 2009-11-11 12:06:50


@ NJ,

Thanks a lot for your input, it wd certainly help for my exploration.


lux 2009-11-11 17:21:45


 DAV is over crowded. My neighbour's kids are in DAV. She is not very happy. Vidhya Valley is thr but my councellor  friend told me dat it's very high-funda school. Students are having attitude problem with air in thr minds. She recommended me Vikhe PAtil School for overall development of kids. Now I have decided to put my kid in Vikhe Patil only.


prithisd 2009-11-11 19:50:00


@ lux, thanks for your insights


prithisd 2009-11-11 20:37:13


Dear all,

I learnt that there are few schools near my vicinity area (Pashan) i.e. Orchid, Loyola, DAV, Vidya Valley, BG Academy, St. Joseph's and few marathi medium school like Abhinav, Aksharnandan, New English School, Bharat English School, etc. I would like to know opinions about these schools.

My major concerns are;

  • overall growth of a child,
  • practical oriented approach in teaching methodology,
  • application of various/innovative teaching methods,
  • extra curricular activities,
  • student teacher ratio
  • management, teacher, parents interactions
  • well educated & well mannered crowd coming to school (mainly upper middle class)
  • past achievements of the school in various curricular & co-curricular competitions & exams
  • healthy & hygienic school environment
  • no communism
  • reasonable fee structure
  • preferably co-ed & CBSE
  • well qualified teachers

Which mainly most parents are hunting for.

Any inputs along these lines would be highly appreciated


lux 2009-11-12 11:17:55



The list is too big. Even I went net surfing madly from last 1 yr to decide on BEST School for my daughter. I found Vikhe PAtil to be the best. I gotta know dat initially the school was not very saught after, but in recent past the school is one of the most saughtafter schools. The reason being No.1 in sports, extra curricular activity, pass percentage (100% results) and down to earth apporch and developing the essence of work in unity which is very imp.

Though I was concerned abt descipline & Eng communication in school, I was told dat every school is having some or other problem one of them is descipline. As far as eng conversation is concerned I guess the Vikhe's are not very strict but since the crowd comes from good educated family, middle- upper middle or so, kids learn automaticaly.

If u r very concerned abt both factors den I think any convent will do dat. But other factors may be missing.



lux 2009-11-12 11:19:08


One more thing Vikhe is CBSE and Co-ed located near Symbiosis mgmt college, PAtrakar Nagar.


NJ 2009-11-12 12:11:08



My 2 cents on whatever info I heard on your school list  from my friends and collegues.

1. Orchid, - They do not have playground. So my friend did not choose this school for her daugher and neither would I for my kid

2. Loyola - Good prestigious institution. Have been around for many years. Lavish playground and good academics. English medium. SSC board. I would recommend it if you are ok with state board schools.

3. DAV - My collegues daughter is studying here and she was and is still very impressed with the school. But I heard the student - teacher ratio is very high though they have many sections. They also have lavish playgrounds and also focus on academics. CBSE syllabus. English medium.

4.  Vidya Valley - A hip school. Many of the IT people who stay nearer to Hinjewadi send their kids there. I heard this is a good school and am considering it as one of the probables for my son once he reaches the school going age. ICSE  syllabus. English medium.

5. St. Joseph's - This is a girls only school

6. Abhinav vidyalaya- This is a very prestigious institution and tough to get in. English medium is available. Hindu right wing management. SSC syllabus. A typical puneri school.




NJ 2009-11-13 10:26:10


Hi Prithi, How are you and your kid doing? I can very well understand what single mothers go through since my mother was single too, ie my father passed away when I was 16 and my brother was 14 and she raised us up to where we are today. But you and your kid are probably going through a much more turmoil as your kid is only 6 years old... I hope your son gets into the best of the schools and receives the best education.

Since you were mentioning Abhinav Vidyalaya which is in Erandwana, I would also like to inform about "New India School" at Bhusari colony in Kothrud which is closer. I heard many children in my flat complex go to this school. I have gone through their website and am impressed by their philosophy , "Learning through Love". http://newindiaschool.org. My ex-neighbour whose son is studying in this school said that the school got cent percent results so far in board exams.

Mrs Meena Chandarvarkar is the director of this school who was earlier with Abhinav Vidyalaya and is much talked about to have bought Abhinav Vidhyalaya to where it is today


I also remember reading that Mrs Meena Chandarvarker was the one who pioneered the day care concept in Pune, but I cant find that article. Once I find it, i shall post it here.

I dont know if they have lavish playground since I have not visited the site, but in case I bump into the doctor in my flat whose daughter is studying in this school, I shall ask her.

Its SSC board Coed school. In case you decide on SSC board also, you may want to check out and visit this school. its another typical Puneri school. I have a feeling that this school will also be one of the most sought after school in a few years time as the director is said to be a very famous educationist.


papiya 2009-12-06 01:46:27


hey my son is in New India School. Its a nice one but i personsonally feel it has some maharastrian influence, and mainly stresson marathi culture tho the name is New India


vvss 2009-12-06 13:09:52


Dear All,

We are also in the same boat. Trying to find out a good school for our kid. For our son we are looking for schools for Jr. KG. We stay in Pashan.

Our findings:

Vikhe Patil -- CBSE. Co-ed. Very old school. English is not the primary mode of communication. Very big playground and campus. 40 students in a class with 2 teachers and a maid. I don't know how much attention each kid gets with a class of 40 students with 2 teachers.

DAV School -- Over crowded. Atleast we are not considering this school for our kid.

Orchid School -- They have a playground. Although, yet to visit school to find out how big it is. They have applied for CBSE affiliation but they haven't got yet.

Vidya Valley -- ICSE. Got good feedback. But from this post I came to know that its a high-fundu school .... means what ?

Anyone considering IB school here ? like Mercedez Benz at Hinjewadi.




NJ 2009-12-06 15:26:59


papiya, Yes, New India is a typical Puneri school. But I dont see much of a problem with that as long as their results in board exams are good and they also encourage the child for some extra curricular activities like sports, quiz etc.


NJ 2009-12-06 15:32:02


Mercedez benz and all the other international schools have very high fees. I think in MB its about 3 to 4 ls per annum. Sharad paward international is also around that range. Not sure about Symbiosis. I feel that IB schools are mostly for people who are temporarily staying in India and have plans to return abroad.


vvss 2009-12-08 10:40:03


Thanks NJ


Anant 2009-12-08 21:29:32


 Although my daughter is still 1 yr away from joining primary school but I started doing some legwork from this year on.

I live in the Bavdhan area which is not too far away from the locales that you have mentioned, After doing a comprehensive search and collating feedback from various sources, I have more or less decided to opt for Sanskriti School

Their campus is excellent and the teachers who i interacted with seemed very committed and didnt look like they were bored housewives just going through the motions! (i got that impression in most of the other places)

Worth checking out for sure  www.sanskritischoolpune.org



NJ 2009-12-09 10:14:46


Hi Anant,

This school is in Mulshi. Isnt this very far from Pune city, about 20 km atleast?


Anant 2009-12-09 12:33:36



The school is located about 5 kms away from Chandni Chowk on the Pune-Lavasa Highway and approximate drive from Bavdhan is about 15-20 min.

I heard that the Sanskriti School is coming up with another campus in Mulshi (boarding only apparently) as well but the one i have visited is a day school and is not that far from the main areas of the city

Have you visited the place ? what is your feedback for the place



Rusha 2009-12-09 13:22:32



I am putting my children to Sanskriti school. I share the same opinion with Anant. It takes 35 mins by car from Parihaar Chowk at 10.00 a.m to reach the school. I like the idea and the teachers. It is similar to Gurukul. But there is no day-boarding. Also, there are regular class tests (I prefer a low-medium but steady pressure of studies through out the year).



r2pune 2009-12-10 04:35:15


Hi Rusha I am also thinking Sanskriti for my son for Gr. 4th, he is a NRI kid, I don't want  international school, do you know someone how 4th or 5th grader perform in Hindi? and how this school will handle this?




Rusha 2009-12-10 07:14:11


Hi Seema

If you do not want International school, you have chosen for your kid to learn at least one Indian language. It can be Hindi or Marathi, if you are in Maharashtra. So if that is the choice, let us be +ve about it :-)

Yes, initially there will be difficulties with the new language. But he is in 4th grade and lot of time to board exams. He might not do very well in Hindi initially, but how does that matter? He will slowly catch up. Give him standard commics books in Hindi and that might do a magic.

I would say, as parents we need to get rid of the fear factor and then the child will surely echo that confidnce.




Anant 2009-12-10 12:12:09



A few months ago I had spoken with one of the parents at Sanskriti ( think his name was Mr Sujoy) who had returned from Manchester about 1.5 yrs ago, His daughter was younger than your ward but seemed to have settled in quite well into the school, he seemed fairly happy with the school (though i didnt broach the language issue specifically)

I also agree with Rusha about the inevitability of having to learn an Indian language and without wanting to stir a hornets nest I would rccmnd you go for Hindi as it will give you more flexibility in case you ever need to move out of Pune.



r2pune 2009-12-11 06:15:34


Thank you so much Rusha for quick reply. I will give it a thought, I am less scared now.


r2pune 2009-12-11 06:24:31


Thanks Anant, yah that's why I am confused a bit to choose the Board too , if I choose the SSC board , I have to worry less as Hindi starts in 5th and Marathi in 3rd (at least that's the case in Millenium ). But if I have to move out of state then I better go for CBSE.


Anant 2009-12-12 13:17:16


The CBSE board is a much better bet not just because of the language issue but also the quality of the overall curriculum and nationwide acceptance.

I have heard lukewarm reviews abt millenium ;not anything bad but the feedback was somewhat underwhelming.


Pmai 2010-01-08 17:39:53


Can anybody tell me about gurukul school in pune..........what is the addmissionm criteria over there.


prithisd 2010-01-10 18:06:16


Thanks all, for sharing info abt Sanskriti School, Pune, with us, I am also sailing in the same boat :-)

BTW, I would also like to know more about the parents' background of this school goers viz. educational background, community (North/South Indian or Cosmopolitan ?) , working/non-working crowd, economical background, etc any relevant info would be highly appreciated. Since as a parent I should know with whom my child is interacting & accompanying in school.

Do this school is particular about hygiene & language for communication apart from regular periods?



Nitsme 2010-01-29 10:59:04


helllo everyone,

I would like to consider Sanskriti  for the Lkg admission of my daughter in the year 2010-2011. Can anyone tell me whether the admissions are open at this point of time?  Also it would be great if anyone of you can share the fee structure of the school.


Thanks and regards,

Achu's mom


Eku 2010-01-29 16:19:36


hello everyone,

Although my daughter is just 1 and half years old........i have started hunting for some good schools around pashan where i live.  I want to put my daughter in a CBSE school only. I have shortlisted a few schools which are St Joseph's School-Pashan, Symbiosis  School-Prabhat Road, Orchid School- Baner.  Can anyone give me some feedback on these Schools.




Nitsme 2010-01-29 16:32:42


hello Eku,

Good that you started this early . The competition here in pune demands it.

I have collected some info abt schools as i am looking for admission for my daughter in LKG. i would like to shre with you my findings.

St Joseph's school pashan -  A very  good and reputed school . Infrastructure is also excellent. But the only draw back is it is state board only not CBSE. I heard someone telling me our president Partibha patil's daughter is studying there. I have no clue whether this info is true.

Symbiosis school - Its an expensive one . heard Symbiosis international school has upto 2.5 lakh per annum as fees. Again i have no first hand experience.

Orchid baner- heard some good reviews. But again is an expensive school and  heard the school does not have any  good playground...

if u look at academic results of cbse in pune , you wouldnt find  Symbiosis or Orchid in the top list though they do reasonably well.

You can also look for DAV school aundh , and Sanskriti  which will be near to you and have CBSE syllabus as well.

But The best school in the area according to my knowledge is vidya valley which is following ICSE syllabus. 

Thanks and regards,











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