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chumpy 2009-09-23 15:54:40



Dear all My son is 2.8 yrs old; still he is not comfortable in using potty…. He used to stand and go. He cries & screams when I make him to sit in the potty or western toilet. I have tried N number of times to bring this habit, but I have failed… Because of this he is suffering from constipation as there is no free flow due to that standing position. Being working women & fully depended on my in-laws for my child care…I feel guilty of my son’s problem.  I am really worried about by son’s habitual disease and also please suggest how to get rid away of this constipation problem and moreover he is a very poor eater….. If someone can suggest way to resolve this, kindly let me know. Thank u.  

 Former member 2009-09-25 12:02:44


Till 3 yrs of age, my son was also reluctant to sit on potty seat, he was comfortable we holding him ( holding his leg and giving support to his back on our tummy) .  We tried kids potty seat but he was not comforatble on that. So what I realised now is

1. they are scared of commode ( they think they will fall in that)

2. They take their own time to get moivated to use the commode ( I guess u shud wait till 3 yrs. but keep trying, for timebeing  u can switch to holding him like we do  for a  toddler, atleast it will solve his consipation problem)

     So, one fine day when he crossed 3 yrs, we forced him to sit on seat but ask him to hold us tightly and we also holded him tightly.  We asked him to try for one day and if doesn't like this, don't do it.   Somehow for 3-4 days, we had to somehow convince him to sit there  and now there is no loking back. 

  Sometimes, you have to motivate kids by saying that now u have grown up and this way only very small babies do and u shud do like how "papa ( they want to follow their parents)" do  and may be show him How a adult/another older kid do it.  Somehow,   it worked for my son but every kid is different but you need to constantly try as u never know what clicks them suddenly.

PS:   take care that he is very-2 comfortable when u force him to sit on comode for the first time so that he feels secure.   hold him properly n also asked him to hold your tummy tightly


chumpy 2009-09-25 17:37:24


yeah i agree with u... will try this surely ...thanks


svij5 2009-11-05 21:08:08


Have you tried an Indian style closet, if u have one at home? Sometimes that also helps by creating better pressure.



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