Is Celebration of Teachers Day Becoming Commercialized?

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swapnaraghusanand 2009-09-06 17:05:25


I would like parents to tell me whether they gift their kids' teachers on Teachers Day and if so, how? Is it simple like a card or something made by the child or you opt for something that is useful but expensive for the teacher keep?

I also want to know whether parents think that the trend of gifting or appreciating today's teachers is becoming too commercial. Please share your thoughts, suggestions and solutions because I would like to write about it on my blog. Thanks everyone.

mango_mama 2009-09-07 09:09:16


It depends on the school. In our school, they discourage gifts as such, but things made by kids, flowers etc. are popular.

Last year had jotted down some of the ideas that my friends and me do.

Check them out.



Sumo 2009-09-07 09:12:07



I dont think it is getting commericalised.  And I dont think parents should initiate buying stuff and giving to teachers, atleast till the kids are old enough and wanting to do it themselves.  For example, they may want to give flowers or some such small thing, may be even out of their pocket money which is fine. 

I feel that encouraging children to do something by themselves and give it to the teacher is more meaningful.  For example, cards, some lines or poems, etc. 





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