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aanchal 2009-08-04 14:29:38



hi friends,

my son will turn 2 on 4th sept. we are looking for some party ideas..not keen on spending much..have never thrown a party for kids, so need some games for kids, menu, venue..please help

thanks in advance

umasworld 2009-08-05 14:24:35


Hi Aanchal,

How many kids and adults are you planning to invite? If you have lots of toddlers in the list, then keep it simple wrt menu and games. More of the finger snacks types. Have some familiar rhymes playing in the background, let the place be uncluttered - having enough space for the kids to move around without hurting themselves.

Some games that I had for my daughter's b'day: Pin the tail on the donkey - have a huge poster of a Donkey - or any other animal for taht matter and cut out the tail - kids will take turns to place the tail correctly... this can be done with blindfolding for older kids.

Match the colour: Buy lots of straws (Juice straws) - 4 or 5 different colours. Place tubs/ baskets of the same colour on one end of the room and scatter the straws. Kids have to pick straws and put it into the basket/ tub of the same colour. Team Older kids with toddlers to do this - older kids will guide and the toddlers will execute.

Passing the parcel with simple instructions like clap your hands, dance to a rhyme, etc for the toddlers and something more interesting for the older kids.

Also had a treasure hunt for the older kids with clues hidden all over the house...and had musical chairs for the parents :)

You could even consider a fancy dress party.

There are places such as Vanilla, Baby's Day Out etc in Chennai that help organise B'day parties and they take care of games, food etc with some inputs from you. I'm sure Bangalore would also have such places.

All the best - tell us how it went ad do post some pics :)




Vidya Chennai 2009-08-05 15:24:48


Dear Aanchal,

Your kiddo's birthday must be a major excitement for you ! 1st and 2nd birthdays are celebrations more for the parents than the kids, so go all out and celebrate. Your 2-yr old typically will not make a big deal of the birthday thing, and may not really be all that you want him to be on his birthday - so to avoid any heartburn, just accept that this party will be more your party and less his.

However, if you are determined to have a kiddie party, then choose a venue where kids can run around - nothing gives them as much joy as a place to run around - your apartment play area should do just fine; play gyms are good options though it burns a hole in your pocket. Do inform parents in advance that you anticipate outdoor activity (so they dress their children accordingly).

Budget for not more than 1.25 to 1.50 hours in all - 20-25 to play around on their own, 15-20 min for games that you organise, baaki time for cake cutting and snack eating.

Games therefore need to be simple - lots of games ideas on the net (depending on the age of the children you expect). Choose one or two ideas that you like, not more. TV cartoon based games will increase participation. Have options of colouring or play-doh for children who may not be inclined to participate in the game of your choice.

Snacks - I learnt from experience - do not spend time and energy on these - kids will be tired from all this activity, so getting them to eat delicate hors d'oevres is not going to work. Junk is what sells - Potato chips/french fries, chocolate, cake and a drink/ice cream. Have a separate menu for the adults, though.

Be prepared for change in moods of your son or the visiting children. Things WILL not go according to plan. Be prepared to change course at short notice - don't we as parents do that all the time!!

If you are organizing a party at home, do not expect your son to share his toys. If possible, steer clear of his property. Especially his favourite toys.

Go ahead and have a blast!!

 - Vidya.


aanchal 2009-08-05 16:37:22


hey vidya and uma...thanks a ton..your suggestions got my grey cells working!!!

i was not so keen on having the party, but since we get invited to my son's friend's brithday parties often, my son keeps asking to have a 'happy birthday' at home!! so my hubby insists that we should not not have a party this year.

yr ideas are great and the tips are very nice..also, i feel a lot more motivated now..thanks again


madhuriesingh 2009-08-07 16:18:45


 HI I found a very cool site for Birthday Party   


Though its not Indian site, you will get loads of ideas from it.

tk cr

Madhurie Singh




aanchal 2009-08-07 21:52:29


thanks madhurie



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