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UmaDev 2009-07-27 14:53:05


Hi All,  i'm new to this website. my son is 4 years and he is in ukg. he is good in writing and learning. he is a very shrude kid. the compliant i get from his class teacher is he is restless in the class. he doesnot sit in one place and always roams around in the class. is it normal? can anyone tell?

jpoorni 2009-07-31 07:24:56


Hi Uma,

Even my son is in the same category.when i read in some books, i learnt it is common in the kids and no need to worry as long as they are concentrating in their studies.


srilakshmi 2009-07-31 13:12:28


Hi Uma. and Poorni,

I face the same complaint from my son's class teacher. He is 3 and half yrs and iN LKG.He is very good at grasping rhymes and other things, but neve sits at one place in the class and also never heeds to my words when i call him, only after i shout he turns and says "enna amma". My sis, who s a Sr nurse for past 25 yrs and specialist in neo natology, says that, its very common in boys and they hv attention defecit bcoz their attention lies somewhere.

I used to talk with him a lot and tell him that if someone calls shud heed to them.Still the problem persists.



UmaDev 2009-08-02 14:39:47


hi poorni and srilakshmi,

i do the same thing with my kid. hope things change soon.

take care

Umadev.(krishna's mom)


meetaverma12 2009-08-03 10:17:07



Hyper activity is a normal developmental milestone for under 5 yr olds. The thing to be noted is whether it is beyond normal limits such as does he leave his class work unfinished all the time, does he quickly shift from one activity to another leaving things midway, is he running around as if a motor were fitted in, is he unable to sit still and focus for about 5 minutes even in activities of his interest such as watching tv or a favourite game or toy. Hyper activity tends to be pervasive and is present in all situations at home, in school, in social settings etc. In the absence of these features, you'd probably look for other factors such as the school activities not being interesting enough, or he finishes his work early and then fidgets or maybe he is not understanding what is being taught and is therefore distracted etc.


aanchal 2009-08-04 14:52:09


hi umadev,

facing a very difficult situation, arent you? well, as meeta said, some amount of hyperactivity is normal. i feel whether it is activity or hyperactivity, also depends on the energy levels of the mother. if the mother is generally not the active/sporty kinds, she might find the child's running around as hyperactivity. remember, clinical hyperactivity, known as ADHD, is a serious problem and needs medical attention. try to avoid labeling yr child as hyperactive (and talking about it in front of him) as sometimes he may 'become' hyperactive to fulfill your prophecy about him.

avoid giving him lots of toffees, cold drinks, chocolates, sugar coated bakery items, coffee, as these food item tend to have 4 negative effects. one that they are full of carbs that gets converted into that extra and unwanted energy in the child, that makes him jump/hop all the time. second, that they ruin the appetite for the 4 square meals. third, they spoil teeth. and fourth, they nourish intestinal worms, if present.

provide him proper channel to take out the extra energy. u can give him hit-me toys, trampoline, crayons, clay (without expecting artistic results). ask him to do favors around the house, like watering plants, cleaning ventillators/windows, scrubbing taps. children love the messy work and it helps both parties in many ways.

also, do not forget to deworm him on a 6monthly basis (in allopathy) or on a monthly basis (in homeopathy). more often than not, the bad worms make us bad !!

jokes apart, concentration problems can be tackled with some patience. 'boring' stuff like writing/coloring can be replaced by 'interesting' stuff like thumb stamping/ vegetable dabbing etc. when the main aim is to improve concentration.





shobha 2009-08-04 17:24:00


Hi UmaDev,

There could be various reasons why a child could be hyperactive and inattentive, it could be totally normal, it could be because of the diet, it could be because of his bodily-kinesthetic intelligence (multiple intelligence) or even spatial intelligence (multiple intelligence).

You will find all these articles useful in figuring out what to do :




Good Luck!


Mits234 2009-08-30 16:07:57


Hi All,

I am new to this website but the topics raised in the discussion is very relevant. I actually want to draw ur attention to a very sensitive issue regarding these kids ....ADHD kids. Stigmatisation and discriminatory behavior by teachers......Obviouly these kids are not teacher's pet ...My sister's daughter is just 2 and half year old. She went to this prep school at Ludhiana and her teacher behaved very rudely with my sister saying that the child is not good in studies...and was extremely rude with my sister ...she kept crying all the time while she reported that to me over the phone....I know in Australia this could have led the teacher in serious problem but I just dont knw how to approach that in ludhiana...The poor girl in not even formally diagnosed and she is just 2.5years.... Any ideas how to deal with this situation....





aanchal 2009-08-31 14:13:54


'not good in studies' !!! is the teaching joking or what? how can she decide such a thing for a 2.5 year old? small kids who have just started going to school need time to settle down. u cant expect them to be a perfect combination of angels and einsteins from day 1

yr sister must be in lot of pain for being made to go through this. i feel she should approach the teacher once to understand the latter's point of view again. she should put her view in front too, that the teacher needs to be sensitive and patient and that such blurting out would seriously damage the child's self-esteem. if the teacher is rude again, yr suster can complain to the principal, on the grounds that a kindergarten teacher cannot be so rude to the child, and how it will affect the child in worst ways.

if nothing helps, it's better to take the child out of that school than to ruin the foundations of the child's confidence. also, if its a chain school, yr sister can file a complaint online. (psst..sometimes, intervention of fathers is very intimidating to the female teachers and they get the message clearly)

hope it works out..keep us posted what happens..take care


p9 2009-12-07 17:44:39



Its a well said article and must read for parents like me. kudos for it


tan 2009-12-07 18:05:39


Hi Mits,

what does she mean by "not good in study" & why to worry about such comments? she is just 2.5, later on she will learn to all the things. We as a parent want our child to learn everything. but please take a break, give her some time to adjust to the new enviroment. at her age it is very difficult to adjust to the new situation. so calm down.

and to tell you my child is 3 now, he knows all the poem and every thing he should know but he hate to write or even to coloring he just hate to do that type of stuff. so its ok he will learn it later (he may take more 6 to 9 months compare to other child). they dont have option, they will definatly learn. And make sure all the child have different ability and different interest

so take it light.

take care




queen 2010-03-09 21:42:39


Hi ,

The diagnostic guidelines contain specific requirements for determining which symptoms indicate ADHD. These behaviours must appear early in life, before the age of seven and continue for atleast six months. Above all, the behaviours must create a real handicap in atleast two areas of a person's life, such as in the school,in the playground, at home, in the community, or in social settings. So someone who shows some symptoms but whose schoolwork or friendships are not impaired by these behaviours would not be diagnosed with ADHD. Nor would a child who seems overly active on the playground but functions well elsewhere receive an ADHD diagnosis.

As parent we need to answer the questions like ,are these behaviours excessive, long-term, and pervasive?

Do they occur more often than in other children of the same age?

Are they continuous problems, not just a response to a temporary situation?

Do the behaviour occur in several settings or only in one specific place like the playground or in the schoolroom?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder[ADHD] is a condition that becomes apparent in some children in the pre-school and early school years.Children with ADHD need consistent rules that they can understand and follow.If rules are followed give small rewards. Children with ADHD often expect criticism.Look for good behaviour and praise it. The earlier the problem is diagnosed, the better it will be to have early effect of treatment.Treatment may range from medication, behaviour therapy, social-skills training, and parent/teacher orientation and counselling.

 The children with ADHD need to be treated with special care as the behaviour problems are not under the control of the child.They are neurologically determined. The child may be in a  pathetic situation, if he is mal-treated. So,people around need to understand the problem and give small responsibilities to the child to keep him engaged in a creative way.



j3 2010-09-29 10:44:39


HI All,

I am new to this website and was jst reading about hyperactive kids and ADHD. my son is 5 and i also had a lot of complaits from the teacher that he is very restless and cannot sit in one place and his focus keeps shifting around so i took him to a group of well known specialists and yes they did diagnosiss him as mild ADHD problem.

He too is very intelegent and smart but finds copying frm the board and writing very difficult. There are different types of symptoms for ADHD and hyperactive kids and earlier seen to the better for both parent and kid, at the earlier stage the child does not need medication which is why i took my son for a chekup after making lot of queries on the subjuect.Spastick society is one stop shop for all these problems and they have been pretty good.


NJ 2010-09-29 11:43:07


Did anyone try Mentat syrup for hyperactiveness. My kids doctor who diagnosed him had prescribed him this and said that he would have better concentration during OT if he takes the medicine. I'm a little bit scared to give him medications. He is only 2.2 years.Any advise?


momofboys 2010-09-30 06:40:04


 After having undergone some similar experiences with my son when he was of the same age, I can firmly say that 2.2 years is too early to diagonise ADHD and too too early to start medication. My son is 8 years old now and doing perfectly fine for his age.

One of the popular dev paeds in chennai  recommended in another thread had advised medication when he was 3 yrs old but our family strongly beieived he is too young for such  medication and we dint follow through with that.

But the most important factor to consider in these type of cases are making sure we have a eye to eye contact with child atleast once in a while,thats what matters for  further diagnosis.

Hope this helps..


kalpsure 2010-10-02 12:11:07


 hi all,

            im kalpana,old member of this blog...i have already stated in this site about my son shyam..last fifteen days we had been to many psychologist and psychiatrist to get some help..everyone diagonised that my son has very mild autism with adhd...he is in pre school now..2yrs and 7month..since we have gone thru all test ,doctors states that if we able to make him speak he can overcome the problem asap..she recommend us to remove him from pre school and join the speech therapist(like school for autism).but im afraid to push him in that environment...and also she(doctor) recommended some tablet for my son..im confused wat to do next...plz advice...


kalpsure 2010-10-02 12:21:16


 doctor prescribed tablet(sizodon risperidome 0.5mg)...im afraid to give him tablets for mind problems...since he might get addict to the tablet in future ...plz advice 


momofboys 2010-10-03 14:19:40



I dont know whether this might be of any relevance here. But still since you were talking about delay in speech, if you are an Hindu, I would recommend you to visit Hayagreeva temple in chettipunniyam near chennai and keep a bottle of honey for puja and dab a small quantity in his tongue everyday till he starts speaking clearly...

If you do this with full faith, you wll see a drastic improvement in his speech. I am advising this because even though my son is not diagnosed with any disorder,still he dint start to talk till he was 2 yrs old, but after we visited this temple and started giving honey, I could def see a remarkable improvement in his communication skills. 

and also, you can take him to pranic healing or any other alternative healing classes to start with...


I am sorry if I had hurt you or your sentiments in any way..jus wanted to sincerely help your child,because he is almost the age of my DS2. 

IMO , your son is too young to make a defintiive diagnosis ...you should wait for some more time..and offe you complete attention , love and support which will be best medicine...





kalpsure 2010-10-03 16:28:30


hi NJ, yeah i tried mentat syrup with my son...i think it little bit helprd him...but i dint give him the tablets doctors prescribed...cause im afraid he might depend on the tablet in future...


kalpsure 2010-10-03 16:37:10


 hi meena, 

                   thanks for  the msg...


mrk 2010-10-27 23:30:56


My son is now 10..with ADHD..we had to do quite a lot...he was hyper  at it peek..you guys know about schools..complains etc..we had to work a lot for it medicines...as AAnchal said...no sugary food on regular basis ..once in a while it ok when he at home..secondly make a time table for him...a give stars for appreiciation...n 0 for..any thin wrong..this work excelent as no child like 00sss he ll surely do good....my son is out standing in math n science n good in other subjects..



GarimaS 2010-12-22 16:45:54


Hi Venutha,


Would Like to Know do you conduct parenting Sessions in hyderabad with Renowned Clinical Psychologist, in Hyderabad?

Waiting for reply



Venutha 2010-12-26 17:41:59


Hi GArima,

Out of my  personal interest , I initaiated a 'Happy PArenting Forum' to create awareness among parents, teachers about ADHD, help parents understand their children better and provide a platform for parents.

You can take this initiative in HYD to help parents.



himanigoyal 2011-06-06 20:22:37


hey aanchal,

Hi i am new to this website. Going through about the concentration problem in kids. i liked you views about it and seems you had researched quite a lot on this problem.

I am the mom of 5+ year old son. I am a housewife. From begining we noticed that he is restless and cant sit at one place even for 2min.. But as you mentioned also if he likes the activity or a toy then he can play with all his concentration for about half an hour also...

His grasping power is amazing from begining and now we are nocticing that he is very curious about all the this... and above all his questions are actually meaningful, he has an observing nature..

My main problem is that till U.K.G he was very good in studies. Teachers only complain about the restlessness. They always appriciate him for academics. But i feel now he is losing interest in studies. He will be going Grade 1 this year. This is disturbing me a lot... if he will not concentrate on studies then his performance will go down... I dont want him to force for anything but he should be atleast avarage.

I hope you can suggest me something for his improvement or can you suggest me some child psychologist in Hyd.....Looking forward for your help...






himanigoyal 2011-06-06 20:30:21


Hi kalpana,

i saw your msg in this bolg. seeking your help for a child psychologist in Hyd as you mentioned you had visited them...Looking forward for your help




aanchal 2011-06-07 09:33:09


himani: i am sorry i dont know anyone in hyderabad. check this link for his drop of interest in studies www.parentree.in/groupdiscussion-8573/Advise-for-my-child.html


himanigoyal 2011-06-07 16:16:21


Hi Aanchal,


This will definatly help me..



 Former member 2011-06-08 12:33:04


@kalpsure if you are still reading the blog I am in the same boat, my son is hyper and DX is mild form of autism. He is going to a integrated playschool with special teachers, we have been trying speech therapy, and we have seen some improvement, but still a long way to go in his expressive communication. The awareness in the schools and society in general about autism/ADHD is abysmal.


shoby 2011-06-10 11:40:17


hai all,

i wud like to share my exp here. i have been a silent reader of this thread for some time, today i felt i shd' share my personal experience with u all. 

my son being a hyperactive, had no eye-contact, and was speech delayed- this was 2 yrs ago, after meeting specialist we started OT and Speech therapy for 2 yrs consistent and continuous, today i'm happy to say he is done with OT and Speech therapy, but goes for group speech therapy, as he doesn't have kids near my house to play. the OTherapist has given some home programs to follow, rite now he doesn't have problem with studies, but we have to wait and watch, for which i'm planning to give up my dream of having a career.

once u start seeing diffrences with ur kids from the therapy, start teaching them sports, my son loves cricket, focussing, concentrating and hitting the ball in cricket, helped him in general, but i' m not forcing him to shine and achieve, we are jz allowing him to enjoy the game.

also good therapists help a lot, in that way i have been gifted.

next is the teachers, we as parents manage one or two kids, but  teachers, they have a whole class of little ones,

if a child needs spl school, its better to opt for that so that the child gets proper attention, or if a child needs little more help from the teacher in a normal school, then the parent has to first tell the teacher, some teachers may understand the technical jargons we use, but some may not, so first as a parent try to create a friendly atmosphere with the teacher, tell her that we can work together towards the child' development, if u a stay at home mom, then u can tell the teacher, u will co-operate with her in all possible ways to help the child.

hope all this helps everyone.



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