Moderation or Independence - which is the best strategy?

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mama mia 2009-08-19 22:49:33


When it comes to buying toys or watching TV or video games or junk food I believe in moderation with my kids. I thought this worked best , until late when I came across parents strongly recommending kids - 5 year olds should be exposed to all and given the freedom to choose and decide. They should not be restricted with the fear of getting hooked.

I would like to your thoughts, what has worked in favour and what has not.


mama mia

sowmsya 2009-08-20 08:23:27


I am a moderator!!

Expose children to videos, Cd, computer, TV. But there are ground rules, with time and duration. I supervise.

But I see to it that i am flexible at times, when they are really enjoying themselves, and when there is no HW, more time is allowed.

But switch off timeis decided by me!!

Work out your routine with yr kids. You are the boss!



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