4 yr old Birthday Party

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rd 2008-09-17 18:10:50


Hello All,
Need some inputs of what variety of games could be organized for a 4
yr old boy's birthday party. I am planning to have the party at home.
Any inputs on food/snacks, theme etc. most welcome


mango_mama 2008-09-17 19:41:11


As-kids-come activities

  • Paper plates for kids to make faces on. They can take these home
  • Keep toy tents around. Kids love these.
  • Crayons and paper
  • Spread out lots of trucks around for kids to play with

Actual games

  • Put trinket in balloon, say a toffee or something and blow it. Then put them in a tent or some area and have them burst the balloon. Super fun. We have done this twice (had our maid and driver to help with blowing). The kids had a blast.
  • “Statue” or freeze dancing to Bollywood songs. Fun and easy.
  • Have a fancy dress party
  • Khoi bag or Pinyata (fill up with candies and trinkets) and kids have to hit it and when it breaks they try and grab the trinkets.
  • You can put bunch of small trinkets or candies (Gems) in a big bowl of rice and ask kids to grab and pluck with tweezers. Messy but fun.
  •  Passing the parcel. Make sure that you give each kid who gets out a toffee or something and clap for them. Very sensitive at this age.

shobha 2008-09-18 09:48:33


You could organize a treasure hunt game  where every child gets one treasure. That way there is no room for any disappointment.

Find a few interesting places in your house to hide the goodies for e.g. we stuck them under the chairs, tables, behind doors etc. Once a child finds a treasure he/she can't hunt for more.

Try to keep the gifts simple and uniform, so that there is no room for comparisons. We had a pen with characters on it and a pencil+eraser combo. Also do remember where you hide the gifts, there may always be one or two who will not be able to find them in which case you have to help them out ;) The kids have loads of fun.

We did this for our children's birthday party this year and the kids loved it.



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