How to get my kid to eat veggies?

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swapnaraghusanand 2009-07-29 13:26:22


Hi all,

My worry is about my 3 year old who refuses to eat veggies. He will eat egg, bread, sandwich, cheese cubes, milk and snacks like home made French fries but anything with vegetables in it, he will spit it out. I am so upset with this behavior that I am clueless how to deal with it.

Can someone tell me how to handle this with effective tips? I don't want to punish him and force him to eat. Any good ideas?

RenukaVimal 2009-07-29 17:01:40



i hd the same problem with my kids...but touchwood, its much better these days. i have 2.8 yr old twins. this is what i do to get them to have veggie intake

1. add vegetables to their dal...finely chopped and mashed after cooked. if adding spinach, i run it in the mixer once aft cooked.

2. they love fried rice or noodles. so i add finely chopped or grated veg in them.

3. adding grated veg of any kind to roti/chappati.

4. my kids dont like eating boiled vegetables as such. so i deep-fry some of the veg lk bittergourd, cauliflower, ladies-finger. just mix some cornflour, salt, pepper/chilli powder, turmeric powder and fry them until crispy. my kids absolutely love it.

4. i make bhajiyas/pakoras out of many of vegetables!!

well...this worked for me...good luck to you

Renu Vimal









Lavanya 2009-07-30 10:04:23


- I mash the cooked vegetables and mix it with rice (either rasam or curd rice) and then feed her.

- I have found that the intake is more amd they take more interest if we eat along wth them.

-Include veg in all kinds of food. Make that your regular lifestyle. We have only baked veg for breakfast twice a week. When we have our b'fast, she automatically has the same because she sees us eating it.


shobha 2009-08-05 14:22:50


Hi swapnaraghusanand,

Very small portions initially, many tries (even upto 15 tries per veggie, sometimes), giving the veggies cool names, making up veggie tales etc. are some of the tips you could follow in making your child eat his veggies. Here are a few articles that would definitely help you in succeeding :

Good Luck!




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