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jayabs 2009-08-27 12:35:02


Friends, I hear a lot about "Pretend play" and i got a fair idea of what it is..But would like to hear more with examples which can be used with a 3 year old..! everyday after getting back home i would want to spend some time which will be interesting for my kid..

any thoughts ?


shobha 2009-09-09 10:23:32


Hi jayabs,

This article on "Pretend Play" has a few examples :




 Former member 2009-09-09 11:15:04


My son has a story set and each story has 8-10 small card sheets. I read one sheet and then we perform the same together. This way we read and perform the whole story. First time when I did this, I was not sure enough how he will like it, but to my surprise he just loved it…and till now we have performed the same story at least 20-30 times…

He has his own ideas for pretend play…he has a friend “Malhar” from his day care and they have ‘Love and hate” relationship. My kid has invited “Malhar” at our home virtually and whole time they are together. They eat, sleep, play together even go together for potty  :) Initially we used to tell him that “Malhar” is not here, he is at him home with his mom. But then I realized that his brain started working with this play and now he is imagining a lot with his virtual friend :)  I also wanna mention that my kid did not meet “Malhar” from last 1-1.5 months

Kids at this age normally have their own ideas for play..:) You just have to encourage them




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