Various Excuses Made by Kids to Avoid going to their School.

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madhuriesingh 2009-07-29 00:07:53


Tummy ache mom !

Tooth ache mumma !

My leg is paining !

I don't like the teacher !

These are a few my kids have always tried to avoid going to the school .

My son who is in 1st std, suddenly started getting tummy ache. His teacher twice called me to take him back to home. I sat up with him and tried to peep into his mind. And there I got the truth. His bench partner was not sharing his stuff with him. SO he disliked him. And in turn hated going to the school! So I asked the teacher to change his seat. Cool, now he has no tummy aches.

DO you parents have similar excuses to handle which are quite creative or which are genuine but with an obscure reason behind it?


Madhurie Singh


swapnaraghusanand 2009-07-29 13:40:28


My three year old comes up with interesting excuses too. I've lost track of them now:)



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