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jayabs 2009-08-05 10:38:23


Dear parents,

Frequently i face a kind of situation where, some stranger or someone who is not known to you gives a chocolate or something to your kid...

Few times when i take my daughter to some shop or any other place, there are some ppl who immediately buy or give something like a chocolate or a lollipop or something to her...they might be giving it out as a token of love or to make the child happy but i feel very awkward in accepting those...though after she takes it from them i hide daughter is very stubborn in getting it from me and eating it then and there..otherwise she cries and makes a big fuss..which is out of my control to manage..

I dont know how to handle these kind of situations..coz am really scared to accept things from strangers and esp when they hand it over to my daughter directly i find no way to control her or to tkae it away from the same time i feel lil odd to tell them straight at face that they shud not give her the same..

am sure many of you wud have faced these kind of situations...can you just throw some light on how to handle it ?!


jayashree 2009-08-05 10:48:53


I've gone through the same thing so many times. Once, I was walking through a busy road in T.Nagar and someone stopped me and gave my daughter a toffee.....that scared me out of my wits.

Now-a-days, what I do is, I keep a stock of toffees in my handbag.....whenever a stranger gives my daughter a toffee, I discreetly throw it away and give my daughter one from my bag instead.  I also keep telling her (not that it has much effect) not to accept things from strangers.

Btw, which group is your daughter in, at Aschool Velachery? Mine is in cauvery.


jayabs 2009-08-05 10:55:29


Hi Jayashree really scares when someone out of the blue gives something to your kid who is too small to even understand what it is...though they might have good intentions we cannot take chances right ! :) thanks for ur suggestion..

My daughter is in "Godavari".! how are u satisfied with teh school ?


jayashree 2009-08-05 11:05:56


Iam happy with the activities that they are putting up on the website....seems good enough, but not happy with the student-teacher ratio or with the Cauvery teacher. How about u? what's ur daughter's name?


jayabs 2009-08-05 11:09:17


I have sent you a mail..pls check ur parentree inbox !



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