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 Former member 2009-07-14 17:33:55


Hi All, I have a kid who is 2.8 year old...he is going to nursery from this June. We both are working and so he is going to day care directly after school hours. He is doing lot of activities there.

I come home in the evening by 6pm and go with him to play for sometime as he loves this. I have a nice group near my place, where 3 to 10 years kids come together from 6 to 7pm evening. They have lot of activities like playing, dancing, exercise, shlokas, and prayers. I am in confusion, whether should send my kid for one hour or not?

It’s really good time for the kids as playing together is always fun :) But then i also think that whole day i am not with him and should spend some time with him - which he loves to do...

Would appreciate inputs in this regard......


jayabs 2009-07-15 09:18:33


I would strongly recommend you to spend time with him....bcoz all day thru he spends time with group of ppl by the end of day he would definitely be looking forward to spend some time you..

It will help the bonding between you and your son to grow stronger and its lovely to spend time with the children after you come back from will make them feel good that you are giving them the priority and spending time with them :)

thats my humble opinion ! :)


 Former member 2009-07-15 17:44:19


Thanks Jaya for you valuation opinion!!

What makes me confused is this is the time ( 6-7pm) he wants to play with friends i playarea or somewhere. When i was at homw with him till last year, we used to do the same! We used to go out to play with kids around!!

But sure he would like to see me nearby when he is playing with friends....



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