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molu 2009-09-14 17:12:42


Hi all

I have a 3.8 years old daughter who is quite good at most things children of her age group can do, but she can't button up her clothes on her own, throw/catch a ball very well or use a spoon without spilling food. Any suggestions for improving her skills?



aanchal 2009-09-14 22:23:13


hi molu,

seems like yr daughter doesnt have strong visual motor coordination..u can get some activity books and puzzles that target this area and see if she is able to perform appropriately at the level of 2years at least. if she does, do not worry much about her VMC skills. it will catch up with the normal pace as she grows. but if she doesnt, get her VMC and social development assessed clinically. if it doesnt improve with remediation, you may need to rule out neurological problems.

how is her speech development? does she go to a school? how is she performing there? do u see any sign of performance anxiety in her?



mango_mama 2009-09-15 08:55:35


For the fine motor skills they say playing with playdough etc. is very good.

You can give her her old shirt or dress and put on a doll or teddy and she can try buttoning etc. for fun.

She is still little and they all have different time frames for different things till the age of 5. Just relax and give her fun materials to play with.

Play is the best way to develop skills.

Regarding spoon. My 6 year old still likes to be fed. In school he does manage to eat.

Delegate playing ball with him to dad. ;-)


molu 2009-09-15 16:46:43


Hi Aanchal

Thx for your comments. My daughter goes to Kalyaninagar Kider Brook and is amongst the brightest in her class. She speaks very well, picks up fast and everyone she meets is impressed by her confidence. So I am quite relaxed on those fronts.

She can also do easier puzzles well enough. But I would certainly keep an eye on her now that you have cautioned me. Of course I hope she just learns everything with age.




molu 2009-09-15 16:49:54



Thanks for your tips and reassurance. I would certainly try the suggested methods. My daughter too can use the spoon reasonbly well, now that I think of it. May be I am over cautious, as my hubby often points out!

In school and their friend-groups, these kids do a lot of things they don't at home. So I guess I shouldn't worry much.


aanchal 2009-09-15 19:15:13


hi molu,

now that u have mentioned the strengths of yr daughter, she surely is a bright child and u need not worry a lot. however, i feel that the worry will always be there at the back of yr mind (if u r an overcautious mother, like most mothers r) just keep an eye on her and rest assured..take care



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