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jayabs 2009-08-17 14:18:27


I have a daughter who is goin to be three soon...

Usually when she eats chocolates, pasta, some milk sweets.. some kind of allergy shows up and she starts itching her skin..very specifically the itching happens only in the hands and legs...not anywhere else in the body..this itching persists for days together...and it goes away on its own

Sometimes eggs, curd also creates problems..ofcourse we stopped eggs long back and she herself doesnt like taking curd....

She drinks Jr.Horlicks thrice a day and it seems to be fine with her...but to name a few i have mentioned few food items above which causes some difficulty..

Can anyone let me know what kind of allergy is this and shud v consult a doc or will it get alright on its own ? need ur inputs..

mango_mama 2009-08-26 11:21:07



I feel you should show her to the doc/paediatrician. Food allergies can be common. No point being stressed. The doc might have you see specialists if necessary and take tests if necessary. They have tests for food allergies etc. And there are different food allergies. Common being milk, eggs,peanuts wheat, (common in the U.S.) . I also know adults allergic to simple things like mangoes, avocados etc.

No need to panic. I had a friend whose daughter had major food allergies when little. Now the girl is about 8 and has outgrown most of these allergies with time and medical guidance.

Good luck!


jayabs 2009-08-26 11:26:19


Hi mango_mama....thanks for ur input...!  Couple of times i had discussed with my paed about this..and though i didnt stress about it...he also told these things are common and will be alrite on its own..

But at times i feel sad that am not able to give her certain things which every kid would like eat...viz chocolates, biscuits, cakes etc..anyways will take ur suggestion and visit the paed soon to check on this.

Now am kind of confused regarding figuring out what exactly is causing the allergy...coz am not able to come to conclusion...not all milk products are causing allergy..not all chocolates are causing am not sure enough on this..may be after the tests i would come to know..

Thanks again :)



mango_mama 2009-08-26 11:35:55



Best to consult and rely on your ped (assuming he is good). But they do outgrow many allergies is what have heard when they are 5.

This case was in the U.S. where food allergies are very very common. But am sure they have these specific tests in India (but again am not a doctor). Do check around a couple of docs.

Also am not sure...if this is medically correct but i think have heard that if you keep exposing your kid to something they are slightly allergic to might compound the allergy. Again do check on this info. also.

Sometimes they might be allergic to a certain food colouring, preservative etc. as well. Best to have experts help you.

Is she able to digest fresh food like chapattis, subjis, rice, pasta? In that case, perhaps stick to these mostly. It will be good coz she will develop taste for fresh healthy foods early on. ;-)


shobha 2009-08-27 10:14:03


Hi jayabs,

Like mango_mama said:

It is quite common for children to be allergic to certain foods, there
is nothing to worry about unless the reaction is life threatening.
These allergic reactions to food starts between 1-2 years of life and
heals over time. From the foods you have mentioned, there could be
various factors contributing to her allergy : refined foods, food with
chemicals etc.

Avoid giving her food with lot of additives in it like preservative,
food colors, flavouring agents etc. Just give her a lot of natural
healthy food - lots of fruits, veggies, variety of grains etc. For eg.
in the morning you could give her dosas but add a few teaspoons of
ragi/jowhar/bajra in the dough, try adding some
oats to your idli batter, instead of white sugar in the milk
substitute it with jaggery/palm sugar, add something natural to the
milk like pure cocoa which is full of anti-oxidants. All these dietary
changes will definitely reflect in strengthening her immunity and
causing lesser allergies. Also do consult your pediatrician regarding

Last of all, it is okay to give them cakes, ice cream, chocolates etc.
But make sure you get them locally from a store that do not use any
chemicals. There are so many such food stores that cater to your
requirements. For example you could find stores that sells ice creams
without food colors, preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers, there
are organic stores that carry hand made chocolates w/o additives and
so on.

Good Luck!



jayabs 2009-08-27 10:31:50


Hi shobha...thanks for the information. ..I would be grateful if you could share some info on these stores/location really not aware of any such stores in the neighbourhood...

I am planning to consult my paed this weekend and then will probably act according to his suggestions/guidance !

Will also follow wat you have giving more natural stuff ...

Thanks a lot !

- Jayabs


jayabs 2009-08-27 10:37:02


Hi Mango_mama..sure will consult my ped this weekend and will enquire about the tests and way to go about handling this..

Yep ! she loves chapathis,puris etc..and also she has rice twice a day...she takes idlis,dosas and all other stuff...without much fuss..

Generally we dont give her any food which we feel might cause her trouble..but as you know, grandparents,relatives,friends whom we meet occasionally just load her with these stuff and its very difficult to hide htem away from her...:-)

And am running out of options when it comes to breakfast/dinner for her..coz she doesnt react well to pastas..and she gets bored with idli/dosa/rice on a daily basis thinking of ways and means where i can be innovative to give her something which she is less allergic to and at the same time which can make her breakfast/dinner interesting ! :)

As a working parent, things are even more difficult :-)..i hardly get time to make something really NICE and NUTRITIOUS for her..but when i am there at home i try and do justice...


shobha 2009-09-03 16:11:33


Hi Jayabs,

The following places have worked out quite well for us :

Cakes from Padmashree foods - CIT Colony.
For ice creams we go to Emilios - CIT Colony.
Chocolates can be picked up from any organic stores like the Auroville
Store in Nungambakkam, Eco-Nut (grocery store) in Besant Nagar etc.

Hope you find this information useful.



jayabs 2009-09-04 09:11:13


Thanks Shobha..will try out in these outlets...


roopalims 2010-04-21 07:49:25


 Hi Jayabs ,

              I live in the U.S , new jersey  and my  3 year old son suffers with food allergies like milk , eggs, all tree nuts ( cashew , almonds, etc )  and peanut allergy . It was all conformed by a skin test and a blood test . Since we have come to know of his condition we have been avoiding all these foods and he is doing really well . 

  First of all it is extremly important  that you go visit a good doctor and get it conformed ....if it is due to food allergy you must  immediately stop all the foods she reacts to . 

   Your daughter will grow out of them with time , please don' t worry , there is soo much more that she can enjoy ,  hard candy , lolly pops , there is mango, chocolate and vanilla soy milk available in India . I also have recipes of muffins that I can share with you , I make them at home and they are yummy !! 

 Please do let us know what the results are ...lets hope for the best .

 cheers !!








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